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Upgrade to Pro

Now you can extend the translator features up to the Pro Version. This will enable quick access to Wikipedia definitions and the opportunity to install free XDXF dictionaries. Moreover, by purchasing the license you assist in the project development.

To extend the translator features up to the Pro Version you need to buy the license key and then select "Upgrade to Pro" in the program menu and insert the License Key.

Learning foreign words

Learner - is a desktop gadget for effective learning foreign words and phrases. With Learner you can improve your memory skills and improve foreign vocabulary at the same time.

Supports Wikipedia

Client for Google Translate Pro enables you to obtain various terms and other useful information from Wikipedia as quickly and easily as the text translation. You simply need to select the term and click on the W icon. A Wikipedia extract will open in a pop-up window under the cursor!

Supports free XDXF dictionaries

XDXF (XML Dictionary eXchange Format) – a project comprising all of the existing open dictionaries.

With the dictionaries installed you can not only obtain the full-text translation, but also dictionary definitions of the selected text (even if there is no internet connection). The translator supports transcription if there is one in the dictionary base. The maximum number of installed dictionaries is not specified.

You can download dictionaries from the XDXF project website.

Download the dictionary, decompress the .xdxf file. Then select ‘Install Dictionary’ from the program menu.

Select your .xdxf file at the opening dialogue and click on the ‘Install Dictionary’ key to launch the installation. The installation can take several minutes depending on the dictionary size and the computer capacity.

Buy a License Key

You can pay through the secure service RegNow accepts credit and debit cards, PayPal and WebMoney transfers, bank transfers and offers other payment methods.

You receive the License Key by e-mail as soon as the payment has been made.

Buy now Client for Google Translate Pro for only $24.95 and get an Fireflies Screensaver as a gift!

How to get a key for free?

You can get a license key absolutely for free - just place our special link on your blog or website and if any user comes to our website via your link and buys the key, we will send an additional license key to your email address!

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