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Friday Afternoon Sessions (4 April)

Track 7: 1:15pm - 2:45pm

7.01 Music and Sound in Today’s Language Classroom
Chairs: Pascale LaFountain, Montclair State University; Lisa Parkes, Harvard University
“Fümms bö wö tää zää: Using Sound, Nonsense, and Movement to Scaffold Oral Fluency”
Silja Weber, Indiana University
“Connecting Culture over the Centuries: Rapping in Italian with 13th Century Poet Cecco Angiolieri”
Helen McFie-Simone, University of Pennsylvania
“Building Music-Themed CBI Units for Beginning German Classes”
Brenna Reinhart, University of Kentucky
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
7.02 A Celebration of Janet Frame, New Zealand Writer
Chair: Josephine McQuail, Tennessee Technological University
“Mapping Memory: Mental Landscapes and the Search for Self in Janet Frame’s A State of Siege
Amelia Chaney, University of Delaware
“Humor in An Angel at My Table
Aurelia Mouzet, University of Missouri-Columbia
“A New York ‘Frame’ of Mind: Daughter Buffalo
Josephine McQuail, Tennessee Technological University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
7.03 Poetic Music and Musical Poetry in German Literature
Chair: Deva Kemmis, Georgetown University
“The Mignon-Complex: Variations on a Lyrical Theme”
Martina Kolb, Pennsylvania State University
Jennifer Trost, Pennsylvania State University
“Text out of Step: Syllabic Dislocation and Verfremdung in the Songs of Kurt Schwaen”
Heidi Hart, Duke University
“Musical Time in Georg Trakl’s Free-Rhythm Poems”
Greg Sevik, Le Moyne College
“Musical Metaphor vs. Material Musicality in Friedrich Hölderlin”
Hannah Eldridge, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
7.04 Cities of Protest, Cities of Collaboration
Chair: Elizabeth O’Connor, Washington College
Flânerie, Feminism, and Urban Poetry’s Activist Potential”
Kirsten Bartholomew Ortega, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
“Black London: The Urban Poetics of Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen
Elyse Laurelle Nelmark, Central Michigan University
“Television: MIA, the Minority Single Woman in the City”
Kimberly Smith, Morehouse College
“Marching with the Ladies in White: Ten Years of Protest in and Beyond Havana”
Kimberly Ramirez, LaGuardia Community College-CUNY
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
7.05 Mothers Beyond Borders: Immigrant Mothers in Literature (Roundtable)
Chair: Justine Dymond, Springfield College
“Colonial Maternalism in Paule Marshall’s Brown Girl Brownstones & Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy
Ann Marie Alfonso-Forero, Saint Mary’s College
“Mothers and Daughters in the Fiction of Viramontes and Cisneros”
Rita Bode, Trent University
“Queering Latin@ Genealogies in Emma Perez and Justin Torres”
Carolina Martes, Stanford University
“Fractured Families: The Effects of Separation in Latino Fiction and Film”
Sue Kenney, Drew University
“Absent Mothers, Feminized Fathers: Substituting Motherhood in Asian American Literature”
Melike Sayoglu, Clark University
“Stories in the Silences: Absent Mothers, Voiceless Fathers in Danticat’s Brother, I’m Dying
Justine Dymond, Springfield College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
7.06 French Crises in Literature and Film
Chair: Roderick Cooke, Franklin and Marshall College
Caché – Personal and Collective Memory of the Algerian Revolution”
Catherine Webster, University of Central Oklahoma
“Sagan-Beauvoir: L’autopsie d’un Empire”
Flavien Falantin, Indiana University
“Memory and Fiction in Dora Bruder and W ou le Souvenir D’Enfance
Roderick Cooke, Franklin and Marshall College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
7.07 Textual Artifacts: Francophone Literatures and the Museum
Chair: Alisa Belanger, Rutgers University-Camden
“L’EcoMusée des Algéries en France de Leïla Sebbar: Autobiographie et Muséologie Postcoloniale”
Alexandra Gueydan-Turek, Swarthmore College
“Fiction et dispositif muséal : Les Onzes de Pierre Michon”
Mathilde Savard-Corbeil, University of Toronto
“Museums and Mausoleums: Cultures of Display in Postcolonial Satire”
Livi Yoshioka-Maxwell, University of California-Berkeley
“The Exhibit of Tragedy: Mourning the Monks of Tibhirine in Les Sept Dormants by Rachid Koraïchi”
Alisa Belanger, Rutgers University-Camden
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
7.08 German in Pennsylvania
Chairs: Rick Chamberlin, Lebanon Valley College; Joerg Meindl, Lebanon Valley College
“Printing Activities of Christian Jacob Hütter in Lancaster During the Era of the French Revolution”
Leonard von Morzé, University of Massachusetts-Boston
“His Pen and Hand: Ornamental Handwriting, Manuscript Illumination, and Paper Arts among PA Germans”
Alexander Ames, University of Delaware
“1834 Free School Law Inspires Literary Awakening and Kills Language: PA German Literature in Survey”
Katherine Anderson, Pennsylvania State University
“The Impact of Language in School on Identity Among the Old Order Amish in Pennsylvania”
Lauren Brooks, Pennsylvania State University
Ines Martin, Pennsylvania State University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
7.09 Foreigners, Foreignness, and Borders in Russian Literature and Film
Chair: Milla Fedorova, Georgetown University
“We Have Met the Enemy and He Looks Like a Pole: How Grishka Otrep’ev Usurped the Russian Throne”
Marcia Morris, Georgetown University
“To Depict the ‘Other’ Is to Invoke Her: The Silent Nomad of Nabokov’s Poetics”
Elena Sommers, Rochester Institute of Technology
“Ethics through Otherness in Elem Klimov’s Come and See
Alexander Joy, University of Massachusetts
“Imagining the Post-Soviet Landscape in Terms of the Other”
Timothy J. Haehn, UCLA
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hilton-Penn Harris A
7.10 Physical Transcendence: The (Im)material in Modern Spanish Literature and Film
Chairs: Laurie Lomask, Yale University; Tanya Romero-González, Yale University
“Objetos indirectos: Marx, Millás, y el retorno modernista”
Andres Amerikaner, Pennsylvania State University
“Weathering the Storm: Conflict Resolution and Yellow Boxes in Martín Gaite and Larra”
Lori Mele, Boston College
“La imagen de España perseguida/encantada por su diferencia: El díptico gitano de Rovira-Beleta”
Bohumira Smidakova, Georgetown University
“Touching Childhood: Approaching the Child Other through Sensory Experience in Spanish Cinema”
Sarah Thomas, Brown University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hilton-Penn Harris B
7.11 Film as Collective Trauma Narrative
Chair: Margarete Landwehr, West Chester University
