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Union Raises Concerns Over Instructions for Managers Regarding Weingarten Rights

(09/20/07) The APWU sent a letter to the Postal Service raising concerns about a draft notification to supervisors and managers instructing them how to apply employees’ rights under the Supreme Court's Weingarten decision. The Postal Service’s instructions were finalized on a laminated, wallet-size card which was mailed to supervisors and managers, as well as other PCES and EAS employees it determined have a need to know about employees’ Weingarten rights. The union’s specific concerns are set out in detail in the letter, and the Postal Service’s response will be made available upon receipt.

Click here for a copy of the APWU's letter detailing concerns about the Weingarten wallet card.

Information Regarding Missing USPS Laptops Containing Personal Data of Employees

(09/19/07) The APWU is disseminating information related to a series of notifications the union has received from the USPS concerning missing laptop computers containing personal and confidential information on APWU bargaining unit employees. The personal data included such things as names, social security numbers, home addresses and other personal information. The APWU takes these incidents very seriously and as been meeting and discussing this issue with management at the headquarters level in an attempt to address the serious concerns we have regarding the missing personal information of some of our members. [read more]

USPS Responds to Inquiry Regarding Medical Evidence for Absences of Three Days or Less

(09/19/07) The APWU received a response to a letter sent to the Postal Service seeking to determine if there is a disagreement between the parties at the national level regarding the conditions under which an employee may be required to submit medical documentation or other acceptable evidence for periods of absence of three days or less. The union clearly laid out our position and asked the Postal Service if they disagreed. Their response was that "there is no dispute or disagreement regarding the conditions under which an employee may be required to submit medical documentation or other acceptable evidence for periods of 3 days or less." Further, they write, "the eRMS application does not change Postal Service policy concerning medical documentation for absences when employees call in sick."

Click here for a copy of the USPS letter regarding medical evidence for absences of three days or less.

National Safety-and-Health Program Renewed

(09/10/07) The APWU and USPS announced Sept. 10 that they have renewed their commitment to the Voluntary Protection Program, which is designed to improve safety and health at postal facilities and to reduce accidents and injuries. In an Aug. 30 agreement, the union and management agreed to extend the process for three years. Since the program was implemented three years ago, 134 postal sites have been recognized for exhibiting a dedication to safety and health under a partnership between the APWU, USPS, and OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration .... [read more]

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