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2008 Product Awards

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, THE DENTAL ADVISOR has selected 35 products for special recognition. Our Product Awards are given to the dental products that have exceeded our standards of performance and quality. The products were selected for awards based on the clinical experience of our Editorial Board and Consulting Team.

Top Innovative Product

3M ESPE Protemp Crown Temporization Material


3M ESPE Protemp Crown Temporization Material is a set of single-unit, pre-formed composite crowns for posterior temporization. The temporary crowns can be added to simply using a flowable composite.

  • "Excellent product and easy to use."
  • "It only took about four minutes to select, trim, contour, light-cure, finish, and cement a temporary crown."
  • "Great product to use on fractured teeth."
  • "A must for emergency build-ups."
  • "Excellent proximal contacts."
  • "I like the fact that it is radiopaque."



Top Provisional Material


Zenith Dental/DMG

Luxatemp Fluorescence is a self-cured, resin composite for fabrication of provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, temporary veneers, and long-term temporaries. It also contains a proprietary fluorescing agent to improve esthetics and is fluoride-releasing.

  • "Nice esthetics and translucency."
  • "Easy to work with and didn't fracture."
  • "Easy to remove and didn't seem to lock onto teeth."
  • "One of my favorite materials."



Top Temporary Cement

TempBond NE

Kerr Corporation

TempBond NE is a two-paste, non-eugenol temporary cement.

  • "Strong enough, yet easy to remove the temporary."
  • "Excess cement is easy to remove."
  • "Great dual-barrel syringe delivery system."
  • "A proven temporary cement for many years."



Top WOW Product

Technology Lighting Center (TLC)

Seltzer Institute, Inc.

TLC is an overhead multimedia display that allows patients to comfortably watch TV, digital images, patient education programs, or movies. Attached to a monitor, an integrated fiber-optic dental light allows the operator to provide dentistry while the patient watches TV.

  • "Cool product - my patients love it."
  • "Calms even my fussiest patient."



Top Core System


Kuraray America

Clearfil DC CORE AUTOMIX is a dual-cured, radiopaque composite core material supplied in an auto-mix dual-barrel syringe. When used with dual-cured bonding agents, the material is suitable for root canal post cementation, which can be done simultaneously during the core build-up procedure.

Clearfil DC BOND is a dual-cured, two-component, one-step bonding system.

  • "The dual-cure/auto-mix option is great."
  • "The shades are great for picking up contrast in preparations."
  • "Great delivery system."
  • "Dual-cure feature gives me more confidence in deep-layer polymerization."
  • "Dual-cured! No worries about whether I got my light where I need it."
  • Glossy surface after single coat - no scrubbing, compatible with self-cured composite."
  • "Great for core build-ups and posts."



Top Time Saver


Ivoclar Vivadent

VivaPen is a unique, pen-like dispenser with disposable micro-tipped cannulas. The VivaPen enables the bonding agent to be applied directly to the preparation, saving time and material.

  • "Excellent concept - very convenient."
  • "Impressive delivery system."
  • "Nice, small brush tip for access into narrow preparations."
  • "Very versatile - quick and easy to use."
  • "Available with AdheSE One and Excite."



Top Dispensing System

Clicker Dispenser


The Clicker Dispenser is a new dispensing system that provides equal amounts of material directly onto a mixing pad. RelyX Unicem, Vitrebond and Ketac Nano are now available in the Clicker Dispenser.

  • "Delivers pre-measured doses for consistent, easy, economical mixing."
  • "No need for mixer, activator, appliers, mixing tips, or other devices."
  • "Consistently good results time after time."



Top Esthetic Post System

ParaPost Taper LUX


ParaPost Taper LUX is a translucent fiber post for esthetic restorations. Taper LUX is designed for narrow canals and has excellent radiopacity.

  • "Simple to use, well organized, good selection of sizes."
  • "Esthetically pleasing results."
  • "Head design enhances core material retention."
  • "Best post I have used in years."
  • "Color coding is a plus."



Top Matrix System

V-Ring Sectional Matrix System

TrioDent, Ltd.

The V-Ring Sectional Matrix System features a stainless steel inner ring and a nickel-titanium outer spring with V-shaped tines. The system also includes V-Wedge, Double-Wedge and the Wave-Wedge. The fit is excellent to the buccal and lingual embrasures. The wedges separate the teeth well and the subsequent contacts are excellent.

  • "Creates anatomical contours, even with a wide interproximal preparation."
  • "My interproximal contacts and contours have never been better."
  • I love being able to place the wedge between the tines of the V-ring.
  • The V-Wedge is kinder to the gingival papilla than a wooden wedge."



Top Hygienist's Choice

MI Paste

GC America

MI Paste is a paste that can be applied in the office or at home. It reduces sensitivity and contains Recaldent, which assists in inhibiting demineralization.

  • "Effective in the reduction of sensitivity following tooth whitening."
  • "The taste was pleasant. Even my teenage patients were compliant with the use of MI Paste."



Top Composite

Tetric EvoCeram

Ivoclar Vivadent

Tetric EvoCeram is a universal nano-hybrid composite material available in both Cavifils and syringes. The radiopaque material is available in 19 shades with a custom shade guide.

