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May 8 , 2009

Thank you for contacting the NAPUS Hotline.  This is Executive Director Ken Engstrom at the NAPUS national office in Alexandria, Virginia on Friday May 8, 2009.

Need to Know:  The Postal Service notified the NAPUS office that it would be expanding the benefits of the Prescription Drug Card.  This is a workers’ compensation benefit program for injured employees.  It is run out of the First Script Network Services, which can be reached for information by calling (1-888-297-0822).

President Dale Goff; Secretary/Treasurer Wayne Orshak; and Executive Director Ken Engstrom will meet with the Postal Service for the quarterly consultative meeting at the NAPUS Headquarters office next Thursday May 14, 2009.  Information will be forthcoming next week and posted on the NAPUS web page. 

Notice:  Reminder for ALL Postmasters to prepare your lobby for the May 11, 2009 rate change. 

Need to Know:  The Postal Service filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission for a Summer Sale.  The Sale will provide a 30 percent reduction in postage for qualifying Standard Mail customers mailing letters and flats.  The Summer Sale will run from July 1 through September 30, 2009.

Positive Note:  NAPUS President Dale Goff and the Postal Service recognized NAPUS Postmaster Beverly Windbigler of Blocksburg, CA. 95514 for her actions of “Heroism” in helping a fellow patron of her local community.  A young teenager crashed his motorcycle into a tree across the street from the Blocksburg Post Office badly injuring his head and body.  After calling 911, Beverly stayed with and helped the young man until the emergency fire team arrived.  Thank you, Beverly. Your dedication to your community as Postmaster is commendable.

As always, I am here to help you.

Ken Engstrom
Executive Director