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The IFLA 2010 Experience

Follow the Conference as it Happens!

IFLA 2010 goes interactive

This year IFLA will be using social media to bring out the best of the IFLA experience. On this website you will find all the news and stay updated on the conference programme.

This website will support content that is generated by IFLA reporters, conference speakers, and you! Visit the website, hear opinions, enjoy the pictures and videos, browse the blogs and tweets, and be part of the IFLA network.

So connect your laptop to the free Wi-Fi network and visit this website regularly to keep updated on all the conference news as it happens.

You didn’t bring a laptop? Don’t worry. In the conference centre you will find dedicated areas with computers free to use.

Isn’t this fantastic? Of course the New Professionals will join this great effort to better spread the word. And who wouldn’t wear the newly invented official IFLA Blogger ribbon?

And remeber this years offical IFLA Twitter hashtag:  #ifla2010

Navigating “The Global Librarian”

Navigating to our satellite meeting “The Global Librarian” at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science in Borås, Sweden, on 9 August 2010 isn’t hard at all.

If your arrive by bike, just follow the road to the Swedish School of Library and Information Science of Boras (Högskolan I Boras).

Map of Boras, Sweden

Map of Boras, Sweden

Swedish School of Library and Information Science

Swedish School of Library and Information Science

If your arrive by plane, the info from the Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport and the prices for the transport might interest you. Public transport via bus and taxi is also aviable.

  • Bus: Airport buses serve Gothenburg and Borås. At peak hours they depart every 15 minutes. Timetables are available at Luftfarsverket Information at the airport. Public buses also run from the airport; bus 615 runs to Landvetter via Härryda Church, while bus 616 goes to Rävlanda via Hällingsjö and Landvetter.
  • Taxi: Taxis are available from a number of companies, including Lerums Taxi (tel: (302) 14600), Taxi Göteborg (tel: (031) 650 000), Taxi Kurir (tel: (031) 272 727) and Taxigruppen (tel: (031) 441 441). Taxi companies often have a fixed rate fare to Gothenburg city and other destinations from the airport.

Additionaly, a more detailed map of Boras is available for download, too.

BOBCATSSS 2010 reports

In the current issue of the “New Library world” two articles are reporting from the BOBCATSSS symposium this year. The NPSIG Workshop is mentioned in both.

Sara P. Robinson and Catherine Westwood “Symposium report: BOBCATSSS 2010” (New Library World, volume 111, issue 7/8):

At the IFLA workshop, “Bridging the gap-involving new professional in the international development of our profession in the digital world,” participants were provided with information and IFLA’s mission statement, which lead to a brainstorming session about the support and recruitment of new professionals at a national and international level. The results of these discussions were fed into the panel discussion the following day, which featured presentations focusing on the LIS teaching and career opportunities for new information professionals.

They also mention the bicycle rental at the symposium, a theme that grows stronger in the library community.

In an effort to promote a “green” BOBCATSSS, bicycles were provided for free hire from the symposium venues; these proved to be very popular with symposium participants.

In the other article from Elena Corradini, “BOBCATSSS 2010 in Parma, Italy – Bridging the digital divide: libraries providing access for all?” (New Library World, volume 111, issue 7/8), the NPSIG workshop is mentioned as well:

“Bridging the gap: involving new professionals in the international development of our profession in the digital world”, initially prepared by Almuth Gastinger (Norway) and Sebastian Wilke (Germany), then co-presented by Ellen Tise, the IFLA President.

Join the NPSIG blogging team in Gothenburg and make IFLA 2010 accessible online for every New Professional!

Just like Stuart described it in This Week in Libraries, IFLA 2010 in Gothenburg in nearly two weeks will be THE next big thing to come for librarians from all over the world. On the other hand, we know from many New Professionals out there who unfortunately won’t be aible to attend the IFLA Congress this year due to time and financial reasons, but who would really like to know what is going on in Sweden. Therefore we are planning to cover as much as possible of the whole conference via this blog and thus making IFLA 2010 accessible online for everyone. The idea is to build a blogging team consisting of New Professionals who could write about anything on-site: travel to the conference venue, single sessions and other events visited, library visits, thoughts in general, social events, sightseeing etc.

