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Tour de France 2010: Alberto Contador
Meet the New Contador
Alberto Contador has approached the 2010 Tour with a different strategy.
ByJames Startt


Others see a new maturity in the way Contador rides.


"Yes, he has changed tactically," said Yaroslav Popovych, who rides with Lance Armstrong on the RadioShack team. But Popovych also teamed up with Contador on the Discovery Channel Team in 2007 and the Astana team last year. "He's racing more calm. It's not like last year. His character is to want to win always. But now he is racing with more maturity."


Some argue that the newfound maturity is due his position with the Astana team this year. The 2009 Tour was consumed by the Armstrong-Contador rivalry within Astana's ranks. Before Contador could fight for the yellow jersey, he first had to win leadership of his own team. And few doubt that some of his attacks last year were due to the insecurity of his team leadership rather than radio problems.


This year, Contador has surrounded himself with friends like Benjamin Noval and Jesus Hernandez and the entire team rides with one objective this year—that of carrying Contador to his third Tour title.


"He's definitely more tranquil in his head this year, and we talk a lot about tactics," said Alexander Vinokourov at the start of stage 13. Vinokourov is considered one of the sport’s finest tacticians, and he put his tactical scruples to use several hours later with a late race attack that won him stage. Contador was the first to ride up to Vinokourov after the line to congratulate his Kazakh teammate.