  • "I loved the way it blended with the tooth."
  • "Easy to place, sculpt and, in general, work with."
  • "Good handling characteristics - just about the perfect consistency."
  • "Very nice finish and polish."
  • "Retains gloss over time very well."



Top Assistant's Choice


DENTSPLY Raintree Essix

TurboMAX is an alginate auto-mixer that is designed to provide a homogeneous mix with fewer voids.

  • "Very easy to use and clean. This unit really saves time."
  • "I love this machine; I get a smooth mix every time."
  • "This machine helps eliminate the mess of mixing by hand."



Top Ceramic

IPS e.max System

Ivoclar Vivadent

IPS e.max System is a ceramic system featuring all-ceramic materials for use with CAD/CAM or as a pressable ceramic.

  • "Excellent esthetics."
  • "I love the material options available."
  • "I have been using this system for over three years and the results have exceeded my expectations. Almost no fractures and the esthetics are unsurpassed."
  • "Polishes very well after any occlusal adjustments."



Top Flowable Composite

Tetric EvoFlow

Ivoclar Vivadent

Tetric EvoFlow is a radiopaque, flowable, light-cured, nano-hybrid composite available in 14 shades in both Cavifil and syringes.

  • "The final restoration has a great polish."
  • "The material is easy to place and polish and patients have not reported any sensitivity."
  • "If you are looking for a good radiopaque flowable, Tetric EvoFlow is the one."



Top Impression Material

Aquasil Ultra


Aquasil Ultra is a hydrophilic addition silicone impression material available in five viscosities and two setting times. It is designed to work well in a wet environment and has high tear strength.

  • "Remarkable accuracy in a moist environment."
  • "Excellent resistance to tearing, especially in thin areas."
  • "The light-body material stacks well, and the heavy-body material provides excellent rigidity for the tray."
  • "Many patients commented positively on the mint flavor and scent."



Top Endo Product

The Elements System


The Elements Diagnostic Unit is an electronic apex locator. The system includes the unit, a file clip, three probe tips, a lip hook, a satellite display with clip, and an AC adaptor.

The Elements Obturation Unit is a portable endodontic unit combining the System B heat source with a motorized extruder handpiece. It may be used for filling root canals using the "continuous wave of condensation" or other warm gutta percha techniques.

  • "I trust its accuracy."
  • "Easy to use and works well in wet canals."
  • "Easy to read LCD."
  • "The display is easy to read."
  • "A very nice, quality fill."
  • "It cuts time to fill a tooth by half."

Top In-office laboratory Product

K5 Laboratory Handpiece

KaVo Dental

The K5 Laboratory Handpiece features a brushless motor and three controller options.

  • "The smoothest running laboratory handpiece I have ever used."
  • "No vibration during operation."
  • "The handpiece is small and lightweight and burs are easy to change."

Top Light-curing Unit

bluephase 16i

Ivoclar Vivadent

bluephase 16i is a high-powered, rechargeable cordless LED curing light. Depending upon the material selected, curing time may be reduced to as little as five seconds.

  • "The unit will spoil you - very attracive unit that works well."
  • "The first LED that has given me total confidence in the cure."
  • "Cures fast, in as little as five seconds."
  • "Easy to access posterior teeth."
  • "The backup power supply includes a long cord. Using the cord makes the unit lighter than using the battery."
bluephase 16i

Top Alginate


DENTSPLY Raintree Essix

ImprESSIX is a fast-setting alginate with a unique water dispensing system.

  • "Quick setting with excellent detail."
  • "The water dispenser is great."
  • "One of the best products I have seen."
  • "Nice texture, very smooth."
  • "Excellent material - nice to be able to get a second pour."
  • "Not runny, great taste and scent, easy clean-up, bubble-free."
  • "Fast setting is great for patients who gag."



Top 6th-generation Bonding Agent


Kuraray America

Clearfil PROTECT BOND is a self-etching primer and adhesive (6th-generation, Type I) light-cured bonding system.

  • "I love the storage and dispensing system."
  • "Application time printed on the dispensing case is very useful."
  • "No sensitivity."
  • "Appears to have all of the benefits of Clearfil SE BOND and more."
  • "The antibacterial feature is an added benefit."



Top Retraction Material


Kerr Corporation

Expasyl is a viscous paste used as an alternative to retraction cord. It can be used for all procedures requiring gingival retraction (impressions, seating of restorations, fitting rubber dams, restoring Class II and V cavities, and orthodontic procedures).

  • "The combination of hemostasis and retraction in one step saves time."
  • "My patients love it because they do not feel any discomfort from cord placement."
  • "A must in every operatory."
  • "I get excellent results in almost every case."



Top Retraction Cord


Ultradent Products

Ultrapak is a braided retraction cord that stays in place and does not fray. It is available impregnated or plain and in sizes 000 to 3.

  • "A great product - very consistent in quality."
  • "I have been using the plain cord for years - it makes packing easy."
  • "This cord holds its shape very well."

Top 7th-generation Bonding Agent


Tokuyama Dental Corp./Tokuyama America Inc.

