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Another Effort to Destroy Israel

11:22 AM, Nov 5, 2011 • By ELLIOTT ABRAMS
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In other words, the objective was a boycott of commerce with Israel by companies in the EU. The Barcelona session, in March 2010, focused on “the relations of the European Union and its member states with Israel” and aimed at breaking those political ties. It urged that “the existing legal actions in the context of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS)… be stepped up and expanded within the European Union” and that Israeli officials visiting the EU be prosecuted or extradited. 

The Tribunal’s web site says that it “is imbued with the same spirit, and espouses the same rigorous rules as those inherited from the Tribunal on Vietnam.” I’ll say.  The Russell Tribunal on Palestine is indeed a worthy heir to its 1960s predecessor, which found the United States guilty of genocide while ignoring issues like North Vietnamese torture of prisoners. Needless to say, the Tribunal was unable to reconstitute itself to consider, in the 1970s, the massacres in Vietnam or the actual genocide in Cambodia. Similarly today, terrorism against Israel is of course not to be discussed. If Bishop Tutu genuinely believes the Tribunal will actually consider any of his three questions, much less consider them fairly, he is an even greater fool than I had previously thought. 

The Tribunal is worthy of contempt, but it is a part of the serious international effort to destroy the state of Israel by breaking its economic and political ties to other nations. Coming just when UNESCO has elected the non-state of Palestine to full membership, it is a reminder that ideas—even, and perhaps especially, evil ideas—have consequences.    

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