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A few tidbits you need to know once you have been injured on duty: 

By Sandy Schleher

Clerk Craft Director

Trenton Metro Area Local


Local Union Meeting, June 14, 2008 @ 7 PM

V. F. W. POST 491

Oak Lane 




Federal Court Order Awarding the AFSM100 

Work To The Clerk Craft


Effective May 28, 2008, US District Court Judge Joel A. Pisano issued his decision regarding enforcement of the American Postal Workers Union/United States Postal Service pre-arbitration Settlement Agreement, dated October 28, 2005, for AFSM staffing at the Trenton P&DC. 

Judge Pisano stated, “The Settlement Agreement provides for the clerk craft to have primary jurisdiction over the positions on the AFSM-100 machines and that, in the event work requires less than six employees to staff the machines, the remaining positions on the machines will be staffed by clerk craft only.  Thereby, if there is a ‘reduction in work [,]’ then clerks only operate the machines.  Although the Settlement Agreement does not define ‘reduction in work [.]’ the terms of the Agreement do not limit the method by which the reduction in work may occur.  That is, the Agreement sets forth a staffing procedure invoked by a ‘reduction in work’ irrespective of how that reduction in work takes place. 

In this instance, the modifications to the AFSM-100 resulted in a ‘reduction in work.’  The addition of the AI and ATHS automated features caused ‘a reduction of the AFSM[-]100 operating crew, [a] decrease[] in operation run times, and efficiencies in the preparation activities.’  (Lewis Aff. II Ex. B).  As a result, the ‘reduction in work’ caused by enhancements to the AFSM-100 machine trigger the Settlement Agreement’s staffing reduction procedure. 

Thus, pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, the clerks maintain jurisdiction over the stations in the AFSM-100 machines in the Trenton facility, irrespective of the

enhancements.  Accordingly, the Court holds that there is no dispute of material fact that the Settlement Agreement covers the dispute of which Trenton Metro now complains-whether clerks or mail handlers have jurisdiction to operate the AFSM-100 machines-and is ‘sufficiently specific as to be capable of implementation.’  Consolidation Coal, supra, 666 F.2d at 810.  The Court further holds that the Settlement Agreement is entitled to enforcement. 

Pursuant and in accordance with the Judge’s order, the APWU expects immediate staffing of the three FSM 100 machines with the clerk craft. 

The APWU will monitor USPS compliance with the Judge’s order and pursue appropriate pay remedies for all work performed by the Mail Handler craft on the AFSM 100’s commencing today.


E! Television Series Is Offensive to Postal Workers

(05/14/08) In a crass display of sensationalism, E! Entertainment Television is broadcasting a series titled Going Postal: 15 Shocking Acts of Violence. “The title of the series is an affront to more than 700,000 hard-working postal employees who are stigmatized by the cruel stereotype that suggests that postal workers are violent sociopaths,” APWU President William Burrus wrote in a letter to Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast, which owns E!



Important Dates to Remember


Local Union Meeting, June 14, 2008 @ 7 PM

V. F. W. POST 491

Oak Lane 




Upcoming APWU Holidays


July 4 Holiday Period is July 2 - 4, 2008


2008 Pay Days

June 13 and 27, 2008

July 11 and 25, 2008



  Clerk Posting  CL -8762 (5/21/08)<

Clerk Bidding Page

Information on remaining a live bidder, bidding phone number.




Trenton P&DC's Building Expansion


Construction Delayed Until June 2008

Construction Should be Completed: ??-??-??


Flat  Sequence System 

Deployment / Installation Begins October 2009


Watch Videos of Flats Sequencing System FSS

Source Postal Reporter

Additional FSS Information



Early Info on the FSS

Source APWU


The most recent addition to the Automation stable is a workhorse called the Flat Sorter Sequencer (FSS). This new, large piece of equipment will be deployed for the first time later this year. The schedule calls for 100 FSS machines to be in operation by the end of 2010. There may be even more after that.

Anyone who remembers working on an LSM (Letter Sorting Machine) will recognize similarities with the FSS. The mail is inserted into a slot in a cart; at the bottom of the cart, a slot-door opens that drops the piece into the appropriate bin. The preventative-maintenance route is certain to include checking for open cart doors. For many there will be some deja vu.

