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Work and Travel USA 2012 (SWT) with Job Placement

Work and Travel USA participant working at a ranch

Work and Travel USA participant at a ranch

Duration: From 12 weeks to 4 months
Your summer vacations
Program Start: summer: May 15-June 25, spring and winter flexible
Program Fee: $1,098  check Go4Free
Age: 18 through 28
Student Status: Full-time university students, incl. first/last year
Not a student? Click here!
Participants from: All nationalities
When to apply: For best results in October, November, December
Paid: Yes (see Financial Guide below)


Your program sponsor will arrange your job placement, accommodation, J1 visa paperwork and insurance for you! No need to search for it and write to tens of potential employers! If you wish to arrange your program placement yourself, check Work Travel USA with Self-Arranged Job.

Your program sponsor guarantees that you will receive one job placement. You can indicate a preference for job and location type, but be aware that it may not possible to meet your specific preference.

Work Travel USA is a cultural exchange program created by the US Government in order to allow international students to experience what the USA and the American people are really like.

To help achieve this goal, foreign full-time university/college students from all countries are permitted to get a paid summer job in the USA for up to 4 months during their summer vacations.

Only American non-profit organizations can be designated by the USA Department of State to be sponsors of this program. About 50,oo0 students from around the world participate each year.

How it works


Placements are located throughout the USA. The program application lets you indicate preference for three of the following types of location, and mark which one is your first, second and third preference.

  • Eastern Ocean Areas
  • Southwestern Areas
  • Western Resort Areas
  • Eastern Mountains Areas
  • Coastal Areas (any)

The program sponsor will try to place you in the order of your preferences, starting from your first preferred location. If no of employers in your preferred locations accept you, the program sponsor will place you elsewhere. You are guaranteed to receive one placement. About 90 per cent of applicants are placed according to one of their three preferences.

Screenshot of Map of Work Travel USA Program Placements

Recent Placements

Click here for the full Google Map with details


Typical placements include hotels, restaurants, bars, fast foods, campgrounds, stores, supermarket chains etc. and include positions as receptionist, bar staff, restaurant staff, cook, housekeeper, sales help and other. See a long and detailed list of previous placements.

The program application lets you indicate preference for three of the following types of jobs, and mark which one is your first, second and third preference. More job-type pictures here.

International students working in a kitchen in Yellowstone National Park

Kitchen help

International students working as housekeepers in Ramada Inn in Niagara Falls


International students doing maintenance in a hotel in the USA


International students working in sales in New Jersey

Sales help

International students often work in amusement parks in the USA

Amusement park jobs

International students as lifeguards at a water park in the USA

Lifeguard jobs**

*Sweeping, taking out the garbage, painting, cleaning pools, basically heavy housekeeping.
**Must have current USA Red Cross certification, or be willing to take a course and exam upon the arrival. For summer, late May arrival is the best.

If no of employers accept you for your preferred job type, your program sponsor will place you in a different one. You are guaranteed to receive one placement.

Financial Guide

This is a shared experience, not a promise! The purpose is to give you an idea what you can expect.

Wage: Usually $7.50 to $8.50 per hour
Some students are paid more depending on their position, how good employees they are, and mainly if they are repeat participants. Some repeat participants make over $10 per hour. In some positions, such as housekeeping, you may be paid by room, not by hour. Tipped positions are great money-makers but they are hard to get.

Accommodation: Usually $30 to $60 per week
Some students have their accommodation for free, some pay $80 per week or more, but those are unusual situations.

Calculation: 13 weeks, $8 per hour, $50 accommodation
$8 times 40 hours per week = $320 per week
$320 times 13 weeks = $4,160
$50 accommodation times 13 weeks = $650
Total: $4,160 – $650 = $3,510

Want to make more?
Students mostly report to have made between $4,000 and $6,000. How? They stay more weeks than shown in the example, or get a second job to have more work hours per week, or both. Find more about a second job in Program Details below.

Most common trouble?
Not enough work hours due to slow business. Contact your program sponsor for consultation, if you have fewer than 35 hours per week.


Have a look at what accommodation you may expect (Google Picasa slideshow):

The Procedure
  1. Complete the web application, print, sign and send to us together with other documents.
  2. If you are going to participate for the first time, you will be interviewed.
  3. After that, you receive instructions for payment of the Program Fee.
  4. We must receive your payment before the end of January 2012.
  5. After that, your program sponsor will start placing you with employers.
  6. Your visa documents will arrive and you will apply for the visa.
  7. For summer, most students arrive between late May and late June.
  8. For winter, most students arrive in December.
  9. For spring, most students arrive in March.
  10. Most students work 2.5 to 3 months and then travel for about 2 weeks.
  11. We hope that you will apply again and become our Student Cooperator after you come back :-)
  12. In February, the following year, you will do your American taxes and get your tax return.

