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Godless Congregations for All: The Sunday Assembly Global Platform

The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life. We want to create a community platform to unify and connect new congregations worldwide.


The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life. We've been called the 'atheist church' but it's really all the best bits of church, but with no religion, and super pop tunes.

Our motto: live better, help often and wonder more.
Our mission: to help everyone live this one life as fully as possible.
Our vision: a Sunday Assembly in every town, city and village that wants one.

We (Sanderson and Pippa) started it in London in January 2013 and there'll be 35 across the world by the end of the year. It turns outs there are thousands of people out there who want to live better, help often and wonder more.

We're at the limits of what two people can do, and there are hundreds more folk who write to us wanting to start their own. We need your help to build a free toolkit that will allow people to quickly, efficiently and spectacularly launch Sunday Assemblies across the world.

At its heart, is a powerful and easy to use digital platform to connect organizers and communities across the world. On top of that, we'll provide specially commissioned marketing materials, comprehensive documentation, web support, and a network of people helping.

This will allow us to help thousands of communities, and millions of people, live this one life as fully as possible. Guys, this is BIG.

What We Need & What You Get

We were told we should ask for £100 000 so that when we passed it we could get all excited, but why beat around the bush? We are trying to help millions of people live life as fully as possible. Suddenly £500 000 seems slightly unambitious.

The reason we’re asking you to donate money is that we want as many people as possible can start having as much fun as we’re having, as quickly as possible. A scalable (that means lots of people can use it quickly and efficiently) platform will let us do it, and in return for supporting us:

  • You will get a Sunday Assembly in your town: whether you're an organiser or just want to attend, this is the fastest way to get there.
  • You will have a website that quickly and easily helps you find other like minded people in your area, and take you through from genesis (not like that) to a spectacular launch.
  • You will be part of a global movement that creates life giving communities for everyone in the world that believes in good, and thinks that good is great.

Why We Need the Money

Well here's what it is going on 

  • £240 000 will be spent on hiring a three person development team over two years. £60 000 (over two years) will go to Sanderson (working full time) and Pippa (working part time) to create the documentation, provide support to new congregations and build The Sunday Assembly as sturdily as possible.  But that doesn't make £500k! I know. The rest goes on making awesome rewards (20%), Indiegogo fees (4%-9%) and tax (10%).

Perks & Rewards

To say thank you for your donations we have put together some cracker jack rewards. Sit back and enjoy the ride:

£1 or more: Thanks!

We always try to develop an attitude of gratitude at The Sunday Assembly, and you being generous helps us do just that.
You will be able to use the The Sunday Assembly toolkit and we're chucking in some digital downloads of Sunday Assembly Posters and Backgrounds.


£15 - Sunday Assembly Mug

We love drinking tea and coffee with nice people we don’t yet know, so we had to offer a mug. Get a mug, get a friend.

Choose from any of the designs on offer.

The packaging is separate on this one, because it kills us (they’re heavy and bulky).


£20 – The Founder’s Pyramid – Poster

A poster of the name of every single person who contributed to the Sunday Assembly crowdfunding campaign in an awesome pyramid. Knowing us, we'll probably find a REALLY amazing artist to do it, I reckon (hey, REALLY amazing artist, want to make our poster?).


£25 – The Tea Towel

You can’t have a tea mugs without having a tea towel. Dry your mugs in style with this Sunday Assembly Tea Towel in a range of designs by Georgina Hardinge. See the gallery for designs. (Hint: They're the same designs as the t-shirts)


£35 – Limited Edition Exclusive Georgia Hardinge T-Shirt

This t-shirt comes in a range of funky and inspiring designs, each one representing the Sunday Assembly’s uplifting and inspirational message.

See the Gallery at the top of the page for the awesome designs!


£70 –Three Miracles You Can Hold in Your Hand: Earth, Water, Air

At the Sunday Assembly we think that merely being an alive human is miraculous. Life is what makes your matter matter. And, you’re an alive human. What? That’s the best. To celebrate this outrageous good fortune we’ve made three lovely collectables containing earth, air and water – just three of the things that make the everyday miracle of life possible.

Pictured: prototype of said collectable.


This canister is bursting with the goodness that is our atmosphere. Yum. Yum. Yum. Delicious, air. It is very light but just heavy enough not to drift off into space. It reflects lights and gives us the blue of our sky (also the grey so don’t give it too much credit). 

The air is mainly a mixture of nitrogen and Oxygen. There is also carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but that is totally fine and doesn't cause ANY problem, right? (The last sentence is sponsored by shadowy billionaires spending millions to promote climate "debate"). Argon is involved too. Argon is called a noble gas because it doesn’t react with other elements. “Noble? Arrogant, more like. ‘Oh, I’m too good to mix with other elements’. Snobby Argon!” - is what you’re probably thinking. But he is just an introvert. 

The air puts pressure on your skin and keeps you from bursting like a balloon. It is always there. Unless you are an astronaut, then sometimes it is not there. And that is when you might be glad you got this can of Just Good Air.


Inside this jar is the key to life. Your life. All life. Because this jar contains a sweet ass ride with 40 inch rims and fully sick soundsystem. No. Of course it doesn’t, silly. It is too small. Also, the real key to life is water! Water is ace. It comes out of the ground, falls from the sky and who knows where it goes on holiday? 

