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Why Innovadex?
Innovadex connects you to industry professionals from around the world...

Innovadex provides unparalleled access to industry professionals searching for new raw materials, ingredients, formulations, technical articles and more.

The Innovadex Cybrary is the first place your customers and target accounts turn at the start of the development process.


Our explosive growth means more opportunities for your marketing and sales teams. This growth reflects the global trend of professionals looking online for technical product information. Innovadex makes it possible for companies large and small to connect with research and development efforts taking place far beyond the reach of traditional marketing channels.

Better Audience

A global Member community of validated decision makers

Innovadex Members are a select group of professionals, validated by our team to ensure that every sales opportunity you receive is relevant to your industry and carries true potential for your business.

The quality of our Members and our detail-focused model ensures that your Innovadex media spend will drive high-quality sales opportunities.

Our 100,000+ pre-screened users work in multiple industries across the globe:

• Adhesives & Sealants
• Food & Beverage
• Household Institutional & Industrial Cleaners
• Lubricant & Metalworking Fluids
• Paint & Coatings
• Personal Care & Cosmetics
• Plastics & Elastomers
• Graphic Arts & Inks

Better Reporting

Merge with your customers workspace

Innovadex connects you to sales opportunities as they happen. We instantly send contact details to you when your most important strategic customers and prospects demonstrate an interest in your products and need help.

Our year over year growth means that more of your customers and prospects are using Chemidex to find products just like the ones you sell.

Be there for your customers exactly when they need you. Belonging to Innovadex means having tools to uncover new sales opportunities before your competitors do.

Better Delivery

When it comes to selling, timing is everything...

If you want to close new customers, you must provide them what they need at the moment they need it.

Sales Sonar® is a revolutionary reporting tool that automatically sends sales opportunities directly to your sales channel at the moment customers need your products. Sales Sonar enables your sales team to identify and engage new opportunities when your product and company are top of mind. Learn more...