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June 12 , 2009

Thank you for contacting the NAPUS Hotline.  This is Executive Director Ken Engstrom at the NAPUS national office in Alexandria, Virginia on Friday June 12, 2009.

Convention Leave update: NAPUS and the League as most all know were notified on May 22, 2009 that the Postal Service arbitrary canceled the convention leave, a benefit all Postmasters have held for well over 80 years effective May 31, 2009.  NAPUS President Dale Goff responded with the full backing of the NAPUS National Executive Board that this action is tantamount to a breach of faith, if not contract, with the nation’s approximately 27,000 Postmasters.  A press release was printed in full and posted in the “breaking news” icon on the NAPUS web page.  It is for your use to contact all your Congressional representatives.  Both NAPUS and the League sent a joint letter to the Board of Governors and the Postal Regulatory Commission protesting the actions of the Postal Service.  Both Postmaster organizations also requested that the OIG (Office of Inspector General) open an investigation into this matter because the USPS is violating Title 39.  The OIG has now notified NAPUS that they will indeed be conducting an evaluation of the convention leave termination issue, and the procedures the Postal Service used in the process.

RUMORS:  With any new dramatic change that could possibly cause many wide sweeping actions, the rumor mill churns its best.  Remember to contact this NAPUS Headquarters office if you might need clarification on any issue. 

In another unrelated action by the Postal Service against the management association of NAPS (National Association of Postal Supervisors) denied them the legal right to represent supervisors and other managerial employees of the Postal Service.  This was given to them in a prior court order on (February 17, 1977).  NAPS is suing the Postal Service over this issue.  ALL three management organizations have been working very closely together for the rights of their members.

Reminder:  The NAPUS National Convention is still being held in Anchorage, Alaska September 12-17, 2009.  To date, over 1250 attendees have signed up to participate in this event.  There is always room for you!  Disney’s Broadway production of THE LION KING will be playing during the convention dates.  Contact Michele Harmeling at (907-263-2711) for information.

Need to Know:  The Postal Service notified NAPUS of a new policy change in the “EAS Vacancy Package Closings” on June 2, 2009.  All three management associations (NAPUS-NAPS-League) had input into this change.  Effective June 23, 2009 the Postal Service is changing the period of time that an EAS vacancy file may remain open from 120 calendar days to 60 calendar days.  This will help speed up the selection process in eCareer when the RIF (Reduction in Force) process is completed.

Need to Know:  ALL three management organizations worked together to present a joint NPA proposal for the FY2010 goals to the Postal Service.  Those changes have been presented.  A meeting will be scheduled soon to go over the final FY2010 proposals.  When that information is available, it will be posted in the NAPUS web page.

As always, I am here to help you.

Ken Engstrom
Executive Director