Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference

Where do we come from? Why are we here? What’s our basis for hope? Our greatest problem? The solution? Where are we headed?

These are the basic questions of worldview. Through the answers we give them we orient ourselves in the world; and there are a host of ways to answer them. This Ten Turning Points series offers a biblically  informed set of answers—answers that make all the difference in how we understand and navigate our way through reality.

This series is being written for a “next-level discipleship class” at my church. For that reason my approach is to assume that readers, like my class members, have some basic knowledge of Christian teaching on these topics. My purpose with this series is to raise new questions and topics for discussion, to help readers and class members think about these things in new and deeper ways, always affirming and building upon basic biblical truths, of course.

The question we’re answering is, given that we know these things, what difference do they make in our world? Often it’s more than we’ve realized.

Titles without links are yet to come.

1. The Creation

A. Creation Out of Nothing
B. The Glory!

2. Created in God’s Image

A. Working and Creating
B. The Image of God Under Attack

3. What’s Our Problem?

A. Illusion or Reality?
B. To Explain the Human Condition (The Fall)

4. The Calling of God’s People

A. The Calling of God’s People
B. The Progress of God’s People
C. Blessings Through God’s People

5. God’s Ongoing Revelation

A. God’s General Revelation (Link will be active 6:00 am February 13)
B. God’s Special Revelation (February 14)
C. Progressive Revelation (February 15)
D. What’s So Special About Special Revelation? (February 16)

6. The Incarnation of Christ
7. The Crucifixion of Christ
8. The Resurrection of Christ
9. The Coming of the Holy Spirit
10. The Promised Return of Christ