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Most Requested Features / Plug-ins

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Winamp Team
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Most Requested Features / Plug-ins

This is a small list of some of the more useful plugins for Winamp 5.0. These plugins solve some of the most commonly requested features for Winamp 5.X. They are added and maintained by the moderators of this forum. If you think a plug-in needs to be added suggest it in this thread.

Input Formats

- Real Audio and Video (with no extra plugins)
Play Real Media format files in Winamp with no extra plug-ins. If you have Real One or Real Player already and hate it, feel free to uninstall it first, it will no longer be needed. First, install Real Alternative. Second, add the proper extensions to the DirectShow decoder:
Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plugins > Input > Double Click "Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder..." > add ";RA;RM;RMVB" (no quotes) to the end of the extension list.
Note: this does not work for .RAM playlist files or rstp:// streams, use the Tara plugin instead (just remove ra & rm from the extension list in tara.ini).
Or just use the Tara plugin for ALL Real formats instead (recommended).
(might require you to uncheck "process audio through winamp" in Tara config).
Note: Whether you use the DShow or Tara method, you will still need to install Real Alternative (installation of Real Player is not recommended). If using the Tara plugin method to play RA & RM, then you do NOT add RA & RM to the in_dshow extension list!

- QuickTime MOV support
Add ;MOV to the Extension List in the DirectShow Decoder config (Prefs > Plugins > Input > in_dshow.dll > config).
Install Gabest's MP4 Splitter.
Then install latest ffdshow.
Set H.264/AVC, Other MPEG4, H.263, SVQ1, SVQ3, 8BPS, QTRLE, QRPZA to libavcodec in ffdshow video decoder config.
Set QDM2 to libavcodec, AAC to libfaad2 in ffdshow audio decoder config...
Most MOV files use AAC or MP3 for audio, but some use QDesign2 (QDM2), or even ADPCM.

Note: Windows 7 users might also need to install the Preferred DirectShow Filters Tool to get Windows to use ffdshow instead of the default Windows decoders.

- ShockWave Flash SWF Support
Native "ShockWave Flash" (SWF) support was implemented in Winamp 5.54

- OGM & OGV Video (with no extra plugins)
Add ;OGM;OGV to the Extension List in the DirectShow Decoder config (Prefs > Plugins > Input > in_dshow.dll > config).
Note: Assumes that the required Ogg DirectShow Splitters/Filters are already installed on your system.
If not, we recommend latest Gabest OggSplitter.
Extract to a folder of your choice, eg. C:\DirectShow
To register, use: Start -> Run -> regsvr32 "c:\directshow\"
Plus latest ffdshow.
Set "Theora" to libtheora or libavcodec in ffdshow video decoder config
and "Vorbis" to Tremor in ffdshow audio decoder config.

Note 1:
Winamp is currently a 32-bit program, so you need to install the 32-bit version of ffdshow, not the 64-bit version, regardless of whether your OS is x64 (64-bit version has "64" in the filename, 32-bit version doesn't, heh).

Note 2:
Windows Vista & 7 users will need to run the Command Prompt in admin mode for the splitter to register successfully.
Go to: Start -> Programs -> Accessories
Right-click "Command Prompt", select "Run as administrator"
Then type in: regsvr32 "c:\directshow\"
(make sure the path is correct, if using a different one to my example).

- MKV (Matroska) Video

Winamp 5.57+ Pro users have native support for the following codecs in MKV:
Video codecs: h.264 (avc), h.263 (requires extra h263 decoder from the EP), mp4v pt.2 (simple/advanced)
Audio codecs: mp3, aac, ac3 (requires extra ac3 decoder from the EP), vorbis.
For non-Pro users (or even for Pro users with MKV files that use codecs not covered by native support):
With Winamp closed, remove in_mkv.dll (if present) from the Winamp\Plugins folder.
Reopen Winamp.
Add ;MKV to the Extension List in the DirectShow Decoder config by going to:
Preferences > Plugins > Input > Double Click "Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder..."
Also, Haali Matroska Splitter and ffdshow may need to be installed for video playback to function properly.
Set H.264, H.263, DivX, Xvid, Other MPEG4, mpeg-1 & mpeg-2 to libavcodec in ffdshow Video decoder config.
Set AC3 to liba52, Vorbis to Tremor, AAC to libfaad2, MP3 to libmad & DTS to libdts in ffdshow Audio decoder config.

