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Video: Man Goes Medieval On Rat On The Subway

The guy stomped on it while wearing white shoes

This month, we've already seen two prime examples of how NYers react to rats on their subway: with nonchalance, or utter panic. Now rat-video king NYC The Blog is offering a third, much more primitive and cruel response to the mix: stomping on the rat. The video, taken by Vasily Zinchenko, is a vintage one made in 2008 on a D train near Grand Street station in Manhattan (but just uploaded yesterday to YouTube). Zinchenko's friend who was on the train with him, Uladzimir Taukachou, told NYC the Blog: "I saw how rat jumped in the train,. People were seating with their legs on seats. They were afraid that rat could bite them. Kids were so exited. It was fun." But be warned: a man in white shoes goes the ungentlemanly route, and furiously steps on the rat, seemingly killing it. Regardless, this is just further proof that it's the rats' city now, and we're just renting space in it.

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  • ShadowLock
    Props to that guy!

    You all do realize that Rats have something known as Rabies right? they all carry a Plague on them specially NYC rats, the people who are saying shit like Ohh this sickens me and ohh this basterd, you all are idiots, Anything that has a Plague in it should be put down, These Rats arn't doing Anything to help us in fact they are doing WORSE for us. Instead of BSing about this shitty Rat why don't you think about how to Save brooklyn From a Shitload of Snow which our Mayor doesn't give a shit about.
  • robingee
    Why do you capitalized Rat? You hold them in high regard?

    The snow in Bklyn is all cleared BTW. That was a month ago.
  • I refuse to watch this video, and I have flagged it as abusive on YouTube.
    SHAME ON YOU, Gothamist. This is animal abuse.
  • felixthecat
  • dead_himmler
    He is my friend and a hero.
  • hashedz
    Be thankful that in our corner of the universe we are still the rat killers.
  • kazubes
    Sooo its ok for dog owners to sick their pets on rats and have them bite and flail them around for a slow death death...but this is unacceptable. Some of you people need to make up your minds.
  • clafleche
    All these people saying they would never hurt an animal... Are you vegans? Do you wear leather? Do you wear makeup? Do you use any of the other tens of thousands of animal by-products that are out there?

    Do you ever ride the subway, which kills rats all the time on its own?

    Give me a break.
  • robingee
    Give ME a break. Stomping a creature to death with your foot is different than not being a damn vegan. Levels, people. Levels.
  • Reader of Things
    then he stole that bag at the end too
  • Mystery_man
    Who the fuck cares? It's a was botherin ppl.
  • brooklynRick
    I hope at least he made sure it was dead, rather than leaving it suffering with all broken bones and half crushed.
  • TheRealCannibal
    This is disgusting. How can you wear sandals on the subway?
  • dead_himmler
    I'm friends with this guy. He's a rabbi from Yonkers.
  • hb78
    If enough of you flag the video as abusive it will be taken down.
  • luckysod
    So I guess non of the rat lovers above has ever called in pest control or ever would if they had rats in their building/apt? This rat died a quicker and less painful death than any that have been poisoned.
  • robingee
    Let's stomp on you to death and see if it's quick and painless.
  • m015094
    Yeah, if something that weighed 200X as much as I did stomped on me I am pretty sure it would be quick and painless.

    The dude should have used a rat stick:
  • freddynyc
    He did a pretty damn good job there taking the initiative and didn't even get any blood stains on his shoes...
  • robingee
    Stomping a living creature to death is pretty sick, dude. WTF is wrong with you.
  • Spirit of 76
    You're saying you've never stepped on a roach? Would it have been more merciful if the rat had stuck its head into a rattrap and the spring-loaded bar snapped onto its neck? Or maybe stuck in a glue trap, slowly dying of hunger and dehydration?
  • robingee
    Nope, I don't kill rats in any capacity, nor mice. I don't use glue traps or anything. And being an exterminator is not the same as stepping on a live animal to death. And yeah, a rat is not the same as damn bug. Seriously, is that still an argument? "You don't eat meat? Did you ever KILL A FLY you hypocrite?"

    Game, set, DUH.
  • Spirit of 76
    What was your alternative? Wait until it bites somebody, at which point the person would need to get a rabies shot or risk dying himself? Rabies has a 100% fatality rate in humans. Rats are vermin. They spread disease and pestilence and serve no useful purpose except as a food source for small predators. If people like you had had their way back in the middle ages, bubonic plague would have wiped out a lot more than "only" 100 million people.
  • robingee
    Yeah you're right... when you see a rat or mouse you've no choice but to stomp it to death like some kind of monster. Also you should kick the shit out of pigeons whenever you see them. Because this is like the middle ages.
  • Spirit of 76
    Did you bother reading? Rabies is almost invariably fatal to humans and there's no test that will show whether you're infected or not. The only treatment is a post-exposure vaccine that will cost several thousand dollars. If some poor kid on the subway was bitten, would you tell them, "Hey, too bad for you. But I just couldn't hurt the rat"? Here's a little something you don't know: pigeons don't transmit rabies.
  • robingee
    There are like 3 cases of rabies in America every year.

    And if you want to stomp on a rat, mazel tov. You have my blessing. And be sure to kick a squirrel next time you're in the park. Cuz you never know.
  • Spirit of 76
    You already lost your argument by reducing it every time to an absurd statement that I should kick a pigeon, a squirrel or some other creature that's not a public health hazard. All animals are the same to you. Tell you what. If you see a rat on the subway, go ahead and save him from a good stomping by picking him up and holding him close. And if it bites you, don't bother with the rabies vaccine because there are only about three cases per year. Yeah, I didn't think so.