Key Points

When to Apply:

  • For summer, the best time to apply is November, December and early January.
  • At the minimum, your complete application, including all required enclosures, interview report and payment must be in our possession before the end of January 2012.
  • After you apply, there may be errors in your application which will need to be corrected.
  • If you are a first-time applicants and you will have to be interviewed.
  • All this must be finished before you are accepted and receive payment instructions.
  • After that you’ll make the payment and that also takes time.
  • This is why you need to apply early to make sure you make the payment deadline.

Application Form:

  • Scroll down for the “Click here to apply” link. If you don’t have an account yet, you will be prompted to create it. After that, follow on-screen instructions. Complete the web-based application form and click Submit & Print. A page with further instructions will print together with the application form.
  • Send the complete application packet including the non-refundable $50 Application Processing Fee to our Application Processing Center.

Apply with friends:

  • Most students apply together with a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • This program allows you to ask for placement together!
  • Note: If you are a group larger than two (2), check Work Travel USA with Self-Arranged Job.

Selecting Program Dates:

  • This is the most critical part of the application! Students make mistakes every year.
  • Read “Duration”, “Arrival Date” and “Last day of work” below carefully!


  • You can only participate in the program between the end of classes at your school before the summer vacations, and the beginning of classes at your school after the summer vacations.
  • The maximum period to participate is 4 months. In the event the break between classes at your school is longer than that, you can still participate only for 4 months.
  • The shortest period to participate is 12 weeks. In the event the break between classes at your school is shorter than that, you can not participate in this program. Check Work Travel USA with Self-Arranged Job.

Arrival date:

  • For summer, you are required to arrive between May 15 and the June 25th.
  • Students arriving after June 25th can only be placed if they can work for 3 months or longer.
  • Your arrival date may not be earlier than the end of classes before your vacations, as shown in your Student Status Verification Form!
  • No arrival is allowed on May 28th and July 4th!
  • You can not change your arrival date after you make the Program Fee payment! Keep this in mind when arranging your flight ticket.

Last day of work:

  • For summer, your Last day of work can not be earlier than the Labor Day (when is USA Labor Day).
  • Your Last day of work also can not be earlier than 12 weeks after your arrival date.
  • Your Last day of work can not be later than the date when classes start at your school after the summer vacations, as shown in your Student Status Verification Form.
  • Regardless of how long your vacations are, the work-end date can not be later than 4 months after your arrival date.
  • You are supposed to stay in your job until the Last day of work as you entered it into your application.

Application Processing:

  • We will process your application, and let you know if it’s complete, or what is perhaps missing.


  • The US Federal Regulations require that every first-time applicant must be interviewed.
  • This is to verify his/her level of English and having correct understanding of the rules of the program as well as correct expectations of it.
  • The interview takes place after the complete application packet has been delivered to APEX Foundation.
  • The interview may be conducted by an experienced previous participant of a work-involving international exchange program.

Payment Instructions:

  • If you are accepted, you will be sent instructions for payment of the Program Fee.

Payment Deadline:

  • Your Program Fee payment must be delivered to us before the end of January 2012. So make sure you apply well ahead of this date.

Flight ticket:

  • After your payment is confirmed as received and correct, you can buy your flight ticket.
  • A good source is for example
  • You must arrive on the exact date that you entered in your application!
  • Tip: For summer, airfare is much cheaper for arrivals before June 15 (March 15 for the spring program).
  • Tip: Most discounted flight tickets for summer are available for sale in January and February.
  • Tip: Ask if your flight ticket allows changing your return flight date, in the case you need it!

Flight details:

  • You are required to send us your flight details, which we forward to your program sponsor.

Program Placement:

  • Once we forward your Program Fee to the program sponsor, they will start working on your placement.
  • In majority of cases the program sponsor sends Program Placements within 1 to 2 months after your complete application and full payment have been delivered to us.
  • In exceptional cases the placement can be delivered to you at any moment up to your arrival in the USA.

Program Placement Acceptance

  • Once you receive your placement, you are required to confirm within 10 days that you accept it.
  • Otherwise, it is assumed that you do not want it.
  • Since the program sponsor guarantees you only one placement, this equals canceling from the program. Check the cancellation and refund conditions.
  • The program placement contains: contact information, job title, job details, wage, work hours, and accommodation information including its cost.
  • After you accept your program placements, contact also your employer by e-mail or phone to confirm that you accepted the placement with his company.

