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FreeTube Help (FAQ)

The following is a list of answers and resolutions to questions that are commonly asked. If you can not find an answer to your problem within this FAQ, please contact us using our contact form and we will try to resolve any concerns or problems that you may be facing.

Using FreeTube
Content Producers and Broadcasters


What is FreeTube?
If a computer can handle vast and complex calculations and can manage overseas financial transfers, then surely there must be a way to let individuals watch live television and shows on their computer. From this very simple concept, FreeTube was born. FreeTube attempts to provide a service that allows users to watch live or real-time television on their computer. By using FreeTube you can watch tv online for free - no fees, no downloads, no time limits!

With the advancements made in technology, we now have the ability to fully emulate cable or satellite television. FreeTube eliminates the necessity for any expensive hardware or monthly subscription costs and provides you with free streaming television and video on demand. Essentially, you are to use your computer as if it were a TV, without the hassle of installing any special software or purchasing expensive hardware or satellites.
Why is the site called FreeTube?
Tube is a British euphemism for a television set. Free ...well it's self explanatory.
What do I need in order to use FreeTube?
FreeTube requires a computer with an Internet Connection and a few plugins, that you most likely already have installed on your computer (see Technical section for plugins). Additionally, a faster computer and connection to the internet will result in faster or greater performance of the site and content.
How does it work?
FreeTube acts like a 'cable provider', allowing you to get access to various channels and content using your browser. Much like cable and satellite companies, we have an assorted selection of channels for you to choose from and watch. However, unlike cable companies - FreeTube is completely FREE and you will never have to pay to use our service.

FreeTube basically works by letting you watch any of these channels for however long as you want. Simply select a genre, and pick a channel from the list that appears. Your channel will be loaded and you can begin watching the free tv channels within your browser. We keep an active watch on all streams and we work to ensure that they are working and available.
How is this service free?
FreeTube is a technological experiment, and we are deeply interested in providing a free and useful service to the public. We are able to run and keep the service working properly through the advertisements that are displayed on the site. We have attempted to limit the amount of advertising shown on the site, while maintaining a strict policy on keeping the advertisement unobtrusive and safe for users.


What plugins do I need?
FreeTube uses resources that are most likely already installed on your computer, but all of these resources are also already available for free on the internet.

In order to use FreeTube, ensure that you have Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Real Player and Flash installed. You do not need to have all of these plugins installed, but certain channels may require one or more of the aforementioned plugins.
Why do I see an error message about not having Javascript enabled when I first visit the site?
FreeTube uses AJAX, which is a combination of several techniques that allow us to load pages quicker and make our site more interactive for users. The error message that is displayed is warning you that the site needs you to enable Javascript in order for you to properly use the site. Although, you may be able to use FreeTube without Javascript enabled, we strongly advise that you enable this feature in your browser so that you can make use of all our features.

Internet Explorer In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab>click the Custom Level button and scroll down to the Scripting options section and enable each option (Active Scripting, Scripting of Java Applets). Click OK to save these settings.
FireFox In Mozilla Firefox, goto Tools>Options>Content Tab>click the Enable JavaScript option. Click OK to save the settings.
Opera In Opera, go to File>Preferences>Plugins>Enable JavaScript. Click OK to save the settings. Mac users would use the Edit menu instead of the File menu.
I have Javascript enabled, but I still can't see the Video Screen?
If you have JavaScript enabled, but still can not see the video or you receive an error, then ensure that you have correct the plugins installed on your computer. If you have all plugins installed and enabled, make sure that the plugin is updated to a more recent version as this will increase performance and compatibility with the site. You can get all plugins freely on the internet, see an earlier question about where to find these plugins.
I have the correct plugins installed, but why do I still recieve an error message?
You may want to try re-installing the plugin as this can sometimes rectify problems with a browser or application failing to recognize that the plugin is installed.

