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two-bagger fugly ugly
1. two-bagger
38 up, 2 down

A chick that is so ugly that you not only have to put a bag over her head before you fuck her, you put a bag over your own head as insurance in case her bag comes off.

It was "ugly lady night" at the bar last night and I brought a Two-bagger home with me.

by Crassanova Aug 28, 2003 email it
2. two-bagger
6 up, 1 down

a prospective sexual partner, who, in order to enter a sexual encounter with them, you must not only put a bag over their head, but over your own in case their's falls off.

the only single people I meet are all either ten-pinters or two-baggers!

by Borne UK Feb 12, 2006 email it
3. two-bagger
6 up, 7 down

A chick so nasty ugly that you have to put two bags over her head during sex just in case she chews through the first one.

My roommate usually only lands two-baggers

by Shih Ninja May 28, 2004 email it
4. two-bagger
3 up, 6 down

A very repulsive woman. An ugly ho. A girl you need 2 paper bags on her head, in case the first one falls off.

My God, man! The Troylet you were talking to is a real two-bagger!

by irekev Troy, NY Sep 4, 2005 email it
5. two-bagger
1 up, 5 down

A woman who is *so* ugly, you'd put two bags over her head when having sex, in case one ripped or fell off.

See bagger.

Man, she's a *real* two-bagger...

by bertie wooster England Jan 6, 2006 email it