DS2019 and I-901 forms:

  • These are the documents you need in order to be able to apply for the J1 visa.
  • The program sponsor usually sends them in with your Program Placement.

Applying for visa:

  • Once you receive the DS2019 form and your Program Placement you can apply for your visa.
  • As procedures change and are different in different countries, we recommend that you to check your local US Embassy website for instructions as early as 4 months prior to your planned arrival and follow any news until you get your visa.

Participant Handbook:

  • A comprehensive Participant Brochure prepared by your visa sponsor comes with your DS2019.
  • It gives you a wealth of information for your arrival and your participation in the program.
  • It is available as a PDF file, which you download, print and take to the USA with you.

Arrival in the USA:

  • You will travel directly to your employer’s location.
  • Contact your employer before you buy your flight ticket to your final destination and ask for suggestions where to arrive.
  • Once you have your flight/bus booked, let your employer know your arrival information.
  • Stay in touch  and let your employer know of any changes in your arrival!
  • Call your program sponsor’s emergency number in the case of difficulties upon arrival.

SEVIS registration:

  • You are required by law to register into SEVIS within 10 days of your arrival at your employer.
  • SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.
  • It is used by the U.S. government to track foreign students location and status.
  • Failure to do is the grounds for dismissal from the program, arrest and deportation!
  • You register by mailing the orange postcard you received with your DS2019 form
  • Contact Apex USA, Inc. one week after you mailed the postcard to verify that your SEVIS registration is in good standing!

Working in the USA

  • You should expect to start working the next day after your arrival.
  • Some large employers may have an orientation for new employees after arrival.
  • If you have any difficulties during the program, contact your program sponsor for assistance.
  • APEX Foundation is not your program sponsor and we are not authorized to provide any support during your program participation. Our official role ends once you receive your visa documents.
  • You are expected to stay with your employer until the date you entered in your application.

Second job

  • Many students find themselves a second job to supplement their income.
  • Your employers can often help you find a second job in your location.
  • It is perfectly legal under this program to have more than one job.
  • Second job must not interfere with the job arranged for you by your program sponsor.
  • Under the Work Travel visa, you are not allowed to take the following jobs:
  • Childcare/Au Pairs
  • Medical Care/Nursing Homes
  • Domestic Work (in a family’s home)
  • Camp Counselors
  • Flight Attendants

Support only from Apex USA, Inc.:

  • Apex USA, Inc. is designated by the US Government to be the sponsor of this program.
  • In the case of difficulties, you are required to seek support from Apex USA, Inc.


  • In emergency call 911. Call Apex USA, Inc. as soon as circumstances allow.
  • Tip: If the emergency was a medical one, call your insurance company as soon as your medical conditions permit. Most travel insurance companies require this and you may lose substantial amount of money if you don’t follow their instructions.

Approval needed to relocate or change job:

  • You are required to seek approval from your program sponsor Apex USA, Inc. before you change your job or address.
  • Check with Apex USA, Inc. within a week after the change to verify that your SEVIS registration has been updated.

Replacement in Difficulties:

  • If you have a problem during your participation in the program, contact Apex USA, Inc. and discuss what could be done.
  • Although it’s very uncommon that difficulties get that far, Apex USA, Inc. will try to find you a new placement if you lose your job not because of your own fault, or have other serious problems.
  • *IMPORTANT: There is no guarantee a new suitable placement will be available in any specific distance from the original one!
  • The new placement may be anywhere in lower 48 states of the continental USA.
  • Any and all costs associated with transition from the original placement to the new one are strictly the responsibility of the participant.
  • If you do not have sufficient funds available, your only alternative is to return home. If you do not agree with this condition, please do not apply for this program.

No work outside the DS2019 dates:

  • It is against the law for you to work before the start date, or after the end date of your DS2019 form.

No program extension:

  • This program can not be extended under any circumstances.

Job for the next summer/winter/spring:

  • If you want to participate again, get yourself a job offer before you leave!
  • You may return to the same employer or find a job elsewhere.
  • It is much easier to get one face-to-face that from half-way around the world away.
  • If you dream of a place where you’d like to work, find a job there when traveling!
  • Get jobs for your friends too and go together next year :-)


  • After your Last day of work you have 30 days for travelling inside the USA.
  • If you wish to travel outside, e.g. to Canada, Mexico, etc. you must contact your program sponsor for instructions for re-entry to the USA.
  • Most students report that they travel for about 2 weeks and spend about $1,000 on traveling.