FireFox If you are using Mozilla Firefox, try re-installing the latest Windows Media Player, as more recent versions will upgrade your Firefox plugin list and add Windows Media Player support. If Firefox begins playing videos in an older version of Windows Media player, you can fix this bug by using this fix. If you still cannot get the videos to work and have tried (re)installing the latest Windows Media Player, contact us via the contact form!
Internet Explorer Upon installing the latest Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer should be able to play the videos. If it still does not work, try restarting your computer as some drivers require a full re-boot of the system to begin functioning. If further problems exist, please contact us via the contact form!
Opera Try reinstalling the plugin and if it still does not work, consult the Opera Knowledge Base about the plugin.
I have Windows Media Player installed, but an older version of Windows Media Player being used to play streams?
If an older version of Windows Media Player is being used to play streams, you may not be able to watch streams properly and in some cases, the streams may not work at all. In order to fix this, you need to ensure that you have Windows Media Player installed on your computer. If you've successfully installed it on your computer, chances are good that you're most likely using a browser such as Netscape, Firefox or Opera. These browsers generally don't come bundled with the latest Media Player plugins, and cause errors as a result. To fix this problem, simply download the FreeTube Hotfix for Windows Media Player.

This Windows hotfix will patch your registry and allow you to use Opera Opera and Firefox Firefox with FreeTube. The hotfix will add 5 values to the registry that force Opera, Firefox and Netscape browsers to use the latest Windows Media Player when playing streams. This fix comes directly from FreeTube, however you can also download this fix for Firefox Firefox here. This second fix will only work for Mozilla Firefox, so it is advised that our hotfix be used.
I'm using Firefox or a Mozilla based browser, and have installed Windows Media Player but am still being told that I don't have Windows Media Player.
This is a problem with the browser not accepting that the plugin is installed, it can be solved by reading a very detailed manual from Mozilla, learn more here.
How do I resize or get streams into Full Screen Mode?
If you wish to resize the size of the stream screen, you can double click on the screen and it will resize and go in to full screen mode. If this does not work for you, you may not have the proper settings enabled within Windows Media Player or the plugin being used.

This occurs when hardware acceleration in Windows Media Player is disabled or set to the lowest setting. To enable Hardware Acceleration, open Windows Media Player and go to Tools> Options > Click on the Performance Tab. In  the menu that appears, move the Video Acceleration slider to Full. Click Ok to save the settings, and try refreshing the FreeTube page and it should work.
Full Screen Image

If the first method did not work, you may want to try the tutorial available here, which provides another way of enabling full screen support. If problems persist, contact us with details and we will help solve the problem.
How do I exit full screen mode?
As mentioned before, FreeTube streams can be made fullscreen by double clicking the view window. Once in this mode, FreeTube will expand and take up the entire screen and show your selected video stream. To exit out of this mode, simply hit the escape button and you will be return to the normal sized player. If you hit the space button or click on the mouse, you may end up pausing the stream - in which case you can simply hit the space button or click the mouse to resume the stream. However, in most cases you will not be able to pause the stream because it is live.
The FreeTube site does not display properly.
FreeTube makes use of some modern technologies and if the site does not load up properly it could be that you are not using a modern browser that supports 1) CSS or 2) JavaScript. Additionally, FreeTube makes usage of screen resolution and requires that you have a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 to view the site properly. The higher your monitor resolution, the better your experience with Freetube will be (aesthetically).

Using FreeTube

Channel X doesn't seem to load, or all I see is a black box?
Assuming that you have the correct plugins installed, you may need to wait a while for the TV channel to load. Depending on the speed of your internet connection and your geographic location, the load time can vary. A faster internet connection (ISDN/T1) will result in greater throughput allowing you to watch the streams without any lag or buffering delays. However, slower connections and those residing further away from the Broadcasting source will receive buffering delays (eg: lagging video, stuttering). On a broadband connection, the average wait time before the video starts is 20-30 seconds. If the video does not start after a full 2 minutes, it is likely that the channel may be temporarily offline or broken, in which case you can report it as broken!
How do I report a TV Channel as Broken?
FreeTube uses the power of the community to moderate and manage the channels, and we allow our users to contribute to keeping the site running smoothly. If you find a stream is broken or not working correctly, you can report the channel stream so that we can fix it. In order to ensure the validity of these reports, we've enabled a timer system that will help verify if the stream is broken or just loading.