So far we are around five people to report live from Sweden.  In order to achieve a good news coverage it would be fantastic to extend our team.  So if you are going to attend the IFLA Congress and would like to help us, feel invited to join the NPSIG blogging team! Just let me know about the email address you used to get your wordpress account and I will add it to this blog.

Don’t hesitate to get involved – even a single post about one of the sessions in Gothenburg will help refining the big IFLA picture! In the end, I think it will be lots of fun for us as well as for the people not attending to see all our blog posts giving the conference a shape online.

Watch Stuart Hamilton at This Week in Libraries

In the latest episode of This Week in Libraries the Shanachies Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap Van De Geer (keynote speakers at The Global Librarian) are being visited by Stuart Hamilton (Senior Policy Advisor at IFLA Headquarters). Sit back and enjoy almost 50 min of conversation about IFLA’s global work and the upcoming Congress in Gothenburg!

LIBREAS podcast about IFLA, the NPSIG and conferences in general

This goes to all the German speaking NPs out there: If you want to know more about IFLA, you are interested in the NPSIG and need more background, or you are still wondering why conferences are a must-have as a New Professional, then have a look at this podcast and some additional remarks in my personal blog. The interview which was held in German language is about IFLA, the activities of the NPSIG in particular, and conferences in general. Enjoy!

Enhancing higher education students’ employability and career management

In the latest issue of the Library Review, Anne Davey and Louise Kim Tucker from the Bournemouth University, Poole, UK, discuss the Bournemouth University Library’s approach to enhance students’ employability and how to encourage their career management (Enhancing higher education students’ employability and career management: A library service approach).

A recommended reading for the eager NP.

The bicycling Librarians

The summer is hot and the New Professionals (NPs) are zealous. After discussing even hotter topics of their profession at the NPSIG satellite conference The Global Librarian in Borås a whole bunch of these strong and spry NPs are going to bicycle all the way to Gothenburg to the IFLA main conference. This commendable effort is coordinated via a facebook page. If you feel up to it, don’t hesitate to join the group of crazy Finns around Mace Ojala and enjoy the beautiful Swedish countryside along the road.  It’s also nice to see the NPs taking responsibility for our precious environment and turning the IFLA conference a little green, like our sister Special Interest Group for Environmental Sustainability and Libraries with their session on Saturday, Greening the Library in a sustainable way. Definitely another hot topic for NPs, I think.

NPSIG – THE place for New Professionals, now more than ever!

The story of the New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) begins at the IFLA Congress 2004 in Buenos Aires. Since back then the NPSIG has presented programmes at every IFLA Congress dealing with the hottest topics and helping new librarians to network and to get started in the international library community. Up to now, the NPSIG already consists of a quite interesting bunch of people within IFLA.

But the story gets even more exciting when we come to know that the new Convenor of the group nominated in 2010, Sebastian Wilke, is a LIS student for the first time. In this context, a question arose: What should the NPSIG really be looking for now?

Based on the outcomes of a workshop held during BOBCATSSS 2010 as well as an IT brainstorming meeting at IFLA Headquarters in February, a new mission statement was framed. The three major goals of the NPSIG are:

  • to provide a forum within IFLA for the discussion of relevant issues related to New Professionals,
  • to recruit and actively involve New Professionals in the IFLA network, and
  • to connect New Professionals worldwide and to whet their appetite for conferences and networking.

If we think about an overall slogan for it we could say: The NPSIG is looking for a new and younger generation of New Professionals to get more involved in the IFLA community. It aims to encourage the New Professionals out there to set new bold agendas and to provoke thinking about how librarians can develop the expertise to ensure that they continue to play an effective and visible role in the social and economic development of our society.