Map of everything what you want to see in America

From Yellowstone to Monument Valley. From Google headquarters to Montezuma Castle. From Harley Davidson museum to Jack Daniels whiskey factory. From the Golden Spike Site to real nuclear missile base. From Hollywood to Disney World. From the mountain-sized statue of Crazy Horse to the oldest pizzeria in America. The pins are accurately placed to allow you to actually find the place. Each contains a link images and information about the place.

Click here for the Google map and start dreaming :-)

Map of all places you want to see in America

Everything you want to see in America

Return home:

  • Return your I94 card at the airport. Remind the airline agent to take it if he or she forgets.
  • After you come back home, you can become our cooperator.
  • You can apply again for the next season.
  • In February we help all of our cooperators with their tax return.


Age: 18-28
Student Status: Full-time university students, including first or last year
Experience: At least 1 previous job experiences required
Required languages: English
Required level: Intermediate or better, will be verified during interview
Nationality: All nationalities
Type of visa: J-1



All fees are subject to change without notice.

Application Processing Fee: $50 (non-refundable)
Payable with your application, includes:

  • Processing your program application
  • Processing your payment to the program sponsor
  • Transferring materials and communication between you and your program sponsor
  • Check APEX Foundation Terms & Conditions for more details

Program Fee: $1,098
Payable after you are accepted, includes:

  • One program placement as close as possible to the applicant’s preferences, arranged by Apex USA, Inc.
  • Handling the payment of the non-refundable SEVIS fee to the U.S. Government
  • I-901 SEVIS Payment Confirmation
  • DS2019 Certificate of Eligibility
  • Orientation (delivered as an online slideshow)
  • Detailed Participant Handbook published by Apex USA, Inc.
  • Emergency contact service operated by by Apex USA, Inc.
  • Finding a new placement*, in the case the original one is lost not because of the participant’s own fault
  • *IMPORTANT: Please see “Replacement in Difficulties” on the Details tab.

SEVIS Fee: $35
This fee is charged by the US Government and is not refundable.

  • The amount covers the entire program.
  • It doesn’t depend on how long you will stay.

Insurance: $180
Mandatory, payable with your Program Fee:

  • Valid for the period covered by your DS2019 form. Additional month $45
  • The program requires you to purchase the accident/sickness insurance arranged by Apex USA, Inc.
  • It’s the minimum insurance required by US Federal regulations for this program.
  • You must purchase it for the entire period covered by your DS2019 form plus 30 days.
  • You can only purchase whole months.
  • APEX Foundation is not involved in arranging this insurance and can offer no assistance with it.
  • Tip: We recommend that you also buy an additional insurance in your country. Partly you may get better coverage than the minimum insurance, but most importantly, in the case of any problems with covering your medical costs, you will be able to deal with the insurance company in your native language.

Miscellaneous fees:
Not everybody pays them:

  • Reprint of the DS2019 to correct errors made by the sponsor: Free
  • Reprint of the DS2019 to correct an error made by the applicant: $100 + courier shipping
  • Reprint of lost, stolen or damaged DS2019: $100 + courier shipping
  • Reprint of the DS2019 for new dates requested by the applicant: $100 + courier shipping
  • Friends placed together with you: $100 for each friend placed with you.

Additional Expenses:
May involve for example:

  • Bank fees: All transfer fees are always born by the you, regardless of the direction of the transfer.
  • Shipping: You will be charged for shipping costs for all items that are sent to you after the initial delivery of your DS2019 and I-901 forms. Visa documents are usually shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx. Other documents by First Class Mail.
  • Visa Application Fee: $130 charged by the USA embassy. Subject to change without notice.
  • Relocation: If you have serious difficulties at your workplace and your program sponsor finds you a new placement on your request, you must have enough money to relocate. The new placement can be anywhere in the lower 48 states of the USA!

Living Expenses:
Carry least $700 with you to the USA for:

  • Transportation from the point of your arrival to your job site.
  • Any housing deposits that may be required.
  • The cost of food and your accommodation before your first paycheck.
  • The cost of transportation back to your home if you have to return unexpectedly. Be aware that many cheap flight tickets have fixed dates, so if you have to return early, you may have to buy a new flight ticket.
Cancellations & Refunds
  • Visa denial, proof of denial must be supplied: Program Fee and Insurance less $200 is refunded
  • No refund, if visa was denied because a forged document or untrue information was supplied.
  • Cancellation request made by participant prior to issuing DS2019: Program Fee and Insurance less $300 is refunded.
  • Cancellation request made by participant after issuing DS2019: Program Fee and Insurance less $400 is refunded.
  • Cancellation request made by participant fewer than 6 weeks prior to the arrival date shown in the application: No refund.
  • There is no refund for unused services, or their parts.
  • Refunds are processed within 1 month after your written cancellation notice has been received.
  • In the event a refund sent according to the applicant’s instructions is returned by a bank or the postal service as undeliverable or unclaimed, $20 administrative fee plus expenses are charged for each subsequent refund attempt.
  • Submitting any forged documents, certificates or untrue information will result in being canceled from the program with no refund.

