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Postal employee riles some Gary apartment complex residents" data-content-section="Suburbs" data-content-type="story" data-content-thumbnail="" data-content-premiumoverride="premium">
Northwest Indiana

Postal employee riles some Gary apartment complex residents

New post office employee angers apartment residents

Some residents in Gary's Boardwalk apartments are complaining they are having trouble receiving packages since a new postal service employee started just a few months ago and complaints aren't helping.

"It's just outright laziness," said 64-year-old Silas Sconiers, who is disabled and retired and spends the majority of his time at home. Sconiers, who has lived in Gary his entire life, said if a package won't fit in his mailbox, he doesn't get it.

Sconiers, who said this has become a problem over the last two months, has been waiting on two packages that were ordered in August that still have not been delivered. In fact, he said he's received multiple "we missed you" cards in his mailbox for the packages, despite rarely leaving the house he shares with his wife, Virginia, 57.

"We pay for shipping, so why can't she bring it to the door?" Sconiers said of the postal employee.

He said he has become an Amazon prime customer, which ships through the United States Postal Service, and said he shops for everything online now.

"Nearly everything you see (in my home) is from online," Sconiers said, who said he's reached out to U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky's office to assist him.

Visclosky sent a letter on behalf of Sconiers on Aug. 24 to an Indianapolis-based district manager of the USPS after Sconiers submitted a video recording of the postal carrier leaving a non-deliverable slip while he was home but never attempting the delivery.

"All deliveries are to be attempted," said a spokesman for the USPS consumer affairs department, which has not returned any phone calls for further comment.

Several calls to the inspector generals and the consumer affairs department were not returned for further comment.

A supervisor at the post office at 15th Avenue and Broadway said Friday that he could not comment and that only the district office or postal master could speak to media.

A neighbor of Sconiers, Sandra Hill, said she also been having problems with her medicine being delivered to her home. A few months ago, Sconiers said he got Hill's prescription is his mailbox.

"I already told Amazon, I am not going to the post office to search for my package," Sconiers said, adding that Amazon is re-sending his packages for the second time with special note to the carrier that the packages should be delivered to his door.

"So I get a 'we missed you slip' even though I'm home, then I go across the street (to the post office) and they tell me the package isn't there. That's a double insult," Sconiers said.

Another resident of the apartments, Leonard Neal, 49, is also disabled and is home for the majority of the day. Neal said he recently received a "we missed you" slip but was at home the whole time and now he said he knows, "she is not going to deliver stuff."

Dan Zar is a freelance reporter for the Post-Tribune.

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