“Mourning and Empathy in Wenders’s German Trauma Narrative: Wings of Desire
Margarete Landwehr, West Chester University
“Michael Haneke: The Trauma of the Unseen”
Melina Gills, Rutgers University
“Identifying National Trauma in Julio Medem’s Vacas
Emily Eaton, Millsaps College
“Justice and Forgetting in Juen Jose Campanella’s Film El Secreto de sus Ojos
David Colbert-Goicoa, Sewanee: The University of the South
Multimedia Session: TV/VCR-DVD
Hilton-Harrisburger A
7.12 American Jewish Literature: Retrospective and Prospective (Roundtable)
Chair: Simon Bronner, Pennsylvania State University-Harrisburg
“Jewish Women Writers/Scholars: Review and Prospective”
Lois Elinoff Rubin, Pennsylvania State University-New Kensington
“Jewish American Literary Criticism and New Jewish Humor”
Roberta Rosenberg, Christopher Newport University
“Dan Walden and the Jewish Subject in American Studies”
Simon Bronner, Pennsylvania State University
“Jewish Women Writers Today”
Rachel Leah Jablon, University of Maryland-College Park
In Honor of Daniel Walden
Hilton-Harrisburger B
7.13 Assimilation and Vice in American Literature
Chair: Francisco Delgado, Stony Brook University
“Barred Doors and Mysterious Places: Assimilation and Vice in Willson and Hammett”
David Stivers, Savannah College of Art and Design
“Eccentric Assimilation: Small Talk in the Harlem Renaissance”
Matthew Krumholtz, Princeton University
“America Is in the Novel: Vice and Romanticism in Carlos Bulosan’s America Is In the Heart
Francisco Delgado, Stony Brook University
Hilton-Metropolitan A
7.14 Reassessing James Baldwin
Chair: Cigdem Usekes, Western Connecticut State University
“Baldwin as Psychoanalyst: A Lacanian and Neo-Freudian Reading of Go Tell It on the Mountain
Elyse Zucker, Hostos Community College-CUNY
“Baldwin’s Epistolary Designs”
Siobhan Phillips, Dickinson College
Leah Shafer, Dickinson College
“The Soul Takes Flight: Religion, Ownership, and the Self in Baldwin’s The Amen Corner
Anthony Pennino, Stevens Institute of Technology
“Can Black Queer Sexuality and Lynching Share Dramatic Space?: James Baldwin’s Lynching Narratives”
Christopher Lewis, Franklin & Marshall College
Hilton-Metropolitan B
7.15 Questions of Form: Asian American Literature in the 21st Century
Chair: Tina Chen, Pennsylvania State University
“The Personal and the Political: Form and the Asian American Movement in K. Tei Yamashita’s I-Hotel
Lai Ying Yu, Tufts University
“The Poetic Unfolding of Myung Mi Kim”
Judith Halden-Sullivan, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
“Complicit Voices: Narrative Form in the Novels of Chang-rae Lee”
William Nessly, West Chester University
“Scientific Mythologies in Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl
Michelle Huang, Pennsylvania State University
Hilton-Metropolitan C
7.16 Transcending Norms: Gender and Desire in 18th and 19th-Century German Literature
Chair: Susan Gustafson, University of Rochester
“Failed Femininity and Negated Desire in Goethe’s ‘Bekenntnisse einer schönen Seele’”
Melanie Adley, University of Pennsylvania
“‘Das echte Urbild des wahren weiblichen Genies’: Sophie Sternheim and the Picture of Female Desire”
Kristine Jennings, Binghamton University
“Alternative Female Lifestyles in 19th-Century German Fiction”
Susanne Gomoluch, Amherst College
“Transcending Nietzsche: The Works of Elsa Asenijeff”
Christine Spreizer, Queens College-CUNY
7.17 The Short Story Bell Jar: On Necessity and Form
Chair: Catherine Dent, Susquehanna University
Lindsey Drager, University of Denver
Jane Martin, Independent Scholar
“All Swans Are White”
Travis Kurowski, York College of Pennsylvania
“Scavengers in the Boatyard”
Lynne Beckenstein, Brooklyn College-CUNY
Hilton-New Governor Boardroom
7.18 What Is Literary Sympathy?: Novels in the 19th Century (Roundtable)
Chair: Jennifer Croteau Deren, Tufts University
“De Quincey’s Affective History: Literary Sympathy as Modern Historiography”
Drew MacDonald, Queen’s University
“Dynamic Sympathy in the Early 19th-Century Novel”
Jennifer Croteau Deren, Tufts University
“The Presumption of Innocence: Oliver Twist and the Networks of Care”
Aleksandar Stevic, King’s College-Cambridge
“Aroused Sympathy: The Politics of Aesthetic Teaching in George Eliot’s Novels”
Zhanshu Liu, SUNY Nassau Community College
“Empathy’s Potential to Heal: Doctor-Patient Relationships in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway
Anna Veprinska, York University
Hilton-Bridgeport Boardroom
7.19 ‘Wet Theory’:Creative Writing as Affective Lever in Feminist and Queer Criticism (Roundtable)
Chairs: Meridith Kruse, The New School; Alec Magnet, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“Fandom as Theory in Sedgwick, Koestenbaum, and D.A. Miller”
Alec Magnet, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“Revitalizing Queer Theory: Lynne Huffer’s Ethic of Eros”
Meridith Kruse, The New School
“‘That Profoundly Female, and Feminist, Genre’: Uses of the Diary in Feminist Texts”
Meredith Benjamin, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“Translation as Re-Birth: Performing/Translating the Queer Body”
Michela Baldo, University of London
“Doodling in the Margins: Queer Art-Making in Resistance to Academic Precarity”
Greg Youmans, Colgate University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom A
7.20 Bridging the Gap: Integrating Social Media into the College Writing Classroom
Chairs: William Magrino, Rutgers University; Peter Sorrell, Rutgers University
“Creating Selves and Sentences: Using Social Media Skills in the Composition Classroom”
Candice Kaup Scioscia, Teachers College, Columbia University
“Tumbles and Tweets: Why They Matter in Composition”
Laura Marciano, Fairfield University
“‘Modern Democratic Friendship’ and the Exigence of Teaching Facebook”
Jenny Krichevsky, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“BYOD: Should We Be Afraid?”
Satwik Dasgupta, Prince William Sound Community College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom B
7.21 ‘The Gin and Whiskey of Literature’: The Dangers of Novel Reading
Chairs: Carolin Lange, University of Washington; Marie Léger-St-Jean, University of Cambridge
“The Birth of the Literary Clinic: Bibliotherapy and the Medicalization of Reading in the 20th C”
Jesse Miller, University at Buffalo
“Medical Tales for the Masses: Samuel Warren’s Passages from the Diary of a Late Physician
Megan Coyer, University of Glasgow
“Penny Bloods: Circulating Alexandre Dumas and Other Stories in London Popular Culture, 1837-1860”
Marie Leger-St-Jean, University of Cambridge
“Leaky Bodies: What Do 18th-Century Debates on Novel Reading, Onanism, and Adam Smith Have in Common?”