How to apply

  1. Click on “Click here to apply” below. If you don’t have an account yet, you will be prompted to create it. After that, follow on-screen instructions.
  2. Complete the web-based application form and click Submit & Print.
  3. A page with further instructions will print together with the application form.
  4. Send the complete application packet including the non-refundable $50 Application Processing Fee* to us.
  5. We will process your application, and let you know if it’s complete, or what is perhaps missing.
  6. If you are a first-time applicant, you will be interviewed.
  7. After you are accepted, you will be sent instructions for payment of the Program Fee.
  8. The Program Fee must be delivered to us before the end of January 2012.
  9. Your payment and the complete application packet will be transferred to Apex USA, Inc.

*Enclose a $50 Traveler’s check. Traveler’s checks are not “issued”, you simply buy them. Many banks and currency-exchange shops sell American Express Traveler’s checks. They are the cheapest way to transfer the fee internationally.


I am in my final year of university/college, can I participate?

Yes. You can participate during the last vacations after you finish your school. But you have to be still full-time university/college student on the day when you are applying for your visa.

I am in the first year of my university/college, can I participate?

Yes. You can participate during your summer vacations that follow after the end of your first year.

I am in the last year of my high/secondary school, can I participate this summer?

No. To be able to participate, you have to be a full-time student of a university or college at the time you are applying for your visa.

I am a Phd. student, can I participate?

Yes. As long as you are younger than 28 and you are a full-time student.

I am a language school student, can I participate?

Depends. If your language school is accredited as a tertiary institution and you are studying there full time for at least a diploma, you can participate.

I am from – insert your country – can I participate?

Ask. The program as such is opened to applicants from absolutely all countries in the world. But the program regulation require that you’d be interviewed as a part of the application process. Send us an email to ask if we have an interviewer near you. Don’t forget to mention which city you live in.

Can I participate in the winter program?

Yes. If you have summer vacations when there is winter in the USA. For example, if you are from Chile, South Africa, Australia, etc.

Is it guaranteed that I will get the visa?

No. If it were, the consuls wouldn’t have to exist. That said, in most countries, the J1 visa denial rate is minimal.

Do I have to buy the insurance arranged by Apex USA, Inc.?

Yes. Because Apex USA, Inc. is required by the program regulation to guarantee that your insurance and your insurance company meet or exceed the requirements set by the US Government.

Should I buy additional insurance myself?

We recommend it. Your insurance conditions will be written in your language and the customer service people in your insurance company will speak your language too. You may also arrange yourself an insurance for dangerous sports, etc.

Can I work anywhere in the USA?

Yes. But you are required to keep your address and job information up-to-date in your SEVIS record.

Can I have a second job?

Yes. Even a third and fourth, if you can handle them.

Can I change my job?

Generally, you can. But you MUST have an authorization from your visa sponsor Apex USA, Inc. PRIOR to making the change.

Can I accept any job?

No. You must not work in childcare, as a crewmember of a ship or an airplane, you must not get a job where you would come into contact with medical patients, and you must not work as a domestic worker.

If I like it in the USA and I have a job, can I extend my program?

No. The Summer Work Travel program can not be extended.

Click here to apply! Or ask us for assistance :-)


51 Responses to “Work and Travel USA 2012 (SWT) with Job Placement”
  1. Noémi Luková says:

    Dear, :-)

    Im Noémi Luková from Slovakia. Im a student at University. Im studying tourism and catering. In my freetime I like riding on a horse, belly and latin dancing and Im zumba instructor.
    Id like apply for a job in the USA. It can be in camp or in Amusement park. Do you have some informatation for me?

    Thank you for replying

    Best regards,

    • admin says:

      Hi Noemi. While there are exceptions (check the Blog or our Facebook page) it is not normally possible to ask for a specific job. The reason is that this program guarantees that you will receive a job placement. This would be impossible if the program sponsor wouldn’t have the flexibility to try all available employers when placing you. You can indicate your preference for a location and a business type, but there can be no guarantee that your preference will be met. What people with a specific requirement (dream :-) do, is they apply for the regular program first, and then, while in America, find themselves their dream job in their dream place, for the following summer. Speaking of horses, there are jobs at dude ranches available, so you could include that among your preferences. Also, as you mentioned tourism and catering, for how long you’d like to come?