When you view a stream, a timer will appear that counts down to zero. This timer will ensure that you have waited a bit of time for the stream to load, and once the counter is completed - the Report Channel as Broken link will appear and you can report the channel as broken if it does not work. After you have reported a stream, the channel will be flagged for inspection. As more users report the stream, it's priority in getting fixed and checked will increase and a FreeTube staff member will look into the channel to resolve the problem. We truly appreciate all users that help to keep FreeTube running and free of broken streams or errors.
Why are some of the channels slow to load or lagging at times?
This often occurs on slower connections, but can also come about if you reside far from the channel's broadcasting source, or if you are running network intensive applications, such as p2p and download managers. Some times the channel may be hit with a lot of traffic and this could cause a slow down in the loading and viewing of the channel. Also your internet connection may be slowed down by various network intensive programs, and quitting these programs could help resolve the problem. A great tip is to try viewing a channel at various points in the day, as internet traffic and speeds fluctuate throughout the day and you could get better performance from FreeTube and the Internet itself by accessing it at a later time in the day.
The player controls do not work.
The controls to manage the streams on FreeTube require you to have JavaScript enabled. Without having this enabled in your browser, you will be unable to stop, play and control the volume of streams on FreeTube. Additionally, FreeTube player controls are only enabled for users visiting the site with Internet Explorer. This is due to the fact that Internet Explorer has been built to allow interoperability between Microsoft Windows Media Player and MSIE.
What do the menus on the right side of the site do?
The right side menu on FreeTube is used to show you useful and interesting information that would help you navigate and customize the site to your liking. The Top 5 Channels module displays the 5 most popular channels for the current week, and you can view any of these channels by clicking on the channel name. The New Channels module shows you the most recently added channels, allowing you to see new updates and revisions to channels available on FreeTube. Additionally, the new channels list has an RSS feed, which can be used to get instant updates or to be inserted in your blog/website/feed reader or email. Lastly, the My Channels module further allows you to customize the site to your personal preferences (see next FAQ item for more details).
What is My Channels?
My Channels is a feature on FreeTube that lets you customize the FreeTube site to you own personal channel preferences. Basically My Channels is your very own personal remote control to quickly access channels and to make it even easier to navigate the site. My Channels is your own private bookmark or collection of channels that you're interested in. There is no registration to use this feature, and all channel preferences are saved locally on your computer and can be deleted by clearing your cache and/or cookies.

With My Channels, you can add, manage and delete the listing of channels that appear seamlessly. To use My Channels, simply visit a channel and in the navigation bar that appears - simply click the "Add Channel" button to add it to your My Channels listing. It will then appear in your Channel listings.

From the My Channels module, you can then delete and further add more channels. To delete a channel, simply click the "Delete Channel" button that appears to the right of the channel. The channel will be marked and deleted. You can manage your channels by adding and deleting the channels.
What is RSS
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it basically is a direct feed from a site that can contain various information or content of interest to users. Simply put, RSS allows users to view and use live content from a site externally (e.g. through blogs, email, cell phones, etc). FreeTube uses RSS to let our users take control and provide instant updates and access to our new content. By using one of our RSS feeds, you can not only gain quick access to our latest updates and channels - but also recieve updates by e-mail, cell phone or even on your own blog. The uses for RSS feeds are endless, and by providing our users with RSS feeds, we know that it will make their lives all the more simpler.

RSS feeds on FreeTube can be accessed whenever you see the RSS Icon (). Simply click on the RSS feed and you will be taken to the direct feed - which you can then use for various things. If you use our RSS feed or come up with anything interesting, please contact us and we'll try to feature you on our site.

Content Producers and Broadcasters

I'm a Publisher and want my content added!
FreeTube is dedicated to providing users with content on demand, and promoting new and innovative forms of entertainment. If you run a TV stream, interesting video blog or just create cool and interesting videos, we would be happy to showcase your content on FreeTube! We can make your video blogs and/or videos into a channel and make it available for others to view completely free. This is a great way to increase the viewer base of your videos or channel for free.
I'm a Publisher/Copyright Holder, how do I get my content removed?
FreeTube's video on demand service is essentially an index of content from several popular video dites. Much of these videos are submitted by users, and if you see anything that infringes on your Copyrights please contact us immediately via the contact form with proof of ownership or copyright and we will remove your content immediately. We take all reports seriously, and will do our best to remove your content.