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Disney video mashup

I thought the Battlestar Galactica video mashups were pretty cool.

Here is another video mashup

FairuseThe creative folks at Stanford University's Documentary & Film program developed this video using a large variety of Disney video and audio clips.

The purpose of this particular mashup is to highlight issues surrounding copyright laws and fair use doctrine

Very clever. Check it out here.

We need a big honking database full of video and audio clips so we can do video mashups easily and legally. Maybe something like what Snocap is doing for indie artists on myspace but instead for video mashups.

Content owners could dictate the rules, ie. whether their assets can be used with or without advertising, with or without fees and with or without creative commons credentials etc.

We are the creative generation

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Check out SoundLoud at It's a totally better service than Snocrap for indie artists just to mention. Thanks.

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