  2. Agbodza says:

    Am interested in participating in next years program me, and will like to know when to start the application process. I will also like to know if you have an agent in my country Ghana. Pls provide me with my country agent address and details

    • admin says:

      Hi Agbodza, we don’t use agents. We deal directly with applicants over the Internet, or through other students who become our Student Cooperators. Click on the green Go4Free in the menu on the top. If you’d like to apply, simply click on the link Apply now. The entire procedure is described in detail on this page.

  3. Susan says:

    hi ,it’s Susan again,
    i’m sorry that i made a mistake just now.
    now i’m doing my junior in Hangzhou, a city near Shanghai. is there an interviewer in Shanghai or Hangzhou?
    i do want to apply for the 2012 work and travel USA.

    • admin says:

      Hi Susan, as you could see at the Go4Free page previously, interviewers are former participants, students like you (when you come back :-) Unfortunately, we have no former participants in Hangzhou, only in Beijing. But this program now newly allows Skype video interviews, so you are OK, plus if you wish, we could ask some of our former participants to get in touch with you and share their experience. I can see that you already created an account, so you can go ahead complete the program application. If you’d like to schedule a Skype call with us to ask your questions, please email us at [email protected]. We generally schedule these calls for Saturday afternoon US Central Time. If this isn’t working for you, let us know. We use WorldTimeBuddy for easy working with time zones.

      • Susan says:

        happy to get the news that skype video interview is welcome.should i first contact with you or your previous participants in Beijing?

        • admin says:

          Hi Susan. Whichever way you prefer. However we can guarantee that we are willing to talk with you :-) With former participants it depends on them if they want to or not. So I’d suggest starting with us. In fact, I strongly suggest that you first read the program description in full and make notes about what you don’t quite understand and want to ask about. That lets you make a good use of the call.

  4. Susan says:

    okay.i’ll read carefully and arrange a “skype” appointment with u later:)
    but firstly could i know that am i qualified for the program if i only get a 10 to 11 weeks summer vacation?
    i think that’s the very step for me to start the whole program

    • admin says:

      Well, 11 weeks is just a hair under the 12 weeks minimum. The problem is that employers do not want employees for a very short time, making students arriving for fewer than 12 weeks very hard to place. But, perhaps your English is above average, maybe you have worked in McDonald’s or Ramada Inn in China and have experience. If you are a great candidate, it could overweight the your short period of stay. But you should also look at ways how you could stay longer, otherwise the program is just flying here, working all the time and flying home. Not very enjoyable. Let’s set up the Skype call and discuss your situation a bit. I could offer you 10pm here on Saturday, which would be 11am on Sunday in China. Does that work for you?

  5. Susan says:

    where’s your location? and ID

    • admin says:

      My location is Clinton, Oklahoma. Our Skype ID is You can find it when you click on “Contacts” in the menu above. Please, add us to your contacts so that we can see each other.

      • Susan says:

        i’ve found you :)
        BTW,do you have a company ID?i want to make sure that you’re not an illegal organization

        • admin says:

          I have to admit that I haven’t found a perfect answer to this kind of question in 20 year that we’ve been in business (yes, click on that link). But what I do when I research companies on the web is looking up their web site, especially About us and Blog and check how long is their domain registered. Ours is from 1997. I would guess that it would be very hard to be a scammer for 20 years under the same name and not be discovered ;-) Speaking of which, read the Terms & Conditions, they are in the footer of all pages, it’s good to know what we promise you and what we don’t.

  6. Susan says:

    :) i’ll find u

  7. joseph acheampong says:

    am a first degree holder in marketing and own a young travel and tour in Ghana , i will like to be your pattern and register student for your program.

    • admin says:

      Hello Joseph, this section is for questions/comments about the program as such. Please ask under Go4Free in future, or use email. But just quickly, the visa denial rate for programs involving just work, such as this one, is so high in most African countries that we do not really need to promote it. We do accept individual African students who find us on the Internet and approach us directly, but there’s no need for marketing the program. If you’d like to market language study programs and/or work & study programs, such as those available in Australia (have a look), we’ll be very happy to discuss the opportunities with you.

  8. Susan says:

    hi? on line or not?
    i’ve scheduled a call with u,but no answers from u today —-the interview day

    • admin says:

      Hi Susan, aren’t you an hour too early? ;-) I’ll be ready at 9am China time. And yes, please use Gmail for emailing us, Yahoomail seems to be having some problems. Talk to you soon!

