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Queen's aide: Troops rotated too often


Constant changing of forces in the deep South is an obstacle for authorities to bond with villagers, a serious block to solving the unrest, said Thanpuying Viriya Chavakul, the confidante of Her Majesty the Queen who survived an insurgent ambush on Wednesday.

The convoy of Thanpuying Viriya, head of a foundation providing moral support to soldiers and police in the restive South, was ambushed when she was returning from a mission of the foundation in Yala province.

The government sector should give more importance to soldiers, police and security volunteers in the deep South because they dedicate their lives working in dangerous areas, she said, adding that they lack proper communications equipment and bulletproof vests that can protect them when they patrol in risky spots.

Thanpuying Viriya also commented that the rotating of security units there prevents the force to bond with villagers. This problem should be solved, she said.

She suggested Education Ministry to pay closer attention to the problem in the area as she believed better education for youth in the region could help solve the unrest.

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