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Resist Reconquista—Support VDARE.COM!

Peter Brimelow writes:

I guess I look fairly cheerful in this new photograph, taken in February. After all, at VDARE.COM we have more immigration disasters to expose than ever before!

Assuming, that is, we can raise the money to do it.

As I write this, on the evening of Sunday April 9, reports have been coming in of yet another huge demonstration, maybe half a million strong, by illegal immigrants in Dallas. As in many other cities, they are demanding—demanding—that America cave in and ratify their law-breaking.

America is losing control of its national territory.

The Mainstream Media and the political establishment, both liberal and “conservative,” are in panic over this unexpected (by them) development. One symptom: a constant attempt to downplay the number of Mexican flags carried by the demonstrators, because it reveals all too clearly their arrogance and revanchism.

Yet readers of the VDARE.COM’s blog know that we just eavesdropped on a supposedly-private phone conference held by the Reconquistas themselves to organize their May 1 demonstration—and they rejected the suggestion, made by an Anglo participant, that U.S. flags be emphasized.

One Reconquista said: “We’re going to move forward, and we’re not going to impose the American flag on anyone.”

So now we know!

And where exactly are we “going to move forward” to? Ask the students at Longmont High, CO, who last week were forbidden to display Old Glory by a cowardly principal who feared violence.

The ban was reversed because of patriotic protests—but the truth is that the principal was probably right to fear violence.

Next question: will he protect American students when they are assaulted by immigrants? Will the mainstream Media even report it?

Answer: no and no.

That’s why it’s vital that we develop our own patriot organizations and networks to get the word out —and why we have to ask you for the money to do it on VDARE.COM—now.

This is not just a matter of symbols. Nor is it about a future danger. Americans are being hurt by immigration right now.

We get heart-rending letters about this all the time at VDARE.COM, more than we can post. Here’s another that arrived today:

“I live in Eastern Washington State and have read some of the letters posted on VDARE.COM, especially the one commenting on bilingual workplaces. Here you have you have to be bilingual to get a job. I even applied at McDonald's here, and they asked if I was bilingual and when I said no, they told me that maybe I should look for work elsewhere. It makes me rather upset that it apparently doesn’t matter if you don’t speak English. That is all from here in the desert.

“Yours Respectfully [Name Withheld]

This from a part of the country that was entirely English-speaking just a few years ago.

Maybe we aren’t supposed to care about our fellow-citizens who would like to work in hamburger stands, no matter how touchingly earnest and patently honest their letters are. That’s what the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page would probably say.

But here at VDARE.COM, we do care.

And we think there are many positive things that could be done to help—even apart from securing the borders. For a start, why aren’t politicians debating laws compelling American businesses to operate in English, the way the Quebec government compelled businesses there to operate in French? Why should Americans be refused employment in their own country because they can’t speak a foreign language?

Why isn’t the Mainstream Media debating ideas like this?

Or why don’t they come up with some other solution?

Any other solution?

Our job at VDARE.COM is to provide the facts and analysis that will lead to these ideas and solutions. We believe no-one else will do it.

Of course, the best news that immigration patriots have had for many years is that the appalling Establishment plan to push through a “guest worker” amnesty for illegal aliens and a massive increase in legal immigration was derailed in the U.S. Senate last week.

This happened ONLY because of an enormous unexpected outpouring of patriotic grass-roots opposition frightened the Senators.

Needless to say, the immigration patriot network doesn’t get the same fawning coverage in the Mainstream Media that Reconquista demonstrations do. But, especially over talk radio and the internet, it is unmistakably achieving critical mass. At VDARE.COM, we blogged on the Senate debate as it was in process. Our traffic, already at record levels, soared. We are confident that this played a part in alerting America.

Of course, the battle will be rejoined when Congress reconvenes. In the short run, it’s impossible to predict the outcome, although there’s a real chance that patriotism will prevail and the amnesty be defeated. In the long run, however, this will prove to have been a key moment in the emergence of the patriotic immigration reform movement.

Personally, I took particular pleasure in two subtle developments in this debate.

The first is the increasing tendency for the cliché that immigrants do jobs Americans “won’t do” to be met with the question: at what price? (Answer: greedy employers are really just trying to cut wages). The wage consequences of immigration have been a constant VDARE.COM theme, for example in the “National Data” columns of our Edwin Rubenstein.

The second is the dawning realization that Americans may respond to an amnesty betrayal by simply refusing to vote. Politicians cannot, contrary to the conventional wisdom of a few years ago, assume that their supporters have no place to go. This has been a theme of our Steve Sailer’s election analyses since 2000.

VDARE.COM is high up the intellectual food chain. We develop ideas. Then our ideas pass into the public debate. There are other worthy immigration reform operations—we link to them all the time—but no-one quite does what we do.

Later this week, I’ll give some more examples of ideas we need to promote further.

If I had the money, I’d probably get public relations help to get our writers on television so they get the credit they deserve.

But I don’t have that kind of money. Right now, I just want to keep them eating, and to provide them with a place to publish…and producing those ideas.

As summer approaches and our funds run down, we need your help, urgently. Anything you can give, however small, will be received most gratefully.

bullet You can donate by check or credit card—and you can do it monthly if you prefer. ALSO: you can now fax your credit card info! Donations are tax-deductible.

bullet We are delighted see donations of any size—$10, 100, $1,000, $10,000. But we do feel especially good about the larger ones!

bullet A signed ALIEN NATION to our top donor as a result of this appeal! Current record: $1,500

bullet And don't forget - you can give stock! You could help us more at no cost by avoiding capital gains tax! (Email for details)