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Consent Culture Warrior | Intersectional Activist | Manic Pixie

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After raising $1000 I will create an ebook out of content from my blog, Purrversatility, which has been around for 6 years. All patrons will get a copy as thanks for helping me make this goal!


I'm an adorable glittery tornado of personal growth & accountability who writes stuff. People tend to like it. 


Santa Clara, CA, USA

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I've been a freelance writer about sexuality, current events, cultural critique, feminism, and intersectionality for years now. I've been published in multiple books ("Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion" and "Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks: Professionals & Their Clients Writing about Each Other", this year) , along with writing pieces for Slixa and academic books coming out next year about consent culture, queerness, and sex work. I maintain two blogs, a personal one and one about critiquing rape/entitlement culture, all while also doing freelance social media. I also speak when I can at various conferences, often focusing on creating a consent culture within alternative communities.

Over the last year, though, I've found it difficult to focus on my writing when I've been hustling nonstop to pay the rent and eat meals. Writing is my passion, and it's something I really want to spend more time and energy on. Many platforms at my disposal won't pay for my writing at all (they pay in "exposure"), or I'm somewhat limited in what I can discuss/critique because of the focus of the platform. I want to spread my wings... and I want to work on a book.

I've put off work on my first book for almost a year now. I have a vague outline for a Consent Culture book, along with a zine, that will allow me to signal boost multiple voices within alternative communities discussing consent- what it means to them, how they interact with it, how they help cultivate it within their communities. I've already spoken to a couple of publishers about what they need from me, and really, it will just take some help from the community to have the time to focus on it rather than on multiple new social media gigs.

I figure by going directly to my community and asking for their help in supporting this process, I can get to work on stuff that actually matters to those who read my blog, follow my social media accounts and know me personally. 

So here's how this works- you set a tip amount for whenever I release a new article. You can decide how much you're willing to spend per month, and can even set a limit so you can create a budget (in case I write more than expected). My definition for this is a piece that's 750+ words- it might be work on my book (which I'll keep you updated on), a piece for one of the blogs I run, or another forum. Content will cover topics relating to intersectional feminism, sex work, mental health, consent culture, and current events- sometimes framed as a critique, sometimes more personal.
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