Carolin Lange, University of Washington
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom C
7.22 Irish and Indian-Anglophone Writing in a Transnational Feminist Context
Chair: Tara Harney-Mahajan, University of Connecticut
“‘No Axe to Grind, No Anything to Grind’: McDonagh and Rushdie against Identity Politics”
Molly Ferguson, Lindsey Wilson College
“Comparisons of the ‘Self’ in the Work of Anglophone Irish and Indian Women Poets”
Melony Bethala, University of York
“Postcolonial Responses to Yeats: A Case Study”
Alexander McKee, University of Delaware
“The Literary Female as a Symbol of the Nation and Product of Nationalism”
Ragini Mohite, University of Leeds
Crowne-Ballroom D
7.23 Pedagogical Approaches to the Literature of the Caribbean Diaspora (Roundtable)
Chair: Gabriel Romaguera, University of Rhode Island
“‘Memory Hurts’ but We Won’t Forget: Teaching The Longest Memory in the Early College Classroom”
Ena Harris, Bard High School Early College–Newark
“Dungeons and Diasporas: Experiences Teaching a Novel with Spanglish in an Intro to Literature Course”
Gabriel Romaguera, University of Rhode Island
Pagina en Blanco: Approaches to Caribbean Literature in a General Education Literature Classroom”
Adele Holoch, Champlain College
“Translating Worlds with Danticat: Negotiating Readerships and the Virtues of Not Understanding”
Patricia Connolly-Shaffer, SUNY Adirondack Community College
“Caribbean Studies as Practice: Insights and Praxis from Border-Crossings Literatures and Histories”
Irline Francois, Goucher College
“Exposing the Failing Mother in Andrea Levy’s Small Island
Denia Fraser, University of Tampa
Crowne-Pennsylvania A
7.24 Il caso Moro nella narrativa e nel cinema (1978-2008)
Chairs: Ugo Perolino, Università ‘G.D’Annunzio’, Chieti-Pescara; Daniele Fioretti, Miami University-Oxford
“A Specter Is Haunting Italy: Representations of the Aldo Moro Case in Film and Theater”
Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Dickinson College
“Il caso Moro nella narrativa italiana (1978-2008)”
Ugo Perolino, Università degli Studi ‘G. D’Annunzio’
“Investigation of an Actor Above Suspicion: The Moro Affair in the Movies of Gian Maria Volonté”
Fabrizio Cilento, Messiah College
“L’Affaire Moro’ nel lavoro di Ferdinando Imposimato, giudice e saggista.”
Oscar Buonamano, Edizioni Carsa
Crowne-Pennsylvania B
7.25 Representing Rape in Medieval Literature
Chair: Daniel Armenti, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Hot-to-Trot Fairy Seeks Human Husband: Unrecoverable Oral Sources for Rape in the Wife of Bath
Betsy Bowden, Rutgers University-Camden
“Sexual Violence in Early Irish Literature”
Matthieu Boyd, Fairleigh Dickinson University
“The Abduction and Rape of Dinah in Ancrene Wisse and Its Patristic Sources”
Krista Murchison, University of Ottawa
Hilton-United States Boardroom
7.26 History of the Arabic Novel (Roundtable)
Chair: Douja Mariem Mamelouk, University of Tennessee
“Gendered Places in the Egyptian Novel”
Sally Gomaa, Salve Regina University
“Establishing Literary Nationhood and Engaging with the West in The Secret Life of Saeed
Chris Coughlin, SUNY Buffalo State College
“Evolution of the Omani Novel: Is Altai a Pioneer?”
Jokha Alharthi, Sultan Qaboos University
“When a Whisper Becomes a Scream: Tunisian Oral Culture Resurfaces in Women’s Texts”
Douja Mamelouk, University of Tennessee
“Ignoring the Novels Written by Early Anglo-Arab Authors in the Postcolonial Canon”
Suha Kudsieh, College of Staten Island-CUNY
“Articulating Womanhood and Revolution in The Innocence of the Devil and The Story of Zahra
Samaa Gamai, Lincoln University
Hilton-Lochiel Boardroom

Track 8: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

8.01 Redefining American History and Identity through the Novels of Toni Morrison (Roundtable)
Chair: Fran Lassiter, Montgomery County Community College
“Toni Morrison: Revisioning the Female Hero and the Long, Historical Arm of Slavery”
Jane Wood, Westminster College
“Rethinking Property, Race, and Law through Song of Solomon: Pilate’s Lesson on American History”
Jesse Goldberg, Cornell University
“Representations of African-Native American Communities in Toni Morrison’s Novels”
Alyssa Hunziker, University of Florida
“Variations on a Theme: Jazzing History through the Question of Being in Morrison’s Jazz
Richard Hancuff, Misericordia University
“War within War: Layered Cruelty and the Impossibility of Returning Home”
Candice Pipes, United States Air Force Academy
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
8.02 Drama as Pedagogy—Theatre Games as Educational Expression and Participation (Roundtable)
Chair: Lindsay Bryde, Ashford University
“Drama as Pedagogy: Experiences in Teaching and Learning”
Roxanne Guarino, Middlesex County College
“Envisioning and Embodying: Developmental Writers Discover Engagement with the Power of a Table Read”
Margot DeSalvo, Kingsborough Community College
“Challenging Theatre for Challenging Students: DIE in a Brooklyn High School”
Shannon Reed, University of Pittsburgh
“Human into Deer: Dramatizing Narratives on Nature and Human Psychology in the Freshman English Class”
Sarah Moon, University of Connecticut
“Innovative Expression through Dramatic Literature”
Tonya Moutray, Russell Sage College
David Baecker, Russell Sage College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
8.03 Art as a Gateway to Foreign Languages and Cultures (Roundtable)
Chairs: Susanne Even, Indiana University; Andrea Meyertholen, Indiana University
“Re-Configuring the Learning Experience: The Role of the Student as Expert”
Ellen Crocker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“The Art of the Book: Critiquing and Creating the ‘Fine Art’ of Cover Design”
Andrea Meyertholen, Indiana University
“Methods for Teaching Art History in Nineteenth-Century French Literature Courses”
Barbara Petrosky, University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
“Using Art in the Language Classroom”
Andrea Romano Vespoint, Garrison Forest School
“Middle Ages vs. Superbowl: Teaching Medieval Culture Using Art from the Manesse Manuscript”
Sharon Wailes, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
8.04 Teaching African American Literature in the Age of Obama (Roundtable)
Chair: Donavan Ramon, Rutgers University
“The Age of Obama and the Age of Forgetting”
Tristan Striker, CUNY Graduate Center
“M.K. Asante’s Buck and the African American Male Literary Tradition”
Donavan Ramon, Rutgers University
“Within the Tradition: Dreams from My Father as Neo-Slave Narrative”
Timothy Robinson, Old Dominion University
