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Letter Carriers
Letter Carriers
Latest News and Resources:
Boston Convention closes: With the banging of the gavel on Friday, July 25, the 66th Biennial Convention has adjourned sine die. Click here for all of the daily updates of the convention's business.
Obama promises to fight alongside NALC: In a July 21 letter, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama (IL) vowed to stand with the union to "build an America where we value the labor of every American." He also thanked NALC for its endorsement. Full text of the letter is here.
Headquarters rededicated as Vincent R. Sombrotto Building: In a moving ceremony at its convention in Boston, NALC formally rededicated its headquarters as the Vincent R. Sombrotto Building in honor of the president emeritus. Convention Chronicle
'Honorary delegate' Clinton moves Obama endorsement resolution: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), endorsed for president by NALC last summer, addressed the union's convention in Boston and was named an honorary member and convention delegate. She then introduced a resolution to endorse Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) for president.
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Update on ‘Early Retirement—President Young told delegates at the NALC Convention in Boston last week that “very little has been decided” about the possibility the Postal Service will extend to city letter carriers its pending “Voluntary Early Retirement” program for clerks, mail handlers and their supervisors. Young, who is in close contact with USPS on the issue, emphasized that if there is an “early out” offer to city letter carriers, it would be limited and not likely to occur before 2009. Even with the advent of flat sorting equipment and the decline in volume, he reminded the delegates there are still 145 million delivery points that need service by carriers. If any substantial information becomes available, members will be notified promptly, President Young said. Bulletin article

President Young defends universal service: Young reminded Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) members that universal, six-day postal service is a bedrock of communication among Americans that should not be changed just because European countries have opted for a deregulated, less-inclusive system. More

Flood victims eligible for PERF grants: Active and retired postal employees in several states hit by flooding and severe storms in June are eligible for grants from the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund to help rebuild and repair their homes and property. More
Union PlusUnion Plus discounts: Looking for some way to beat the heat, or just make the most of the kids' summer vacations? Union Plus can help. With entertainment discounts on movie tickets, video rentals, theme parks and more, Union Plus can help you save some money. Many other great savings offers are available from Union Plus. More
Leadership Academy: Applications for classes in 2009 are now being accepted. Forms must be postmarked by September 30. Previous applicants must reapply. Application | Postal Record article
Contribute to COLCPE, NALC's political action fund.
Contract-related or work rule question? Letter carriers who need of information and assistance should contact the NBA in their region. Locate the correct NBA here.
2006-2011 National Agreement: PDF version, with bookmarks and interactive page links, is available here.

Updated Route Inspection Kit (12/06) available here. (Route Inspection Kit for Windows Vista available here.)

Route protection materials online available here.

Online form for bylaw changes available here.

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Founded in 1889, NALC is the union of city letter carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service. Letter carriers delivered 213 billion pieces of mail last year, six days a week, to over 146 million homes and businesses in every city, suburb and town in America.
William H. Young,
William H. Young

NALC is affiliated with the AFL-CIO and with UNI, an international alliance of communications unions.

Updated July 29, 2008