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becca782 41F
Corpus Christi, Texas
written about 1 month ago:

Greetings and Salutations tyoothbe,

Heard a rumor that our lil online kink community just got bigger, and it's true because here you are!. Let me be the first to introduce myself. My name is becca, and I am one of FetLife's official Greeters. We are here, to not only personally welcome you to the FetLife family, but to show you around, and answer any questions you might have.

The first thing that people usually do is work on their profile. If you click on your name in the top right corner, you will see all the links you need to make your profile kinkalicious, links to upload your pictures, your videos, edit your profile etc.

Clicking on Update Settings lets you do things like change your nickname, change your email address, change your password, and set what kinds of emails you receive from FetLife and how often you will receive them. That will become important when managing your Groups.

There are thousands of groups to choose from. Some good ones to get to know are:

For those who have been doing this a while, you might not be interested, but for new people just exploring the kink world, we have:

But since those aren’t official FetLife Groups.. I’m really not supposed to tell you about them right off the bat. So shhhhhh….

You can search for groups by name/keyword, or by one of my favorite ways to find groups, which is to click on someone's profile and see what groups they belong to. By doing so, I have found groups I never would have known existed.

After joining a group, a good piece of advice is to check out that group’s Sticky Posts. If the group has them, they will be highlighted in red at the top of the discussion lists. They are not only are full of cool general information, but many groups may have specific rules and guidelines they want you to follow when posting and or responding.

You can search for friends, by searching for their nickname, or by browsing place/location. Clicking on the Places tab, or your location, listed by your name, will show you not only your kinky neighbors, but any groups, events, or organizations in your area.

You can also find and meet like minded people by clicking on the members list of any group, or by searching Fetishes.

There is sooo much more, but I feel that as soon as you start playing around on here for a while, it will all become second-nature. If you do have any questions, feel free to contact me, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are still having problems or need account help, our wonderful group of Caretakers are here for you. Please feel free to contact them using the email address you signed up with, so they will know who you are.

  • FetLife is a living, breathing thing. It is always changing, evolving, trying new things. Some things stay, some things don’t. You can now chat directly to people on your friends list via Kinky Chat, and if you haven’t noticed, the whole site is ENCRYPTED FOR YOUR PRIVACY AND SAFETY. What other site does that?.

So one thing is for sure, things never get boring : )
If you are the that was so 12 seconds ago type of just plain geeky, be the first to know what is going by keeping an eye on the changelog.(one of my favorite little secrets! Lol)
Again, welcome to the FetLife family. I hope you quickly start feeling right at home.

Want to know what makes this site different? We don’t end our welcome messages with “DO NOT REPLY”.


I ♥ FetLife

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