  9. Anatoliy Kamenetskyy says:

    I’m from Ukraine and this fall I started my second year at university. The problem is that I only turn 18 in January 2012 and only then can I apply for an international passport and it may take 1-2 months. You are offering that for summer program, I must submit my application as soon as possible (November-December) and at this time, according to your rules, I will not be eligible to participate in this program. So, summing it all together I’ll be eligible to apply for this program when I have to start the whole process, and what are the chances that I will be able to work the summer of 2012, provided that I apply for a visa only at the end of March or later?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Anatolyi, the short answer is that you do not meet the eligibility requirements, i.e. you can’t apply yet. If you go back through our Blog though, you will notice that every year, there are a few opportunities after the normal application deadline. Naturally, none can tell if that is going to happen again next spring, but if it does, you will be eligible to apply. But if it doesn’t, you can still take an English course in the UK next summer! As a language student, you can only work for 10 hours per week in the UK, but it will still make the program cheaper in the end and get you a reference from a job in an English-speaking country, AND MAINLY you can be in London during the Olympics! As you already speak English, you could take for instance a pre-academic course.

  10. Gozibek says:

    Hello, I am from Tajikistan and I am a student . last year I participated in work and travel program .can i participate in this program again ? could you please accept another country’s student ? I mean that I want to participate in company .. thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Gozibek, thank you for your comment. We are happy to accept applications from students of all countries. Let me ask you two things: 1. As you are a repeat applicant, do you have your own job placement arranged in the USA, or will you need one? 2. You already participated in the program, why aren’t you applying through the same company as you did the first time? If you are not comfortable answering the second question here, please feel free to reply in an email. Also, if you have friends whom you, as an experienced former participant would like to help to apply, check our Go4Free program in the menu above. Thank you.

  11. Lucy says:

    Hello, I am interested in this program and have a question. Can I work for two months and travel for one month? What is the least required time for working?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lucy, thank you for your inquiry. The shortest possible period to work is 12 weeks. The reason is that employers really do not want people working for them for less than 3 months. However, if you can spend enough time yourself finding such a placement, and eventually find such an employer, you can apply to the self-arranged program instead to get the J1 visa sponsorship. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are really not going to make much money in just two months. BTW, what is the reason that you can’t work longer? Maybe something could be done about it.

      • Lucy says:

        Thank you for your quick reply. I don’t think I have vacation longer than three months during the school year. I do really want to travel a lot after I think the only way is to shorten the work time, otherwise I will miss the school date…

        • admin says:

          Hi Lucy, I understand. Here’s an idea.. Most students actually do the program more than once. In fact, we have a participant who was here for the 7th time this summer :-) He’s now a Phd. student. So what you can do is to come this summer, work for 3 months make as much money as you can and perhaps visit just New York or Washington, D.C. for 3 days on the way home. Then for the next year, make arrangements in your school, such as taking more subjects and exams in the winter semester, and come for a longer time. This really is what many students do. The other reason to do this is that these U.S. programs are only for students. Once you are out of school, it’s over. So it makes sense to the do US programs as many times as you can while you are a student and leave other places for after you finish your school. As a quick example, these guys have been here for the 5th summer and are coming next year again :-)

  12. Anil says:

    Dear – I am really Intrested on this program , my age is 19 –
    so how can i apply?
    and i am living in Afghanistan – do i have the chance to apply ? if yes how ?


    • admin says:

      Hi Anil. Please, read the full program description, including the eligibility requirements above. Regarding your nationality, I suggest that you contact your nearest USA embassy, consult your situation with them and make your decision based on what they will tell you. The refund conditions, for the case you’d be denied the visa, are explained in the “Prices” section of the program description.

  13. Yvonne says:

    Hi.My name is Yvonne.A Chinese girl in Guangzhou,a place where the Asian Games opened in 2010.I am a fourth year college student now ,and I am planning to join the summer Work and Travel 2012.I have already glanced through the whole website,and I have quite a clear idea about the program.So what exactly do I need to do first?(Can u give me details about that?)And I see there is a Chinese girl named Susan leaving comments too.Can I get in contact with her,(I am comfortable if u give my skype or e-mail to her.)then if she has decided her mind to participate,maybe we can go together as we are both not located in Beijing.Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Yvonne, thank you for your comment, however, you left approximately the same one at 3 different places on our website. So make your decision what program you are actually interested in, or email us for recommendation. As for giving you personal information of other users, that’s not only illegal, but against our policy too.

      • Yvonne says:

        Actually i left only two comments.And one is from another girl sharing the same name with me.I am sorry about that.As I think I might leave my comments on a wrong place,and that’s why…Sorry…Actually,i am saying that I am ok if my information is given to those who are in the same situation as i am.I think this will help and make things easier for all of us.BUT i don’t know that’s illegal as well as against your policy and i am not prying anything.I just think it might be a piece of advice.And I think I should check your terms and conditions first in case I make another stupid mistake again.again,sorry….

