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Best Of Web Office - On with the Radar Relay

If you stop by this blog often, you will know that generally, I don’t write a commentary about what other bloggers are doing. I usually just try to describe what Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 issues I am dealing with, and what ideas and insights fall out from there. A little while ago, I promised the folks at Dealmaker Media that I would participate in their Radar Relay. The Radar Relay is a series of articles designed to sum up what is going on in the world of Office 2.0 in the last week, and stimulate discussion leading up to the Under the Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters conference.

I participated once already. See all the gratuitus links in How many ways can your service reach people?

But… that didn’t get me off the hook. Not even close. Apparently, a long winded article on the recombinatorl web just didn’t cut it. I was shown Richard MacManus’ post Best of Web Office This Week. Read/Write Web is one of my favorite sites out there, and Richard, of course, offered a great summary of the recent Office 2.0.

OK… they have me in a tough place here. Not is the Dealmaker team one of the best connected crews in the value, but Teqlo is going to be presenting at the conference. We do, btw, have some very cool new stuff to demo. It should be fun:

So… in an effort to get it right, here is the best of the Web Office news for the last few days:

The recent news shows two simple trends.

  1. Business software delivered over the web is starting to look more mainstream.
  2. Widgets / Gadgets are getting big…. very big!

4 Comments so far

  1. edbong @ March 1st, 2007

    There is a lot of interesting thing going on around web 2.0 and office 2.0. There some big usability issues…

    I have been using Google Apps since August now … and I think its very cool. But the best thing is the Google API. For example we are developing an FREE open source “business application platform” (think Our first application is working tightly integrated with GOOGLE APPS.

  2. Ian Kennedy @ March 1st, 2007

    . . . also IBM announcing that they’re now going to support Google Gadgets in their Websphere portal product.

  3. Rod @ March 1st, 2007

    Hey Ian,

    It’s interesting what a split personality IBM has. Supporting external standards, like Google Gadgets within Websphere… but making no mention of Lotus Notes support for Gadgets in the same press release.

    - Rod

  4. […] web is starting to look more mainstream. 2. Widgets / Gadgets are getting big…. very big! Originally from innovation Creators by Rod Boothby Technorati Tags: Google, GAPrem,, […]

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