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Foxit Reader

Printing issues

Does one of the following phenomena happen to you?

Most frequently asked feature requests. All the following features have already been in our developer's to-do list.

  • 1. Send to (mail this file)
  • 2. Multi-tab and One instance
  • 3. Plug-in for firefox and Opera
  • 4. Digital Signature
  • 5. Remember the print setting
  • 6. Bookmark adding
  • 7. Add 'cm' to print preview
  • 8. Display the first page (Cover) separately when in facing mode
  • 9. Ctrl-mouse scroll to zoom in/out
  • 10. Selection Tool: "shift" key to select the area where mouse curse goes
  • 11. Copy-A shortcut to select all
  • 12. Create fill-able forms
  • 13. Thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer after setting Foxit Reader as default
  • 14. Plug-in for instant translation tool, such as Kingsoft for Chinese users
  • 15. ActiveX for displaying embedded PDF files
  • 16. List of searching results
  • 17. Adding password to a file
  • 18. Right-click the file to print in the Windows Explore
  • 19. Make the toolbar usable when using the Find tool
  • 20. ctrl+ mouse scroll to zoom in/out
  • 21. Print selected pages, e.g. print 2, 3, 5, 7, 9-11 etc...
  • 22. add more than 4 documents in "last open" list
  • 23. Print selected area: use Snapshot tool to select an area and right-click to print this area
  • 24. Automatically select paper size when printing
  • 25. List colors on the toolbar when highlighting

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