The 360-bin FSS is divided into four logical units of 90 bins each. The automatic feed will process as many as 17,000 flats per hour through the FSS. The Postal Service intends for the FSS to walk-sequence flat mail, and to have it run the same as a two-pass DBCS (Delivery Bar Code Sorter).

The FSS machines will be deployed in multiples of two, three, four, or even five machines to an office. Most facilities already have made or are in the process of making floor space available. The latest schedule shows Bulk Mail Centers in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New Jersey to be first in line for FSS deployment.

Increased Number of ETs

As far as the Maintenance Division is concerned, the additional FSS capability will increase the number of ETs in each office. While it will vary from office to office, you can expect up to 15 additional ETs for the first FSS. Additional machines will require more ETs, just not as many.

The effect on the number of MPE employees is not known at this time, but both MPEs and ETs will require six weeks of training at the National Center for Employee Development in Norman, OK. ETs will then spend an additional five weeks of training in Norman.

We will keep you posted on our negotiations with the Postal Service over the fine points of training for the FSS deployment.





USPS to eliminate 2400 Supervisor positions
In the past week, Postmaster General Jack Potter and members of Headquarters staff have had conference calls with each USPS district manager and district staffs with direct instructions to reduce supervisory positions within each district. Each district has been given a target number of supervisory positions that must be eliminated ranging from 26 to 47 positions per district.


Recommendations for Family Medical Leave Documentation: 

Deems Desirable


Sandy Schleher, Clerk Craft Director

Family Leave Coordinator

 Trenton Metro Area Local  


Due to several recent incidents and inquiries, it’s necessary to remind everyone about the three day waiting period you must endure when suffering a work related injury. 

Injuries that result from work activity occurring over more than one day, occupational injuries, have a three-day waiting period before OWCP wage loss compensation will be paid. The employee must be in a non-pay status for the first three days. No leave may be used, but if the inability to work exceeds fourteen calendar days, compensation will be paid for any wage loss during the three-day waiting period. These rules are unchanged. 

Thanks to President Bush signing the “Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act” into law, as of December 20, 2006, there is now a three day waiting period before continuation of pay (COP) is paid for traumatic injuries. Traumatic injuries occur in a single day or shift. This new rule applies to USPS employees only. 

During the first three-day period of a traumatic injury, you may choose to use annual leave, sick leave or leave without pay. If the disability exceeds fourteen days, or is followed by permanent disability, any leave that was used will be restored, if LWOP was used, the employee will be paid.










Excessing Information (5/13/08) 

Think before you bid to a station and branch job


I have requested the Postal Service to rescind the excessing notices.  USPS management has refused, claiming we are still overstaffed in the stations and branches.


The Postal Service has notified the union that due to a function 4 review there is a need to excess full time regular clerks from the stations and branches. 


Circle Branch plans to excess 5 clerks

Downtown plans to excess 4 clerks

Fort Dix plans to excess 4 clerks

Main Office Window plans to excess 2 clerks

Mercerville plans to excess 1 clerk

Annex plans to excess 6 clerks (this is pending)

Chambersburg plans to excess 1 clerk

Yardville plans to excess 1 clerk






6 years later we are still fighting

We must never forget





APWU National News





Breaking News (Postal MySpace) Launches owner Tom Wakefield has launched, a powerful social networking platform for postal people. He is asking for 100 people to sign up to start using and testing the site. Shortly thereafter, the site will open to unlimited registrations. The new site allows members to create their own blogs, post unlimited photos and much more. More information... - Comments





Postal News

USPS should take 'service' out of its name

Long lines, no stamp vending machines, fewer window clerks, they want you to buy your stamps at your local supermarket or online. Perhaps it is time for the United States Postal Service to change its name to the United States Postal Company.

Post Office surcharge could slash Netflix profit

Netflix Inc., the largest US mail-order movie-rental service, may suffer a cut in profit if the US Postal Service starts charging extra to manually sort the envelopes that carry its DVDs, a Citigroup Inc. analyst said.




Ventilation Filtration System VFS

By Gary Kloepfer


Automated Postal Centers

Installed in  Trenton P&DC Main Office Window 

Which Re-Hab or District employee will scab our work?

Could this be the first grievance when the building reopens?


Administrative Leave

 The following information is provided to assist locals 

in documenting Administrative Leave grievances.


12/60 Work Limitations and the

Appropriate Remedy for Exceeding the Ceiling



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