Note 1: Haali's Matroska Splitter will conflict with Gabest's MP4 Splitter (see MP4 below) :-(
You can only have one installed, not both.
Gabest's MP4 Splitter is better for MP4 & MOV, but only Haali's Matroska Splitter also supports MKV.

Note 2: Windows 7 users might also need to install the Preferred DirectShow Filters Tool
to get Windows to use ffdshow instead of the default Windows decoders.

- MPEG 4 Video (MP4, M4V)
Winamp 5.57+ Pro users have native support for the following codecs in MP4 (and AVI):
Video codecs: h.264 (avc), h.263 (requires extra h263 decoder from the EP), mp4v pt.2 (simple/advanced), jpeg (slideshow)
Audio codecs: mp3, aac (lc/he), 3gp, ac3 (requires extra ac3 decoder from the EP), pcm/wav/u-law.
For non-Pro users, Winamp's in_mp4 only supports audio decoding.
But for MP4 videos, the DirectShow decoder can be used.
Remove ;MP4;M4V (leaving just M4A) from the Extension List in in_mp4 config by going to:
Winamp > Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Plugins > Input > Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer (in_mp4.dll) > Configure.
Then add ;MP4;M4V to the Extension List in the DirectShow Decoder (in_dshow.dll) config.
If the MP4 video files still don't play, then ffdshow may need to be installed to decode MPEG4 video & audio formats (h.263, h.264/avc, other mpeg4, aac), and you'll probably also need to install an MP4 DirectShow Splitter, such as:
Gabest's MP4 Splitter or Haali's Splitter.
Gabest's Splitter is recommended and probably better, but requires manual installation. If installing Haali Splitter, select MP4 (and MKV/OGM, if you wish) in the setup options, but we do NOT recommend associating Haali with AVI
(you won't need any extra splitter for AVI, just use the default Windows AVI Splitter instead).
In ffdshow video decoder config, make sure all of H.263, H.264/AVC, Other MPEG4, and XviD/DivX are all set to "libavcodec" and not "disabled".
In ffdshow audio decoder config, set AC3 to liba52, AAC to libfaad2, MP3 to libmad & AMR to libavcodec.

More MP4 instructions here

WARNING: This will use the DirectShow Decoder for all MP4 files, therefore tags will not be read when adding MP4 audio files to the library and some audio formats in MP4 files might not function properly. You can circumvent this by renaming any .mp4 audio files with the .m4a extension, so that the Nullsoft in_mp4 decoder will still be used for audio-only files.

Note: Windows 7 users might also need to install the Preferred DirectShow Filters Tool
to get Windows to use ffdshow instead of the default Windows decoders.

- ALAC Decoder
Included in the Winamp Essentials Pack
Required by in_mp4 and in_mp3 to play any MP4/M4A/AAC files with alac content (Proprietary: Apple Lossless Audio Codec).

- M4P Input Plugin
Decodes iTunes MusicStore encrypted M4P files, as created by ThomasW [info]

- WavPack Playback (WV)
Plugin is included in the Winamp Essentials Pack.
Allows playback of WavPack files (.wv).
WavPack is an open source, free lossless codec -


- AC3


- MusePack (MPC)


- Ogg Vorbis
Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder 1.58. This is the exact same decoder that comes with Winamp 5.623 Full. This plugin is not included in the Lite download though and some may not want to download the Full version just for Vorbis support.

