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These VHS videos are grouped in two categories for your convenience: Conversions and General Interest EV Topics. Titles marked with * were taped live from lectures presented at the Solar & Electric Vehicle Symposia sponsored annually by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. Illustrative footage has been added.

Conversions Videos

Electric Vehicles: Fact, Fiction, & Fantasy

(60 min.)
Here is an introduction to electric cars that answers the questions everyone asks: how far do they go, how fast do they go, how much does it cost to run one, how many batteries do they use, and how do they work? It also dispels common myths about pollution and practicality. In a seminar given to the Automotive Service Councils of California, Mike Brown of Electro Automotive provides the answers from his years of professional electric car experience, in language a non-mechanic can understand. (See our Package Deal for this video plus the next two.)


Electric Vehicle Components Primer

(90 min.)
Electric cars are simple, but choices of components can be confusing. Conversion authority Mike Brown of Electro Automotive sorts out the pros and cons of the types of components available for conversions. (See our Package Deal for this video plus the previous video and the next video.)


Convert It

(90 min.)
This is the video companion to the highly-acclaimed Convert It book. The book has guided thousands of do-it-yourselfers through the electric conversion process, and was chosen by the Department of Energy to be issued to high schools in the Mid Atlantic Electric Vehicle Challenge. Now this valuable guide is available on video. Conversion authority Mike Brown of Electro Automotive leads you through the conversion process, from choosing a chassis and stripping it, to maintenance and driving. This is the video that tells you how to do it. (See our Package Deal for this video plus the previous two, or this video plus the Convert It book.)


Voltsrabbit Components Packaging Tour

(30 min.)
A complete video tour of a Voltsrabbit (front to rear, top to bottom, outside and inside) showing where all the components were mounted, and explaining why. It's a good way to check out the Voltsrabbit before buying the kit, or to get ideas for component layout in other conversions.


Porsche 914 Components Packaging Tour

(30 min.)
This video tour shows how Ron Rasmussen converted his Porsche using an Electro Automotive Deluxe Kit. Mike Brown (Electro Automotive) discusses with Ron where all the components were placed. This car is the inspiration for the Voltsporsche Kit.


Installing the Adaptor, Clutch, & Flywheel

(60 min.)
The adaptor is at the heart of the EV conversion. If installed properly, it will give years of service. If done poorly, it will lead to grief on the road. Mike Brown, of Electro Automotive, demonstrates the step-by-step installation of the adaptor to the electric motor, followed by the installation of the clutch and flywheel. Both VW Rabbit and conventional clutches are demonstrated. Mike also discusses determining torque settings, and the proper hub type.


General Interest EV Topics

Women In Electric Vehicles

(120 min.)
Interviews with women in the electric vehicle field, illustrated with footage of them and their cars in action. Includes women who design and build components and cars; run electric car businesses, races, rallies, and clubs; compete in races; work for utilities; hold government positions; and many more. Learn why they are excited about EVs, in their own words.


Bringing The Electric Car To Market *

(60 min.)
Dr. Robert C. Stempel (former President and CEO of General Motors Corp.) discusses the steps in bringing electric cars into production. Includes footage of the GM Impact (prototype for the EV1), the HX3 Hybrid Van, and the Sunraycer.


Design For The Ultimate Car *

(90 min.)
James Worden (Solectria), Dr. Michael Seal (Vehicle Research Institute), and Dr. Robert Wills (American Tour de Sol co-director) discuss design considerations from their own experiences. Includes footage of unusual vehicles.


Package Deals

Book & Video Set

The detailed information of the book teamed with the graphic illustration of the video.


Three Video Set

The three stages of conversion: introduction to EVs, choosing components, and building the car.


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