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The Honors College Faculty

The Honors College Faculty
The Honors College faculty brings together an energetic group of respected scholars, theorists, writers, and artists, who balance active research with an unflagging commitment to excellence in teaching and advising.  The college regularly recruits distinguished visiting scholars from a range of disciplines.

The college draws its faculty from Al-Quds University, from Palestinians returning from abroad, as well as from international faculty, including professors from Bard College.

A list of current faculty can be found below.
  • Tala Abu Rahme View >>
  • Peggy Ahwesh View >>
  • Valentina Azarov View >>
  • Dr. Anthony David View >>
  • Thomas Fernley-Pearson View >>
  • Rebecca Granato View >>
  • Alice Gray View >>
  • Dr. Riyam Kafri View >>
  • Dr. Ayman Khalifah View >>
  • Daniel McKenzie View >>
  • David Moser View >>
  • Dr. Alessandro Petti View >>
  • Dr. Nouar Qutob View >>
  • Dr. Michelle Sipe View >>
  • Dr.Robert Hardwick Weston View >>