- in_zip
Zip, rar and 7z archive support plugin, by DrO. | Discussion

- List of Video/Movie Plugins

- XSPF Loader

Output Formats

- Kernel Streaming Output Plugin
According to Microsoft "Kernel Streaming (KS) is a broad term for the services that support kernel-mode processing of streamed data. KS enables efficient real-time streaming for multimedia devices such as sound cards and TV tuner cards." What is important to you is it prevents other devices from outputting to the soundcard during playback. Hydrogen Audio Thread | New Beta.

- ASIO Output
Audio Stream In/Out. Something to do with multiple channel output on high-end sound cards. So, the page is in Japanese, you don't have to be able to read it to find the download link | DLL Download (if EXE doesn't work).

- Gapless Output (with no extra plugins)
Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plugins > Output > Double Click "DirectSound Output..."
Buffering Tab: Increase "Buffer ahead on track change" value (150-600ms should be fine, make sure it is less then "Buffer length").
Other Tab: Check "remove silence at beg/end of track"
Fading Tab: Disable all fades (or leave on for cross fading)

Playlist Enhancement

- Jump to File Extra 1.2.5 (1160) (as included with the Winamp distro)
Allows to enqueue next song to play from Jump (J, F3) dialog even in shuffle mode. Latest version adds Winamp3-style "enqueue selected" to playlist context menu. w00t! Created by the forums DrO. See all of DrO's great plugins at his site. | Discussion

- Find on Disk v3.0.3 | Also part of the Winamp Essentials Pack
A simple little plugin that will open an explorer folder showing where the selected file in the playlist exists on disk (just like the 'explore to item' option in the Winamp media library). When the explorer window opens it will select the file to be shown if it exists. Another goodie by DrO | DrO's site.

- Time Restore and Autoplay v2.5.3 | Also part of the Winamp Essentials Pack
Enables Winamp3-style auto-play on start, with the option to start from beginning of last played song or to restore playing position. Yet another goodie by DrO | DrO's site | Discussion.

- Jump to Track v1.5
This is a little plugin to seamlessly add to Winamp the ability to 'jump to track number x' by infiltrating all relevant menus and adding keyboard shortcut handling to all of the native Winamp windows (mb, video, eq, playlist). Yet another goodie by DrO | DrO's site.

- List of Playlist Management Plugins

- Drag 'n Drop from Playlist Editor
This plugin enables drag+drop support from the playlist editor to any other window,
by Joonas | Discussion | Latest working version (v1.5 rc1).

- Tagger
Adds "Edit Selected Item(s)" to Playlist right click menu (same as ML feature),
by Joonas.

- Playlist Undo v1.1 | Also part of the Winamp Essentials Pack
Adds 'Playlist Undo' functionality so you'll never lose that playlist again, by DrO. | Discussion

Core Enhancement

- Winamp Backup Tool v1.0 RC1
A tool which can backup or restore all of your Winamp settings, library database, configuration files for tons of third party plugins, skins, icon libraries, skins, your Winamp Pro reg data and much more.

- One Click Show & Hide v1.5
A simple little plugin that allows you to alter the system tray icon behavior of Winamp. When enabled the plugin will override the default behavior of the system tray so it will minimize Winamp if visible and show Winamp if it is minimized using either a single click or a double-click on the tray icon. Another goodie by DrO | DrO's site.

- MikroAMP
Tiny fast interface to all the Winamp features. I use it every day, this version works with Winamp 2.0 to Winamp 5.0. It's not being actively enhanced/developed as it's rock solid stable and feature complete.

- NxS Balloon Tip
NxS Balloon Tip is a plugin that displays a balloon tip in the system tray whenever the song changes in Winamp. If you like to keep Winamp hidden, but still be informed of track changes, then download this piece. Created by the forums saivert.