“‘I Had No Idea Who My Own Self Was’: Dreams of My Father and the Black Existentialist Tradition”
Melvin Hill, University of Tennessee-Martin
“Wideman, Obama, and the End(s) of Black Autobiography”
Tyrone Simpson, Vassar College
“Teaching Hip Hop as African-American Historical Narrative in the Post-Civil Rights Era/Age of Obama”
Jill Toliver Richardson, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
8.05 L’arte del cibo: Representations of Food in Italian Culture
Chair: Daniele De Feo, Rutgers University
“Olindo Guerrini: Principles for an Italian Gastrosophy”
Daniele De Feo, Rutgers University
Velenoso o avvelenato: Food and the City in Calvino’s Marcovaldo
Lino Mioni Mioni, University of Georgia
“Food for Thought: Rocco and His Brothers Share Bread”
Isabella Bertoletti, Fashion Institute of Technology-SUNY
“The Culture of Food in Italian Literature; A Pedagogical Perspective”
Tania Convertini, Dartmouth College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
8.06 Celluloid Riders: Cinema’s Take on Charro, Gaucho, Huaso and Llanero Literature
Chair: Ramiro Garcia-Olano, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Caudillos y montoneros rioplatenses: Apuntes sobre sus referentes literarios y cinematográficos”
Alberto Ameal-Perez, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“The Gaucho as Genesis of Cultural and National Identity in Modern Argentina”
Angelo J. Rodríguez, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
“Nación, masculinidad, otredad: Cooptación del llanero venezolano en tres versiones de Doña Bárbara
Joaquín Muñoz Lizaga, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“De La guerra gaucha a Güemes, la tierra en armas: El revisionismo histórico de L. Torre Nilsson”
Ramiro Garcia-Olano, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
8.07 Re-Examining Opacity in the Caribbean Context
Chair: Mariana Past, Dickinson College
“L’opacité libératrice dans Fado de Kettly Mars”
Linda Brindeau, Dickinson College
“Naked from the Waist Up: Language and Opacité in the Film Adaptation of Vers le sud
Nathan Dize, University of Maryland-College Park
“The Legacy of Opacity in the Caribbean Diaspora”
Rachelle Miho Okawa, California State University-Long Beach
“Opacity, Blankness, and the Zombie in Contemporary Haitian Fiction”
Lucy Swanson, Pacific University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
8.08 Pen and Press: Civic Literacy and Social Action in American Women’s Journalism
Chair: Grace Wetzel, St. Joseph’s University
“The ‘Girl Reporter’ Tradition and Nineteenth-Century American Literature”
Debbie R. Lelekis, Florida Institute of Technology
“From American Disaster Girl to Press Tourist: Women Reporters on Spanish Civil War”
Magdalena Bogacka-Rode, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“Clipped from the Headlines: Muriel Rukeyser’s The Book of the Dead
Kristin Gilger, University of Virginia
“Passing Downward: Undercover Journalism by Women Writers from Bly to Ehrenreich”
Elliot A. Ratzman, Swarthmore College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
8.09 Critical Vocationalism and the Language and Literature Curriculum
Chair: Peter Powers, Messiah College
“Critical Vocationalism and the Liberal Arts College”
Crystal Kurzen, Washington College
“Critical Vocationalism: A Panacea for the Humanities?”
Rachel Krantz, Shepherd University
“Opportunities in the First-Year Program: Critical Vocationalism as Curricular Philosophy”
Michael Modarelli, Walsh University
“Utility and Freedom: Career and Vocational Development as a Liberal Art”
Peter Powers, Messiah College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
Hilton-Penn Harris A
8.10 Passion and Love in Latin American Poetry and Prose
Chair: María Cristina Campos Fuentes, DeSales University
“Platonismo y ardor consumado en poemas breves de Octavio Paz”
María Cristina Campos Fuentes, DeSales University
“Voice and Vision in the Poetry of Ana Istarú”
Carole A. Champagne, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
“El erotismo en la novela paródica: Lo impenetrable
Arlene Toro, Bucks County Community College
“Foundations: Children in Villaverde’s Cecilia Valdés, Mann’s Juanita, and Morúa Delgado’s Sofía
Thomas Genova, University of Minnesota-Morris
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hilton-Penn Harris B
8.11 The Politics of Difference and Similitude in the Colonial Andes
Chair: Gonzalo Lamana, University of Pittsburgh
“Blight or Blessing?: Indigenous, Imperial, and Academic Takes on Difference in the Colonial Andes”
Gonzalo Lamana, University of Pittsburgh
“Entangled Threads: Textile Murals of the Colonial Andes”
Ananda Cohen Suarez, Cornell University
“Las dinamicas de poder y diferencia en los lexicones y gramaticas coloniales”
Laura Leon Llerena, Northwestern University
“‘Alonso me llamo yo… no tengo don’: Cuerpo, mestizaje, y calidad en la Real Audiencia de Quito”
Clara Valdano, Lafayette College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hilton-Harrisburger A
8.12 Amitav Ghosh at the Turn of the 21st Century
Chair: Adam Drury, University at Buffalo
“Un-Naming the Environment: Disfixation of Representation in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
Saba Pirzadeh, Purdue University
“Amitav Ghosh and the Free Trade of Languages in Sea of Poppies and River of Smoke
Sabine Lauret, Université de Franche-Comté
“‘A Transparent Film:’ Language and the Eroticization of Difference in Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
Adam Drury, University at Buffalo
Hilton-Harrisburger B
8.13 Apparitions and Illusions: The Spectral in the Victorian Cultural Imagination
Chair: Joellen Masters, Boston University
“Entranced by Death: Mesmeric Visions and Twists of Faith in Horace Smith’s Mesmerism
Bruce Wyse, Wilfrid Laurier University
“‘Master of the Dreadful Position’: Mesmerism in Wilkie Collins’s The Woman in White
Ashley R. Nadeau, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“‘The Last Look’: Clairvoyance and Domestic Disintegration in Rhoda Broughton’s Supernatural Tales”
Joellen Masters, Boston University
“Reimagining the Victorian Afterlife in Florence Marryat’s The Dead Man’s Message
Melissa Makala, University of South Carolina
Hilton-Metropolitan A
8.14 Literary Genealogies: British Romantic Poetry and Victorian Novels
Chair: Eric Lorentzen, University of Mary Washington
“Wordsworth’s Preface to the Lyrical Ballads and Its Afterlife in the Victorian Novel”
Robert Lougy, Pennsylvania State University
“The Victorian Psychological Novel and Memory: Wordsworthian Echoes and Freudian Anticipations”