    FYI, you have no idea what you're talking about, yet again. There are a couple of deaths in the US due to rabies every year. That means people who were exposed but didn't get the vaccine. You have no idea how many people were saved by post-exposure vaccination because again, there's no accurate test for rabies in live humans. The only sure way to know if you were ever infected is to display the symptoms, at which point, it's too late for the vaccine. It'd be time to say your goodbyes. Stick to playing with animals because you'd make a lousy M.D.
  • robingee
    I lost my argument? I don't think people should stomp on live rats, and neither do most of the people here. I can't believe you are putting so much effort into arguing FOR stomping on live rats. If you want to stomp on them go ahead, but I (and many others) think it's cruel.

    Jesus. Whatever.

    p.s. From "Rabies from rats is very rare and has never been documented in the United States"
  • henrybear
    game, set, MATCH
  • Kreo
    That Russian pig fat eater is very insecure, plus he is mad that Medicaid refused coverage for his erectile problems. Poor rat happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time.
  • Unleash some cats into the subway system!
  • 3_yarrow
    "where are you, long-eared owl?"
  • Spirit of 76
    When did we become such a town of wusses? Grown men standing on seats and sitting on top of seatbacks? Maybe Zinchenko, the cameraman, would have been less squeamish about stomping on it if he hadn't been wearing sandals. In March. I'm no Rambo, but I wouldn't be acting like that. Trying to climb out of reach is not the solution, especially where a rat is concerned. Does anyone really think a rat wouldn't be able to climb up to a seat?
  • henrybear
    I think you'd be surprised at the capabilities of NYC rodents, they've got "mad ups".
  • Rocknrope
    I thought "crush videos" were illegal? I'm no fan of rats, but this is inhumane and disgusting, and re-posting it is in poor taste.

    Just because someone uploaded it doesn't mean you have to promote it.
  • handsomedevil
    but what about the PAGE CLICKZ FUCKA
  • tacotownyo
    Can't even watch the video, already disgusted, even if it is a rat I can't imagine actually harming or killing an animal, especially so brutally, unless it's actually attacking me, which it doesn't sound like that was the case here.
  • nvk
    How do you feel about waterbugs?

    Note to people: This is why you don't toss your shit just anywhere. Vermin thank you every time you litter.
  • ktinnyc
    If you saw how crazy that rat was going by being trapped in the subway car you'd probably be glad someone killed it.

    How else would you want someone to kill the rat? Lethal injection? I bet you're one of the people that want the cops to shoot criminals in the leg
  • tacotownyo
    I wouldn't want anyone to kill it. I'm not afraid of them. If I'm not going after it, trying to grab it or acting stupid I know it's not going to bite me. And yeah, if some criminal is for example stealing something I don't think it's right for police to shoot to kill unless they are posing a serious threat to another person's life. Something like stolen property is not worth taking someone's life and if you think it is than you are a sick individual who has a serious imbalance of values.
  • ktinnyc
    Police that shoot people who aren't posing a threat to the police or others are generally prosecuted, rightly so.
  • tacotownyo
    uuuh, WHAT city do you live in where that happens?
  • ktinnyc
    Please cite example of cops shooting people for stealing in New York City.
  • tacotownyo
    "Police that shoot people who aren't posing a threat to the police or others are generally prosecuted, rightly so." My last comment wasn't referring to thieves specifically, I'm asking about police being prosecuted when they shoot people who are posing no threat to other or police. That seems to happen pretty often without any charges being placed on police.
  • tacotownyo
    Anyway, that has nothing to do with animal cruelty and stomping an animal to death.
  • 3_yarrow
    i'm still waiting on drivers vs bikers on this page.
  • handsomedevil
    Rat = 28-year-old delivery guy
    Stomping Guy = Clark Gettinger
    Guy Filming It = Security Cam Footage
    subway car = bike lane
    tacotownyo = fronko
  • 3_yarrow
    how the hell did we get into this discussion? ahh... the old sneaking-in-my-personal-agenda-anywhere scheme, speaking of which -- long live long-eared owls! *shrug*
  • tacotownyo
    yeah, that's why I'm giving it up. I don't know why they even brought up shooting people.
  • 3_yarrow
    yeah, your example of cops unnecessarily shooting people was good just like the fact that people shouldn't neglect that long-eared owls are sooooo cute!
  • tacotownyo
    They are, much cuter than gross jerks stomping rats to death. Everyone in the house squealed in glee last night at those owl pictures.
  • 3_yarrow
    note to self: your SM is broken and may be beyond repair.

    shit, BRB!
  • Gothamist_Cynic
    How about waiting for a subway stop and chasing the rat out the door?
  • just saying
    Better yet, how about not eating and throwing leftover food, wrappers, bottles, etc. on the floor of the train? Not only is the NYC subway disgusting but rats are attracted by all the garbage.

    Incidentally, it's illegal to eat or drink on the Wash. DC metro and this law is strictly enforced. If caught, you can get a stiff fine.
  • tacotownyo
    I like this idea. Less trash and also we'd never have to watch some drunk dude practically having oral sex with his ice cream ever again and won't have to call out dudes who just drop their trash on the floor in the train.
  • tacotownyo
    Or waiting for the next subway stop and changing cars and letting one of the conductors know that there is a rat in the car.
  • ktinnyc
    At the 1 minute mark the doors do open and the rat seems too panicked to run out the doors.
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