- Winamp 5 Color Editor 2.2.1
This a color theme editor for Modern Skins in Winamp 5.X. (Does not work for Classic Skins). It allows users to change the colors of their current theme or to create new ones. For more information see the Color Editor FAQ. Also note, that you need latest Winamp version to use it.

- Single Tray Icon
Hides the winamp agent icon when Winamp is running, so you only have one icon in the systray | Discussion

- Normalization/Replay Gain Plugins (Defunct: RG support now integrated)

- Single GUI Winamp Modern skin
Single windowed version of the default Winamp Modern skin, by iPlayTheSpoons.
Latest version.

- Skin Manager v1.0.1 | Also part of the Winamp Essentials Pack
Plugin to arrange Skins menu into Modern & Classic submenus. Also provides enhanced search options, filters and a skin preview function.
by DrO | Discussion

- Multimedia Keyboard Support (now integrated, so probably defunct)
Winamp Controllers (for IntellitType based keyboards) | IntelliType Pro Drivers | IntelliType Pro 2.22 | RM-X | Logitech Multimedia Keyboard Plugin | WinaMp_COMMAND v2 | CLEveR (command line executables) | Logitech iTouch plyers.ini fix | Using Global Hotkeys with Multimedia Keyboards Image Example |
Dell Inspiron media buttons Winamp 2 plugin

Media Library Enhancement

- ML Bookmark Categorizer v1.2
Allows you to add a category to your bookmarks and sort them by category.
by DrO | Discussion

- ML Enqueue & Play 2.0.1 | Also part of the Winamp Essentials Pack
Adds 'Enqueue & Play' to the right click menus of the library and allows setting Enqueue & Play as default action in the library.
by DrO | Discussion

- Generic Device Library Plugin 0.10
Add a folder or drive under the Device heading in the Media Library. Perfect for download folders, USB key chains, or MP3 players that mount as disks. Created by the forums moderator Will. Discussion. [Additional: "Folder view" coming after 5.0, hopefully. Should make this redundant --will]

- gUSB ML plugin (discussion)
Media Library plugin to list all fixed, removable and network drives/devices under the Devices section. With drag + drop support and more. Created by glop and gutenberg. Note: Only works with Winamp 5.581 or below

- Ogg Vorbis (aoTuV) encoder for Winamp v1.4
Plugin is included in Winamp Essentials Pack.
By Benski, based on the latest vorbis aoTuV b5.7

- ml_www
An update of WWWinamp. Allows remote streaming, download and local playback of files in the Winamp Media Library as well as remote control via its web interface. Originally developed by Justin and Christophe, but unsupported (older builds are still available via the Discussions thread). Now developed by Chris Smith...
Discussion | more

- Explorer Context Menu
Adds Explorer context menus (Rename, Cut, Copy, Properties, etc) to Winamp Playlist entry context menu, by shaneh | Discussion

- Find In Library
Find songs in your Media Library from the playlist, by shaneh.

- Dynamic Library
Folder View / Explorer Playlist plugin by Joonas, for Win2k/XP only.
v1.0 Discussion | v1.1 beta | Win9x version | Info

- QuickTracks
Quick access to all library or playlist entries via songticker right-click menu.
Plugin by Crack1ty | Discussion

- ml_plfix
A plugin to fix playlists stored in the media library after you move or rename files,
by eqreed.

- MP3 Share Cache
For quick access to mp3 files in network shares, by John Douglas.

- Wombat Share
Platform independant and Media Player independant, automated configuration-less media library sharing. A set of plugins for a variety of media players that allows them to transparently share their libraries across an intranet or the internet, by javajunky.
Info | Discussion

Anchors: WavPack EnqPlay Real MOV SWF OGM mkv mp4v M4P alac amr ac3 flv gvi mpc shn in_vorbis zip video kernel asio gapless enqueue jtfe disk autoplay jtt manage dragdrop tagger undo click micro balloon coloredit trayicon normalize keyboard device usb vorbis ml_www explorer ml_find playcount dynamic quick plfix share wombat

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