Eric Lorentzen, University of Mary Washington
“Inheriting Lyric, Transforming Narrative: The Reinvention of Resistance in Brontë’s Villette
Rebecca Maillet, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Gothic Decadence: Tracing Transformations of Byron and Shelley in The Picture of Dorian Gray
Chris Foss, University of Mary Washington
Hilton-Metropolitan B
8.15 ‘Willed without Witting, Whorled without Aimed’: Divagation and Dubliners
Chairs: Jeff Cassvan, Queens College-CUNY; Philip Mirabelli, Lehman College-CUNY
“Gender Paralysis and Non-Teleological Gestures in Joyce’s Dubliners
Philip Mirabelli, Lehman College-CUNY
“Little Cloudy Spots: Divagation and Reading in Dubliners
Jeff Cassvan, Queens College-CUNY
“The Unreadable Encounter: Meeting That Being with a Difference”
Roy Benjamin, Borough of Manhattan Community College-CUNY
“Reading the Involuntary: ‘Doubtful Side Glances’ at Joyce’s Dubliners
Michael Niemczyk, SUNY Nassau Community College
Hilton-Metropolitan C
8.16 Jeunes dans tous leurs états (dans le roman des années 80 à nos jours)
Chair: Anne-Marie Obajtek-Kirkwood, Drexel University
Antéchrista: Anatomie d’une étrange amitié”
Virginie Cassidy, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
“Les adolescentes dans les nouvelles de J.M.G. Le Clézio”
Martine Motard-Nar, McDaniel College
“Précarité sentimentale et professionnelle selon Hélèna Villovitch”
Anne-Marie Obajtek-Kirkwood, Drexel University
“Les ‘Jeunes’ et ‘l’Etat’ (français) dans l’œuvre d’Abd al Malik”
David Spieser-Landes, University of Pittsburgh
8.17 Auch ich in Arkadien: Journeys to Italy in Contemporary German Literature
Chair: Gabriele Eichmanns, Carnegie Mellon University
“An Italian Novel(ty): Women Authors and Italian Fictions around 1800”
Lena Heilmann, University of Washington
“Textual Representations of Italy by 20th-Century German Women Writers”
Regina Schmid, Heriot Watt University
“Moving Toward a Better Understanding of the Self: Joachim Fest’s Travel Account Im Gegenlicht
Gabriele Eichmanns, Carnegie Mellon University
“Trouble in Arcadia: Walter Faber’s ‘Italian Journey’”
Eckhard Kuhn-Osius, Hunter College
Hilton-New Governor Boardroom
8.18 ‘Cantami qualcosa pari alla vita’: Percorsi lirici italiani del Novecento
Chair: Laura Baffoni Licata, Tufts University
“‘Quaderno gotico’: Un’intervista quasi inedita a Mario Luzi”
Caterina Marras, Università di Cagliari
“La vita e’ un evento irriducibile: L’arte in Luzi e Rondoni”
Gregory Pell, Hofstra University
“‘Per lumina, per limina’: La luna da Leopardi a Zanzotto”
Federica Santini, Kennesaw State University
“Antonia Pozzi: Una struggente voce poetica all’interno della lirica della ‘Linea lombarda’”
Laura Baffoni Licata, Tufts University
Hilton-Bridgeport Boardroom
8.19 The Gothic Body: The Physical Depiction of the Female Gothic
Chair: Neena Cinquino, New York University
“J.S. LeFanu and the Motherless Girl in Gothic Fiction”
Carla Kungl, Shippensburg University
“Dearly Departed: The Treatment of the Corpses of Sweethearts”
Aubrey Mishou, United States Naval Academy
“Reanimating the Madwoman in the Cellar: Norma Bates in Psycho and Bates Motel
Alissa Burger, SUNY Delhi
“‘The Object of Your Horror and Disgust’: Eliminating the Female Corporeal in ‘The Birth-Mark’”
Laura Brzyski, Lehigh University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom A
8.20 The Novel and the Fragment
Chair: Julie McIsaac, Rutgers University
“Formal Fragmentation and Non-Human Becoming in Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
Diana Leca, University of Cambridge
“Sheila Heti’s How Should a Person Be? and the Theatricality of the Novel”
Ellen Moll, University of Maryland
“Full of Wholes: Cosmodern Fragmentation in Cloud Atlas and A Visit from the Goon Squad
Matthew Poland, The Ohio State University
“Reading the Fragments of Anne Carson’s Red Doc (2013)”
Concetta Principe, York University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom B
8.21 Seeing Suffering: Human Rights Advocacy in Film
Chair: Nicole McClure, Kutztown University
“Viral Media Activism: Analyzing Kony 2012 and Honor the Treaties
Jonathan Olshefski, Rowan University
“The Politics of Anti-Commemorative Reenactment in Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing (2012)”
Benjamin Ogrodnik, University of Pittsburgh
“Eyes in the Sky: Satellite Technology and Human Rights”
Virginia K. Dixon, Columbia University
“Basque Film and ETA: The Vindication of the Victim in Inaki Arteta’s Films”
Gustavo Nanclares, University of Connecticut
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom C
8.22 Reusing, Reducing, and Recycling Sacred Texts
Chair: Andrés Wilson, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Reinterpreting Scripture in Lanyer’s Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum
Emily Fine, Brandeis University
“Rewriting Salvation History: The Gesture of Extended Arms in Flaubert’s Éducation sentimentale
Manuel Mühlbacher, Ludwig-­Maximilians-­Universität
“Recycling Moses”
Andres Wilson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“Becoming Practice, Becoming Real: Tiqqun’s Fidelity to Tikkun Olam”
Anne Mulhall, King’s College London
Crowne-Ballroom D
8.23 Child Abuse and the Supernatural
Chair: Melissa Bobe, Rutgers University
“‘Ain’t Nothing Going to Waste Now’: Cartographies of Race and Disability in Olympia Vernon’s Eden
Omari Weekes, University of Pennsylvania
“The Haunting Effects of ‘Two Turns’: Child Abuse in Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw
Emily Berliner, Queens College-CUNY
“The Doctor Treats the Nine-Breasted Monster: The Medical Regulation of Rape and Incest in Ryder
Kate Schnur, University of Michigan
Crowne-Pennsylvania A
8.24 Pseudonymous and Anonymous Authorship in American Literature
Chair: Keat Murray, California University of Pennsylvania
“The Pseudonymous Franklin: Gender Confusion in the ‘Silence Dogood’ Letters”
Kaitlin Tonti, Seton Hall University
“A ‘New Kind’ of James Fenimore Cooper in the Pseudonymous A.B.C. Letters and The Monikins
Keat Murray, California University of Pennsylvania
“Tabitha Tenney, Female Quixotism, and the Unmaking of Authorship”
Mary McAleer Balkun, Seton Hall University
“‘They Could Speak as None Others Could’: James McCune Smith on Voice and Blackness in the 1850s”
Diego Millan, Tufts University
Crowne-Pennsylvania B
8.25 Meridian Cinema / Cinema Meridiano (Roundtable)
Chair: Fulvio Orsitto, California State University-Chico
“‘Il meridiano nel cinema post-neorealista’”
Philip Balma, University of Connecticut-Storrs
“‘Whose Mediterranean Is It Anyway?’”
