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FetLife ASL Search 1.1

By -Alex- Last update Jan 22, 2014 — Installed 1,338 times.

Script Summary: Allows you to search for FetLife profiles based on age, gender, location, and role.

Version: 1.1

Before Install

You must have Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome) to install this script.

The Rundown

This is an edit on this script. This edit allows for searching with the "female" and "femme" parameters, as well as some edits that makes the script less clunky, removes unnecessary code, whitespace, unnecessary features, and grammar fixes.

The original developer of the script had a very "Fuck you" attitude about using the tool to search for women. I clearly don't share his views and mentality. I understand it could be abused, but thinking only straight men can abuse it is pretty sexist if you ask me. I think we should either make a search tool for all, or just not make one.

I'm also assuming that it's original creator isn't working on it anymore, so I just called it "1.0". If the original creator turns out to still be active, I'll just rename it "Alex's version" or something.

You can take this script and do as you wish with it, including make your own edits. Just don't edit in anything malicious or try to profit off of it and I think we'll all be fine. You'll see below that it's under a quite open Creative Commons license :)

Let me know if there are any problems. I'm not sure if the original developer is around anymore, after all.


  • Script now supports all possible gender selections.
  • Optimization - Removed all "FAADE" related coding. This appeared to be part of a reporting feature, however I doubt it was really being used and it added a lot of code and reported to external sources to get information. At best it made things slower, and at worst it could be a security vulnerability. Hence, it's now removed.
  • No boxes are checked by default.
  • Optimization - Removed all in-code developer notes (useless to normal users).
  • Optimization - Removed almost all unnecessary whitespace and compressed the code as far as possible while maintaining readability.
  • Default minimum results per search is now 15.
  • Default max-age is now 99.
  • Several grammatical improvements.


1. No results ever appear! - Make sure you filled out all the required fields. I've started a search forgetting to select a gender quite a few times in the past.

2. The dots generated when searching just keep going on forever! - It's probably unable to find any more results and now it just keeps going. This will happen especially if you live in an area without many Fetlife users.

3. It's slow! - Try a smaller area for searching. If you, for example, try to search the entire United States, it'll be sluggish. If you're in the USA I suggest searching by state. If you're in any other country it should work fine because there should be less users.


If you can't get me here, you can try my FetLife account. If I'm not there either, well, sometimes I disable my account. That means I've dropped myself out of the loop for my own reasons and you should try again later :)

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.