        • admin says:

          Hi Yvonne, all the comments were from the same email address as well as IP address, for us that’s one person, we have no way of knowing who is using whose computer. As for sharing people’s personal information, that really isn’t possible. In turn, you can rest assured that your personal information that you enter in the application also won’t be given out! Most students can find other participants on Facebook, but we know that Facebook unfortunately is not accessible in China.

  14. Anita says:

    Im very interested in applying but im not sure if im still in time to do this?!
    Is there a deadline or something?
    Thank You in advance
    Kind Regards :)))

    • admin says:

      Hi Anita, yes the nearest deadline is January 31st. In all likelihood, there will be a second round of applications after that, but for a higher price, we should know by the end of this week. But since you already created an account, let me just remind you what must happen before January 31st:

      1. Fill out the web application
      2. Get it checked by us
      3. Submit & Print it, further instructions and forms will print out with it
      4. Collect all the documents
      5. Scan them, send to us to check they’re OK
      6. Pay the $50 Registration Fee
      7. Be interviewed over recorded Skype video (already start looking where to borrow a headset)
      8. Pay the Program Fee, Insurance and SEVIS Fee (has to arrive before Janury 31st)
      9. Ship the hard copies of all your documents to us

      So be super extra fast, and if you need assistance with the application email us to schedule a Skype call for the weekend.

  15. Arslan Adambayev says:

    My name is Arslan Adambayev. I’m from Turkmenistan. I study in India right now. I want to go to USA through Work and travel program… I have questions: what if I get refused or denied from visa, in that situation how much I will get refunded? Can i get my visa from US embassy in India or should I get it from my country?
    thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Hi Arslan, go to the program description, click on the tab that says “Prices” and scroll down. You’ll find the full cancellation and refund conditions there. As for applying for the US visa in a third country, that’s obviously possible, but you have to contact your nearest US Embassy or Consulate and ask how to proceed. Some of them will require a copy of your residency permit, others are OK with your just showing that you study in the third country.

  16. ameed says:

    hi . iam from palestine(westbank) Can I join in the work and travel program. thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Ameed. You are the very first student from West Bank to ever contact us. The program as such is opened to students from all countries. But whether or not you will be granted the visa is an altogether different question. We seriously have absolutely no idea whatsoever how likely that may be.

      • ameed says:

        I want to Join with you in the program, but the box states there is no Palestine or the West Bank there is only Israel so what I do in this matter. thanks

        • admin says:

          Hello Ameed, the Work & Travel program is currently the most controversial one of all the J1 programs, and is the target of unprecedented US Government oversight and scrutiny. While the Work & Travel program as such is opened to applicants from all countries, private sponsors that we talked with basically don’t know how to handle an application from your country. What we would recommend you, is contacting the nearest USA embassy (Amman?) and explore what US Government-sponsored programs might be available for you. Or if they could recommend you a private program with enough experience accepting applicants from the region, that it won’t feel uncertain how to proceed. I’m sorry we don’t have better news for you, but we are not a sponsor ourselves, i.e. we can’t help you on our own.

  17. jakhongir says:

    Hi I am from Russia if I study in Malaysia can I apply for work and travel from my institute in Malaysia without returning to my country ?

    • admin says:

      Hi jakhongir, from the standpoint of the program it makes no difference where you are applying from. From the standpoint of applying for your visa later, it’s generally not a problem either. Hundreds of thousands of people study abroad these days, so applying in a third country is perfectly common. You just need to check with the local US Embassy if they have any special requirements. Some simply let you apply when you tell them that you are studying in the country, others want copies of things like residency permit. But the bottom line is that it’s perfectly normal these days.

  18. tornike says:

    Hello , I want to go to America to study at the university requirements

    • admin says:

      Dear Tornike, studying in the USA is a big project, and a very expensive one too. If you’d like to discuss your goals and possible retain us as consultants, we’ll be happy to help you. Please email us at [email protected]. Let’s begin with what you’d like to study and how much you are willing to pay per school year. That will determine what’s available for you.

  19. kennedy says:

    hi, am kenya am intrested with the program but am not a student how do i get this oppourtinity please help me here is my email [email protected] . Thank you

  20. Patricio Anibal says:

    hi, am intrested with the program I´m dominican I’m studying in the university of loyola full time I need to know when I can apply and some information for get in time this opportunity

    • admin says:

      Dear Patricio, you can apply at any time. As for “information”, the program is described in great detail here. Is there something what you can not find an answer for?

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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