Avy Valladares, University of California-Berkeley
“‘Black Wolf Lagoon: Mediterranean Allegories of Transformation in Contemporary Italian Cinema’”
Giorgio Melloni, University of Delaware
“‘Terraferma in un Mare chiuso’”
Gloria Pastorino, Fairleigh Dickinson University
“‘Cinema meridiano: Salvatores, Amelio, Ozpetek, Giordana, Crialese e...molti altri’”
Fulvio Orsitto, California State University-Chico
“‘Percorsi della mascolinità mediterranea’”
Renato Ventura, University of Dayton
Hilton-United States Boardroom
8.26 Domination and Submission in Eastern European Literature and Film
Chair: Iwona Sadowska, Georgetown University
“Connecting Gerald Vizenor’s Concept of Survivance to the Totalitarian Context”
Adriana Gradea, Illinois State University
“A Benevolent Oppression: Kosovo Poets on Humanitarian Relief”
Erin Ensinger, Cairn University
“Domination/Submission in the Relationship between Literature and Film”
Lioudmila Fedorova, Georgetown University
“Domination and Submission with Agnieszka Holland”
Iwona Sadowska, Georgetown University
Hilton-Lochiel Boardroom

Track 9: 4:45pm - 6:15pm

9.01 Creolizing London (Roundtable)
Chairs: Modhumita Roy, Tufts University; Kadija George, SABLE LitMag
“Precarious Positions: Fragmenting London in Una Marson’s 1930s Poetry”
Peter Murray, Fordham University
“‘A City Where Trees Are Banks’: Reading Commercial Space in Andrew Salkey’s London”
Margaret Love, Tufts University
“Syncretic Stories: Reading London along the Thames River”
Nicola Abram, University of Reading
“Almost the Same, but Not White: Sam Selvon’s Creolized Londoners”
Heidi LaVine, Westminster College
“London—the Hotchpotch”
Jocelyn Watson, Author-Independent Scholar
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
9.02 Teaching Italian Culture in a Language Classroom (Roundtable)
Chair: Sciltian Gastaldi, Carleton University
“The Art of Translation: The Art of Retention”
Laura Salsini, University of Delaware
“Uno ‘spot’ per la cultura italiana”
Samuel Ghelli, York College-CUNY
“Teaching and Learning Beginning Italian through Online Resources”
Alessia Colarossi, University of Florida
“The Southern Question through Cristo si è fermato a Eboli in the Italian Classroom”
Paola Quadrini, Nazareth College
“Insegnare l’italiano attraverso la storia: Il 25 aprile in Italia”
Sara Paris, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“MasterChef: Imparare l’italiano cucinando”
Daria Bozzato, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
9.03 Des/Haciendo mitos sobre inmigración y frontera en el cine y las telenovelas
Chairs: Angélica Silva, DeSales University; Michele Dávila-Gonçalves, Salem State University
“El mito de la mulata, la china, y la latinoamericana en el cine de inmigración español contemporáneo”
Esther Daganzo-Cantens, East Stroudsburg University
“‘Al otro lado’: Perspectivas sobre la inmigración mediante la mirada de niños”
Michele Dávila-Gonçalves, Salem State University
Una maleta de sueños: Públicos produsuarios y telenovela de segundo orden”
Angel Luis Lara, SUNY Old Westbury
“Des/haciendo mitos sobre inmigración y frontera en el cine y la música”
Angélica Silva, DeSales University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
9.04 Race, Sex, Class, and Bawdy-House Life in 19th-Century America
Chair: Rebecca Williams, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“Illustrating Prostitution in Antebellum New York: ‘Loathsome Spectacles’”
Rebecca Williams, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“Women as a Force for Social Change: Interracial Marriages in 19th-Century Connecticut”
Theresa Vara-Dannen, University of Connecticut
“The Industrial Age Amateur in Life in the Iron Mills: A Reprimand”
Hannah Ruehl, University of Kentucky
“Huck Finn Returns: The Influence of Lighting Out for the Territory on The Damnation of Theron Ware
William Mark Poteet, Duquesne University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
9.05 Memsahibs as Imagined and Imaged by Male Writers
Chair: Susmita Roye, Delaware State University
“‘Truths’ about Mees Dolly and Miss Wheeler: Representation of the Memsahib in 1857 Mutiny Narratives”
Chaiti Mitra, West Bengal State University
“Home Sweet Home: Women and the ‘Other Space’ of Domesticity in Colonial Indian Postcards, 1880-1920”
Emily Rose Stevenson, University of London
“Everything the Mem Is Not: Politics of Sculpting the New Indian Woman of Nationalist (British) India”
Susmita Roye, Delaware State University
“Unconquerable Women and The Quiet American
Susan Austin, Landmark College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
9.06 This Man...This Monster!: Superheroes, Disability, and Struggles with Normalcy
Chairs: Alexander Ponomareff, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Kimberly Canuette Grimaldi, University of Texas-Austin
“All Too (In)Human: Abnormality, Prejudice, and Self-Determination in Young Inhumans
Joshua Cohen, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
“‘No Cure for Pain’: Suffering as the Essential Superheroic Condition”
Jason Michelitch, Boston University
“‘Splash’ of Difference: Marking Indigenous Identity through Disease and Addiction in Scalped
Andrea Dominguez, University of California-San Diego
“Impairment as a Vehicle for Superability in The Ninety-Nine
Kimberly Canuette Grimaldi, University of Texas-Austin
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
9.07 Scenes of Violence from WWII to the Present
Chair: Michele Meek, University of Rhode Island
“The Politics and Aesthetics of Sexual Consent in The End of Alice and Roger Fishbite
Michele Meek, University of Rhode Island
“‘And the Laughter Was General’: Language and Violence in Roberto Bolaño’s 2666
Angela Woodmansee, Clark University
“Blasted Identities: Sarah Kane’s Representation of War and Rape Trauma in Blasted
Cristina Ionica, Fanshawe College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
9.08 Accepting/Excepting Motherhood: Mothers in Italian and World Cinema
Chairs: Francesco Pascuzzi, Rutgers University; Bryan Cracchiolo, SUNY New Paltz
Mamme Vaganti: Italian Matriarchs in the Comedies of Monicelli and Ozpetek”
Bryan Cracchiolo, SUNY New Paltz
Maternity Blues: Mothers as Monsters, Mothers as Victims”
Giovanna Faleschini Lerner, Franklin & Marshall College
