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NACC moves against Juthamas

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NACC moves against Juthamas

  • Published: 23/01/2010 at 12:00 AM
  • Newspaper section: News

The National Anti Corruption Commission is to ask the Anti-Money Laundering Office to trace alleged bribe money paid to former Tourism Authority

Juthamas: May face charges here soon

of Thailand governor Juthamas Siriwan and her daughter, a NACC source says.

The NACC's sub-committee investigating the case believed the alleged 60 million baht bribe could have been transferred to other people as well.

The source said the sub-committee may soon conclude its investigation and press charges against Mrs Juthamas and her alleged conspirators.

Evidence against Mrs Juthamas and her daughter, accused of facilitating the alleged bribery, and which was secured by law enforcement authorities

in the United States, was solid enough for the NACC to take legal action against them, the NACC source revealed.

The commission had been following up on the bribery case in the United States. It is expected to use information presented in the case there as a

basis for charging the former governor and her daughter back in Thailand.

Mrs Juthamas and her daughter have been indicted in the United States for allegedly accepting bribes from a Los Angeles film-making couple, Gerald

and Patricia Green. The former TAT governor is accused of accepting the bribe in exchange for a lucrative contract to host the film festival from 2003

to 2006.

The source said the US attorney and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation have sent NACC documents related to the allegations against Mrs

Juthamas and her daughter, Jittisopa.

The source yesterday said the documents will speed up the NACC's investigation into the case as the evidence obtained by US investigators was


The NACC may not need to question Mrs Juthamas and her daughter before charging them.

The NACC source said Mrs Juthamas will likely face charges here of violating Section 157 of the NACC Act for abusing her authority as a state official

and of violating Section 149 by accepting bribes.

If found guilty, Mrs Juthamas could face up to 10 years in jail.

Ms Jittisopa could be charged with violating Section 86 of the Criminal Code by conspiring in a bribery scam.

About the author

Writer: King-oua Laohong
Position: Reporter

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  • Double Ngo Ngu

    Discussion 2 : 23/01/2010 at 09:04 PM2

    The US authorities have the final say on how and when to lay charges on the accused persons as
    statement of facts provided are so solid that the
    Thai authorities do not have to post any questions ! That's is the cause of the delay.

  • Tu Wit

    Discussion 1 : 23/01/2010 at 10:56 AM1

    If this case broke 3 years ago, why has it taken the NACC so long to investigate? Can't the NACC do things on thier own instead of waiting the US prosecuters do?


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