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Realtime >> Friday May 30, 2008

Supinya and Goliath

Amid the rumours of yet another coup and the fermenting cesspool of a new political mess, a Thai movie has come out that will hopefully remind us that we have just left the previous mess behind.

The Truth Be Told, a documentary by Pimpaka Towira, is showing exclusively at SF World Cinema at CentralWorld. There is one screening every day at 7pm. The film has English subtitles and tickets can be purchased at the box office.

Despite the political nature of the documentary, Pimpaka insists that The Truth Be Told is in fact a family drama. The movie centres on Supinya Klangnarong, the media activist who was sued by Shin Corp, then still owned by the family of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, for her comments regarding the PM's conflict of interests.

The film follows Supinya and her family through their two-year battle, which came to be seen as symbolic resistance against the powerful government of the Thai Rak Thai. As the anti-Thaksin wave gathered force in 2006, the movie becomes a record of our recent political history as it captures the massive PAD-led demonstrations against the PM and eventually the September 19 coup d'etat.

The Truth Be Told is part of the Directors' Screen Project organised by SF Cinema City and Extra Virgin, an independent distribution company. Initially, there was concern that the movie wouldn't pass the censors - not because it contains any sensitive images but because of the political nature of the subject itself. But the version showing at SF is uncut and uncensored.

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