“By Law and by Nature: A Politics of Motherhood in Tornatore’s The Unknown Woman
Francesco Pascuzzi, Rutgers University
“Cumbersome Mothers in Salce’s I Married You For Fun
Silvia Tiboni-Craft, Wake Forest University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
9.09 Water Imagery in the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean and Its Diaspora
Chair: Rebeca Hey-Colón, Harvard University
“US Latinas Se Encuentran: The Role of Water in Re-Mapping Holistic Interconnectedness”
Florencia Cornet, University of South Carolina
“Water as Mirror and Memory of the Exiled Soul”
Alisa Orduna, Pacifica Graduate Institute
“Reflecting Rivers: Transparency and Opacity in Alejo Carpentier’s The Lost Steps
Marcos Pérez, Johns Hopkins University
“Surrounded yet Not Surmounted: A Comparative Examination of the Force of the Ocean”
Dawn Slack, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hilton-Penn Harris A
9.10 Gender Trouble and Bodily Transformation in Spanish Literature and Film
Chair: Antonia Delgado-Poust, University of Mary Washington
“Indeterminación genérico-sexual en Quiero vivir mi vida de Carmen de Burgos”
Lourdes Estrada, West Virginia University
“Almodóvar’s Stereotypical Skin: A Reiterated Masterful Triviality”
Randolph Pope, University of Virginia
“Sin marcas de género: Representaciones del cuerpo de la mujer africana en el cine andaluz del s. XXI”
Reyes Caballo-Márquez, University of Pennsylvania
“Monsters, Masks, and (In)Authenticity in Almodóvar’s Todo sobre mi madre and La piel que habito
Antonia Delgado-Poust, University of Mary Washington
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hilton-Penn Harris B
9.11 The Arabic Classroom and Technology
Chairs: Manar Darwish, Bryn Mawr College; Lora Lunt, State University of New York at Potsdam
“Teaching Ar@bic with Technology: Real Life and Digital Stories”
Marino Forlino, Rutgers University
“6 Web 2.0 Resources for Teaching Arabic”
Gisele El Khoury, St. Lawrence University
“Enhancing Language Teaching: Video Production as a Collective Project in Advanced Conversation Class”
Brahim EL Guabli, Princeton University
“Blended Learning and Self Assessment: Engaging, Empowering, and Helping Students of Arabic Succeed”
Lora Lunt, State University of New York at Potsdam
Manar Darwish, Bryn Mawr College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hilton-Harrisburger A
9.12 The Discourses of Extra-Legal Justice in American Literature
Chair: Trinyan Mariano, Florida State University
“Framing the Law: Reading the Legal System as Social Contract in US Women of Color Detective Fiction”
Julia Istomina, Ohio State University
“Children and Alternative Systems of Justice in the Writing of Frederick Douglass”
Marissa Carrere, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Adultery, Elopement, and Indian Dispossession in Willa Cather’s ‘The Bohemian Girl’”
David Kennedy Jones, Rutgers University
“Extralegal Rhetoric and the State of Exception in Charles W. Chesnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition
Maria Seger, University of Connecticut
Hilton-Harrisburger B
9.13 ‘Is the Biographer an Artist?’: Tracing Authority within Collected Remembrance
Chair: Carolyn Durham, The College of Wooster
“The Lives of Books: Virginia Woolf and the Biographer as Outsider”
Amanda Kotch, Rutgers University
“Subverting Generic Boundaries: The Biographer as Artist”
Carolyn Durham, College of Wooster
“‘World of Myself…World of Her’: Barbara Guest’s Poetics of Biography”
Karen Lepri, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“Replenishing the Stores of Mystery: J.M. Coetzee and Biography”
Benjamin Ogden, Stevens Institute of Technology
Hilton-Metropolitan A
9.14 Allegory in Early Modern and Eighteenth-Century England
Chair: Jason Gulya, Rutgers University
“Allegories of Misreading: Suspect Typology in The Shepheardes Calender
George Moore, University of Connecticut
Measure for Measure and Early Modern Allegorical Accumulative Styles”
Christine Hutchins, Hostos Community College-CUNY
“‘An Analysis of All’: Allegory as Political Philosophy in Spenser’s The Faerie Queene
Stephanie Hunt, Rutgers University
“Samuel Johnson’s Allegorical Persons”
Jason Gulya, Rutgers University
Hilton-Metropolitan B
9.15 Post-9/11 Novels of American Im/Emigration
Chair: Noreen O’Connor, King’s College
“The Politics of Recognition in Amy Waldman’s The Submission
Lesley Gissane, University of Western Sydney
“Remapping the Caribbean: Border Crossings, Zombies, and Class Warfare in Junot Diaz’s ‘Monstro’”
Noreen O’Connor, King’s College
“Revisiting Japanese American Internment after 9/11: Perry Miyake’s ‘Post-Bildungsroman’”
Yasuko Kase, University of the Ryukyus
“Literature Verging on a Nervous Breakdown: Virtual Unreality and American Nightmare in Netherland
Sonia Nayak, Duke University
Hilton-Metropolitan C
9.16 Bad Road Trips: Recent German Narratives of Displacement and Reorientation
Chair: Helga Druxes, Williams College
“‘Valhalla, du siehst nicht aus wie ein Deutscher!’: A (Comedic) Journey of Discovery”
Adam King, Ohio University
Irgendwo in der Walachei: Coming of Age in Wolfgang Herrndorf’s Tschick
Nicole Grewling, Washington College
“The Disenchantment with the American Dream in Gregor Hens’s Short Stories”
Rebecca Hügler, Queen’s University
“Cultural Amnesia in Herrndorf’s Sand and Lewitscharoff’s Apostoloff
Helga Druxes, Williams College
Hilton-United States Boardroom
9.17 Muerte, sacrificio, dolor, y catarsis en la literatura española
Chairs: Josefa Álvarez, Le Moyne College; Elena Rodríguez, Le Moyne College
“Chantal Maillard: La escritura del dolor”
Josefa Álvarez, Le Moyne College
Los desengaños amorosos: Una poética del sacrificio”
Elena Rodríguez Guridi, Le Moyne College
“After the End: Death as Apocalypse in Dulce Chacon’s Cielos de barro
Kathryn Everly, Syracuse University
“Hacia un fascismo estético: Poéticas de redención y muerte en las Comedias Bárbaras de Valle-Inclán”
Luis M. González, Connecticut College
Hilton-New Governor Boardroom
9.18 Staging the New Woman: Shaw, Suffrage, and Theatre as Activism (Roundtable)
Chair: Michelle Ashley, Quincy College
“Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex: Sexuality, Heterosexonomics, and Shaw’s Asexual Heroine”
Michelle Ashley, Quincy College
“Staging Shaw at the Pearl Theatre: What Remains New about the New Woman?”