The NPSIG works like a huge open community, so everybody who wants to can actively take part and get involved. The beauty of it is that its structure allows for new professionals to collaborate and grow together in areas such as leadership, and then continue working with IFLA as members of committees and other capacities, obtaining the enrichment and excitement of a multicultural perspective on libraries and new professionals. By participating in a forum under the IFLA umbrella they can share information about resources, experiences and ideas with the benefits of collective intelligence.

We invite you to take part in this beautiful experience! Having an international education or an international career is the best ingredient to make a good cake. Everybody in the group contributes to the benefit of the group and one success is the success of all. An important skill you will be acquiring is team building. The schools of Librarianship seem to be expected to standardise the content of their courses and don’t have enough space to develop practical competencies or students’ critical and analytical skills. This is your opportunity to get into the profession and pull your sleeves up!

Want know more about the NSPIG? Then check our website or read the latest story on our blog!

Federica Marangio (Advocacy Support Officer, IFLA Headquarters)
Sebastian Wilke (Convenor, New Professionals Special Interest Group)

(This text is going to be published in the July issue of the SET Bulletin.)

The Global Librarian – Programme available!

The Global Librarian

presented by

IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group

and IFLA Management of Library Associations Section

with support from the School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås

Registration has opened for this satellite conference being held in the lively city of Boras.  The conference venue will be the University of Boras which is conveniently located one hour by train from the WLIC venue, Gothenburg. The satellite conference will start at 8:30 a.m. with registration, and will end at 4:30 p.m. with a networking session.

New librarians are positioning themselves as library leaders in academia, libraries, and professional associations. This event aims to address key themes and leading trends to provide library services while changing attitudes and expectations on the way. The conference organising committee wishes to showcase examples of best practice in how to develop new leaders, services, and inclusion of new professionals in decision-making processes through both research based scholarly presentations and experiential and practical stories of successes and lessons learned.


August 9, 2010

8:30-9:30 Registration and coffee

9:30-11:00 Welcome

Opening Keynote by The Shanachies.

11:00-12:00 First round of presentations:

a. Innovation right from the start: Library School model in the Netherlands

  • Rob Bruijnzeels, Dutch Public Library Association/VOB
  • Dr. Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, CELSTEC, Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies Open University (of the Netherlands)
  • Dr. Steven Verjans, CELSTEC/Open University of the Netherlands

b. You are the future: Library associations and new librarians

  • Dr. Petra Hauke, Berlin School of Library and Information Science

  • Michaela Jobb, Hertie School of Governance

c. Do the cross-over: new librarian’s views from three countries: Barbados, Romania and Eatern Europe

  • Jessica C. Lewis, The University of the West Indies

  • Meaghan O’Connor, Program Coordinator for IREX Global Libraries

12:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30-2:30 Second round of presentations

a. Catch me if you can: the challenges of becoming a truly mobile, real-time librarian

  • Dierk Eichel, Student at the Department of Information Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam
  • Diana Müller, University Library Marburg

b. Sparking the career boost: how to internationalize your career

  • Robin Kear, University of Pittsburgh
  • Hella Klauser, Network Expertise for Libraries International Cooperation

2:30-3:30 Third round of presentations

a. Extremely globalized and incredibly connected: how new librarian’s communities stay organized in today’s world

  • Corinna Sepke and Miriam Hoelscher,Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart
  • Jenny Emanuel, University of Illinois

b. Lessons learned: practical tips for new librarians worldwide

  • Veronica L. C. Stevenson-Moudamane, California

3:30 Closing Keynote by Pernille Drost, President of the Danish Union of Librarians

How library associations and library decision makers could work things out to retain, meet expectations and needs, and involve new members in their work.

4:15 Networking drinks

Conference Convenors:

Loida Garcia-Febo and Tania Barry

For further information about “The Global Librarian” please visit the official conference website.