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  On Tuesday, June 9, 2009, the National Association of Postal Supervisors filed a motion in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia for the courts to enforce a prior court order originally issued on February, 17, 1977, that provided NAPS with the legal right to represent supervisors and other managerial employees of the Postal Service.

This action stems from the establishment of the Shared Services Center in Greensboro, North Carolina that consolidated some of the human resources activities of the Postal Service into a single worksite. NAPS members began transferring from the field to this central work location beginning in 2005 as their positions in the field were eliminated and they followed their work to the Greensboro facility.

The Postal Service contends that the individuals at the Shared Service Center are not eligible to be represented by NAPS because the facility reports to Headquarters.

President Ted Keating of NAPS stated that he attempted to resolve this matter through the consultative process but the Postal Service would not concur with our position despite the courtís original decision in 1977 and the fact that other positions that were transferred to headquarters reporting over the years maintained their rights to representation by NAPS.