Kate Farrington, Pearl Theatre Company
A Doll House Repaired: Marx-Aveling & Zangwill’s Parody of Ibsen’s Last Scene”
Amanda Sharick-Moreno, University of California-Riverside
“Breaking the Mold: Self-Creation in Shaw’s The Philanderer and Pygmalion
Sarah Canfield-Fuller, American Public University System
“Awkward New Women on the Commercial Stage”
Anna Andes, Susquehanna University
Hilton-Bridgeport Boardroom
9.19 Engineering the Body in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Chair: Lisa Perdigao, Florida Institute of Technology
“A Brief History of the Body Electric”
Jennifer L. Lieberman, University of North Florida
“Ignore Your Chronographic Sequencer, and Let Me Lead: The Alienation of Female Androids and Cyborgs”
Sarah Joyce Bunker, University of Rochester
“Free Will and Syntheticism: Engineering Humanity in the Alien Films”
William Waddell, St. John Fisher College
“‘Between Seeing and Weeping’: The Void Vision of Derek Jarman’s Blue
Fred J. Solinger, Rutgers University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom A
9.20 Fiction as Pedagogy
Chairs: Mary-Catherine Harrison, University of Detroit-Mercy; Rosemary Weatherston, University of Detroit-Mercy
“Understanding Norms and Values through Fiction”
Linn Areskoug, Uppsala University
“‘All in the Game’: Teaching The Wire to Business Students”
Jason Maxwell, Pennsylvania State University
“Literature and Environmentalism: Activism and the Imagination”
Natalie Hansen, Santa Monica College
“Service Learning and Fiction: Outcomes along a Public Good-Social Justice Continuum”
Laurie Grobman, Pennsylvania State University- Berks
Roberta Rosenberg, Christopher Newport University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom B
9.21 Navigating the Online Classroom: A Roundtable Discussion (Roundtable)
Chair: Menoukha Case, SUNY Empire State College
“Designing and Producing an Intensive Italian Language and Culture Course for the edX Platform”
Daniela Bartalesi-Graf, Wellesley College
“High Stakes Courses for Teacher Certification Online”
Brian Boisvert, SUNY Fredonia
“Conflicted Spaces: Navigating Difficult Subjects in Online Learning”
Allison Craig, University at Albany
“Toward a Multicentric Approach to Teaching and Learning”
Kimberly del Busto Ramirez, LaGuardia Community College-CUNY
“A Connective Pedagogy”
Alison Matika, Mercy College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Ballroom C
9.22 Reconfiguring Linguistic Hierarchies in Early Modern Literature
Chair: Maren Daniel, Rutgers University
“Embodied Dialect on the Early Modern Stage”
Caitlin Thompson, University of Toronto
“‘Ick can dat wel doen’: Stage Dutch in Thomas Dekker’s The Shoemaker’s Holiday
Nicholas Utzig, U. S. Military Academy, West Point
“‘Vrayes paroles franceses’: Linguistic Hierarchies in the French Renaissance”
Nicholas Shangler, Longwood University
“The Mind-Body Problem and Linguistic Hierarchies in Molière’s Les Femmes savantes
Maren Daniel, Rutgers University
Crowne-Ballroom D
9.23 The Composition Classroom: Integrating and Evaluating the Creative (Roundtable)
Chair: Maria Plochocki, University of Maryland
“Building ‘Creativity’ into Writing Pedagogy”
Carolyn Ostrander, Syracuse University
“Do You Go Your Own Way?: Agency and Constraint in Composition Pedagogy”
Seth Graves, Pace University
Brett Shanley, Pace University
“Reinscribing the New Normal: The United Pedagogical Forces of Creative Writing and Composition”
Diana Epelbaum, The Graduate Center—CUNY
“History, Identity, and Multimodal Composition: Writing for Reacting to the Past”
Joy Bracewell, Georgia Institute of Technology
“The Short Story in the African American Literary Tradition and Authentic Assessment”
Maryann DiEdwardo, Lehigh University
“Creativity and Personal Engagement”
Michael Shaw, Fordham University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Pennsylvania A
9.24 Fairy Tale in Contemporary Women’s Literature
Chair: Natalia Andrievskikh, Binghamton University
“Telling Tales: Memory and Mythmaking in Gail Godwin’s The Odd Woman
Renae Applegate House, Clarion University
“‘Old Tales, New Forms’: A.S. Byatt in Wonderland”
Alexandra Cheira, University of Lisbon
“Angela Carter’s Fairy-tale Straightjacket?: Narrative Version-ing as Symptomatic (Re)Reading”
Stephanie Miller, Oklahoma State University
“Fantasy of Transgression: Jeanette Winterson and Politics of Queer Reading”
Natalia Andrievskikh, Binghamton University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Crowne-Pennsylvania B
9.25 The Art of Reading: Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy
Chair: Eden Wales Freedman, University of New Hampshire
Richard Johnston, United States Military Academy at West Point
“The Sublime Act of Reading: Keats, Stevens, and the Liberal Arts”
Daniel Nutters, Temple University
“Removing the Raped Body from the Male Gaze: The Anti-Rape Narrative in Coetzee’s Disgrace
Emma Burris-Jansen, University of Connecticut
“Engaging Traumatic Testimony: Theories of Dual-Witnessing and Venn Liminality”
Eden Wales Freedman, University of New Hampshire
Hilton-United States Boardroom
9.26 Poster Session: Scholarly by Design (Special Event)
Chair: Bill Sizemore, Lamar Institute of Technology
“‘The Pleasures of Infidelity: The Transformation of Meaning in Daniel Fish’s Staged Adaptations”
Amy Brady, Kean University
“Post-Secondary Scrapbook: Promoting Critical Thinking and Creative Expression One Sketch at a Time”
Charlotte Gleason, Cairn University
“About Book-Performance Theory and Practice”
Cigdem y Mirol
“Mapping Intertextuality in the Work of Peter Handke: Clusters of Words and Images”
Joana Moura, Gent University
“Proof: Ekphrasis and Snapshot Photography”
Megeen R. Mulholland, Hudson Valley Community College
“The Creative Plagiarist”
Bill Sizemore, Lamar Institute of Technology
“Romantic Painting Informing Poetic Theory”
Bill Snyder, St. Vincent College
5:30pm-7:00pm Light reception
Harrisburg Atrium