BOND FORCE is a single-component (7th-generation), self-etching, fluoride-releasing bonding agent.

  • "Excellent viscosity - wets the tooth surface well."
  • "The illustrated instruction card is a good quick reference for chairside use."
  • "The instructions clearly explain the use and storage requirements."
  • "The design of the unit dose is great."
  • "The material does not stick to matrix bands."



Top Finishing & Polishing System for Composite


Shofu Dental Corp.

Super-Snap are thin, flexible disks with a silicone rubber center. The plastic, latch-type mandrel is disposable.

  • "Excellent polish!"
  • "Plastic mandrels in each packet are great! No more hunting for the few metal mandrels in the office."
  • "No metal in the center of the disk is great!"
  • "I especially like the smaller diameter size and use it for all anterior composites."



Top Glaze

G-Coat Plus

GC America

G-COAT PLUS is a nano-filled, light-cured, protective coating with a self-adhesive monomer. The material adheres to enamel, dentin, composite, glass ionomer, and resin-modified glass ionomer. It also seals and protects the adhesive interface between restorations and tooth structure.

  • "Quick - very easy to use."
  • "No need to polish temporary crowns for smooth finish - saves time."
  • "Very effective on direct resins."
  • "The lack of discoloration and maintenance of surface gloss was excellent."



Top Hemostatic Agent


Ultradent Products

Astringedent is a hemostatic agent with a unique delivery system. It is effective and easy to use for control of bleeding and tissue management.

  • "What a great delivery system."
  • "The ferric sulfate is very effective in eliminating bleeding."

Top Bite Registration Material



JET BLUE BITE is an addition silicone bite registration material available in fast and super-fast setting times. Rigidity and tear resistance of the material are excellent, as is the detail in the registration. The material is extruded with a smooth-flowing, whipped cream-line viscosity and sets to a rigid consistency.

  • "Stays where you put it!"
  • "Easy to trim - remains in one piece."
  • "Does not lock in undercuts."



Top Finishing & Polishing System for Ceramic


Brasseler USA

Dialite is a family of diamond porcelain finishing and polishing cups, points, discs, and wheels. Dialite is available in four grits, gross reduction (green), reduction and contour (blue), pre-polish (pink), and high-gloss (gray).

  • "This porcelain finishing and polishing system is the best available."
  • "The green disk is the most aggressive and it is wonderful at reducing tight interproximal contacts."
  • "The three grits used in sequence result in an amazing polish."

Top Desensitizer

Gluma Desensitizer


Gluma Desensitizer is an easy-to-use desensitizer.

  • "Easy to use."
  • "Very little, if any, sensitivity."



Top Pit & Fissure Sealant

UltraSeal XT Plus

Ultradent Products

UltraSeal XT Plus is a pit and fissure sealant. The radiopaque material is 58% filled, fluoride-releasing and available in three shades.

  • "This is a great dispensing system."
  • "It really makes the application of sealant effortless."
  • "I like the viscosity of this material."

Top Cosmetic Product

LUMINEERS® By Cerinate®

Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

LUMINEERS® By Cerinate® are leucite-reinforced, pressed ceramic veneers fabricated from the patented Cerinate porcelain system. LUMINEERS® By Cerinate® are thin veneers, as little as 0.2-mm thick, requiring minimal or no tooth reduction.

  • "A perfect solution for treatment of peg laterals with no tooth preparation necessary."
  • "Combination cases of crowns and veneers look fantastic."
  • "Beautiful esthetics."
  • "There are few cases where you can simply add the veneers and get the natural look a patient wants without doing some alteration to existing teeth."



Top Cement

3M ESPE RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement


3M ESPE RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement is a dual-cured, self-adhesive resin cement. The cement is packaged in unit-dose and the new Clicker Dispenser.

  • "This is good for the cementation of a wide variety of materials."
  • "Easiest cleanup of any resin cement."
  • "Shades A-2 and A-3 Opaque were excellent."
  • "This is my number one resin cement."
  • "We have cemented many restorations and the results have been exceptional - very few debonds and no sensitivity."
  • "Definitely better than other self-adhesive resin cements."



Top Soft Reline Material

Ufi Gel SC

VOCO America Inc.

Ufi Gel SC is a light-pink, transparent silicone material for chairside relines of partial or complete dentures. It can be used on patients with insufficient fit or retention of dentures, flabby ridges, and for adaptation of immediate dentures.

  • "Very comfortable for patients."
  • "Handles well in the mouth."
  • "Good for temporization of dentures after extractions."
  • "Easy to remove when needed."

Top In-office Tooth Whitening System

ZOOM! Advanced Power Chairside Whitening System

Discus Dental LLC

ZOOM! Advanced Power Chairside Whitening System is a light-assisted, in-office, tooth whitening system. The ZOOM! procedure utilizes three, 15-minute applications of 25% hydrogen peroxide gel in conjunction with the ZOOM! Advanced Power Lamp.

  • "This is the best and the easiest system on the market."
  • "Our patients had excellent results."
  • "Patients had very little sensitivity after treatment."
  • "This is an excellent system."