Water, H20 to scientists, and H2-oh-no-she-didn’t to her friends, is the ultimate recycled product – evaporating and condensing millions of times a millennia, purifying itself every time. Your body is 70% water (or old dinosaur wee, depending on how you look at it), and without constantly replenishing it you’d never have to go to the loo, or breathe. 

The wet stuff covers 2/3 of earth’s surface yet is only 0.002% of total earth’s mass. Go water! You are really working it.


Inside this jar is the crumbly, craggy stuff of earthly life. Earth. Soil. Mud. Dirt. Foot squelch. Whatever you want to call it, that brown stuff wot things grow out of is amazing.  Without any earth there’d be no plants. Without any plants there’d be no you. Phew. That was close. But, luckily, there are, and you is.

It can be chalky, peaty, cheeky (our favourite variety) and is a source of wonderment. It is made from millions of dead things – decomposed and reborn over millions of year. Particles of everything from Shakespeare to wooly mammoths to huge fiery comets, which means your food is grown in millennia of history, eras of geology and eons astrological.

Earth also sucks up rainwater and lets it go a bit later, which helps prevent floods and drought and also cleans water as it percolates through. Like a fancy coffee machine. Soil also looks a bit like coffee too. Don't make this mistake one groggy morning. Yuck. Especially as so many organisms live in soil. You could accidentally ingest an entire micro-organism village. And that wouldn't be good for moral, would it?


£70 –T-shirt, Tea Towel and Tea Mug

Well done, you’ve got all of the tees. Look good while having tea, and drying up your mug for another cup of tea. Keep all these goodies yourself, or give them to others.


£100 – Happy Holidays Gift Pack – Two T-shirts, Tea towel, Mug and Poster

Give it away, give it away, give it away now! Or at Christmas. Or at another holiday. Or just reward yourself with loads of cool swag.


£200 - Let's Play Nicely Together - Limited Edition Andrew Rae Art Print

The Sunday Assembly is the best bits of religion and the best bits science and the best bits of people all working together. Neatly summarised in this awesome picture of Gandhi and Darwin playing swingball.

This is an exclusive print for this crowdfunding campaign. It will be the only time you can get it, and when you do it will be silkscreened to the highest spec poss


£250 – Ten T-Shirt Triumph

Do you celebrate Christmas? Or Hanukkah? Or Kwanze? Or maybe, all three, you crazy African-American Jewish Christian Atheist? Either way, you’ll need presents! Get 10 t-shirts and give them to people. They will be impressed by the thought and care you’ve put into realising that they all want t-shirts!


£300 – Limited Edition Andrew Rae Print - SIGNED

The Andrew Rae Print above, but signed by Sanderson and Pippa. Maybe also with kisses. 


£4 000 – Sanderson Jones’ Comedy Sale

Since 2010 Sanderson Jones has been performing his critically acclaimed stand up show Comedy Sale from the Edinburgh Fringe to the Sydney Opera House. The show where he researches the audience, and incorporates their online lives into the performance. Already popular with corporate clients across the UK, Sanderson will perform at your Event (UK Only (ex-UK with travel)). 


£10 000 – A Sunday Assembly in your town

You have more money than time, and can’t get round to organizing a Sunday Assembly in your town. Don’t worry, give £10 000 and we’ll do all the work for you and make sure you have a Sunday Assembly by June 2014, when we start our next round of launches.


£30 000 - A Sunday Assembly in your Country

We’re only operating in English speaking countries at the moment because we are English and don’t speak many languages. 

However, if you donate £30k we will open up in your country and your language.


£100 000 - A Sunday Assembly in CHINA

1.3 billion people, little religion, no Sunday Assembly. Are we thinking big here, or what? If you give us a 100k we will bring godless congregations to the land where the future is being built.

Come on, if there's one thing we know about the Chinese government they love movements that encourage individuals to change their communities through independent action!!!!


£500 000 - I'll take 1 Global Movement please!

If you've got £500 000 in your back pocket, you'll know you can buy A LOT of things with that money. BUT, this will probably be the only time you'll be able to buy* a global movement with it. 

In return, you get our unending gratitude, and anything we can print a Sunday Assembly logo onto. How about livery for your staff? Or Sunday Assembly private jet seat covers? Yes. You can have that.

*by "buy", we mean "fund" obvs.



Anything ordered before December 5th will be delivered in time for Christmas. Except setting up Sunday Assemblies in other countries. That takes time.

The Impact

Feel free to explain more about your campaign and let people know how the difference their contribution will make:

  • Whether you want to start an Assembly, go to an Assembly or just want to support people who don't believe in God, but do believe in good, then this project is for you.
  • We have a congregation of 300 in London already, there are Assemblies in Bristol, Brighton, Melbourne and New York, and by the end of the year there'll be 35. Imagine what we could do with some funding.
  • Since starting this in January Sanderson Jones has worked full-time on this (without pay), while Pippa has worked every spare moment (also without pay), we just want to help as many people as we can, live this one live as fully as possible. Please join our mission.

Team on This Campaign:

Help make it happen for the team! Contribute to Godless Congregations for All: The Sunday Assembly Global Platform.