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The Webmaster's Favorite Oddities

OK, this is a website dedicated to Carvin gear.  But, being the webmaster, I can put up here what I want!  And second only to my love of Carvins is my love of weird basses, particularly doublenecks.  So, just as a side jaunt, I thought I'd put up some of the weirder/cooler non-Carvin basses I've stumbled across in my travels.


Short of Carvin making me a custom doubleneck 4-string/8-string, this is the ultimate bass for me.  A mid-80's B.C. Rich 4-string/8-string Bich.  So cool!  You may recognize this if you're a fan of Spinal Tap - this is one of the basses that the legendary Derek Smalls plays.  Sadly, they haven't made these in years, and seem to be entering the cheap import arena.  But back in the day, B.C. Rich's rocked.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that this model, when new, went for about $4000.



Speaking of Derek & Spinal Tap, here's his Dollar Sign bass used on the 2001 tour.  Very cool!  And I was lucky enough to see Tap live in Washington back in '92 - if you ever have the chance, go to the show!

This is an interesting one.  Made by De Lacugo, this is the Excelsior.  This one is made of zebrawood, and features Bartolinis with a 3-band EQ.  They have other odd basses and guitars on their website - take a look!

Yep, this is exactly what I want from Carvin.  A doubleneck 4/8.  This one is a Hamer, which makes some excellent basses in their own right.  I don't know much about this one, but it is oh-so-nice.  Exactly what I want.

And speaking of Hamer, I'd be remiss if I didn't throw a snap to the 12-string basses they make, made famous by Cheap Trick and King's X.  I have an 8-string Kramer, and I've played the Dean 12-string (ugh), but I've never been lucky enough to get a hold of a Hamer.  I've seen the imports pretty cheap, but I just don't think I can go that way.  And anyway, I don't particularly care for the 12-string Chaparral body style they currently offer.  I think a 12-string deserves more pizzazz, and these two models are perfect examples.  I've lusted over the Explorer ever since I saw it being played by Pete Comita (who filled in for Tom Petersson in the 80's) with Cheap Trick.  Now, if Carvin would make 12-stringers, I'd be first in line.  First, I tell you!

OK, a couple more Hamers and I'll move along.  I stumbled across these (left), and would certainly add them to my "dream sheet".  According to information I can find, one was played by Pete Comita, and the other by the bassist for Cinderella, Eric Brittingham.

I don't know anything about the snakeskin model (right) other than it's very cool!

Hamer makes some cool guitars, and this may be the coolest (with the possible exception of the Neilson 5-neck).  This doubleneck, made for Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick, features interchangeable heads of the other members of the band.  I've actually seen this one "live", and it's very cool.

Here's another I've always wanted - the Gene Simmons Axe Bass.  Gaudy, but very, very cool.  On the left is an original Kramer model, just like Gene's original one.  On the right, is the reissue - I'm not sure who made it, but it's selling for $4000.  Both are signed by Gene, and both are very slick!

I've never been a big fan of Fender's.  No real reason, I guess I just find them a little generic for my tastes.  But this '72 doubleneck P-Bass/Strat is very cool.  I have no idea what the details are on it, but I do remember seeing the bassist for Toto playing a blond one in the old "Hold the Line" video.  And as I recall, one neck was rosewood, and one was maple, which made it look even weirder

Well, I said "weird", right?  And these qualify!  But very cool.  These belong to the Gagan Brothers Band, self-billed as "The World's Only Double Doubleneck Lefthand Band".

Here's another cool one I stumbled across - a Warrior  doubleneck 12/4F.  Very sweet.  I live near the Warrior factory, and have actually played this one. Very nice.


Conklin makes some weird ones, and this is no exception.  Made for John Turner, this doubleneck is made from eight woods: quilted maple, zebrawood, wenge, ash, claro walnut, flame walnut, white oak, purpleheart, and ziricote.  Each neck has a double-truss rod, brass nut, and is connected to the body with four offset screws. The fretboard on the fretted top neck is flamed maple on a wenge and purpleheart neck, while the fretless neck's board is ziricote on a figured rock maple and purpleheart neck. The body is chambered to bring the weight down to 25 pounds.  The pickups are custom Lane Poor models, with a 3-band Seymour Duncan preamp. And for the record, each neck is tuned B-E-A-D-G-B-E.

Believe it or not, this one might even be a little extreme for even me.

See more of it here.

This 1978 Alembic Doubleneck Dragon has been on GBase for a while.  And at $12000, it may stay there for a while.  But it's cool, nonetheless.  Its many features include: Mahogany core, Zebrawood top, back and continuous wood backplates, Both necks, fretless and 8 string, are 5 piece Maple/Purpleheart, Ebony boards, LED position markers, power supply, on the 8 string neck there is a beautiful inlay by Larry Robinson of a Dragon and other mystical figures depicted in Brass, Silver, Copper and Ivory.

Speaking of Alembic, here's a '99 Series II Custom Doubleneck.  It's a 4-string fretted/6-string fretless made with the standard Alembic exotic woods, inlays, and so on.  If you happen to have $27000 laying around, it could be yours!

Rickenbacker made doublenecks from about 1975 until about 1990 - you've probably seen Geddy with his, especially in old footage.  I wouldn't mind putting my hands on one of these (who wouldn't?), but I've played 4001's and 4003's, and just couldn't get used to the way the neck "felt".  Hard to explain.


Anyway, on the left is a Rick 4080, and the right is a 4080-12 (with a 12 string guitar).  I've also seen the 4080 in Fireglo.  Me, I'll take JetGlo (black).

Here's a couple more I found - a 1980 Burgundyglo (right) and another Jetglo (1986).  These sold for around $4000 apiece.

One last Ric - the very rare and cool 4003S8 8-string.  I've stumbled across a couple of these in my travels, and they are very nice instruments.

The secret's out.  I dig Bootsy.  Not only a great bassist, but the man has style.  And that's reflected not only in his playing, but in his basses.  On the left is a replica of Bootsy's Space Bass, and it looks pretty good.  This was evidently built by a guy in Japan, where I guess Bootsy is the man as well.  But there's something weird about a little Japanese kid playing Bootsy's bass.  On the right is the real McCoy.


Not as cool

I stumbled across this one on E-Bay.  It was being sold as the "only Tobias doubleneck bass ever made", evidently made by Michael Tobias in 78/79.  This double 4 (one fretted, one fretless) has a zebrawood over walnut body with walnut and purple heart 5 piece necks with ebony fingerboards. The pickups and electronics are active Bartolini with 3-band EQ. This bass is in new condition. It has been autographed on the back by John Entwistle, Gary Willis, and Victor Wooten.


Here's a really cool one.  This is a 1984 McCurdy doubleneck bass, which was up on eBay recently.  Features a 5-piece body, with fretless/fretted necks.  Very slick!

Well, it's not a bass, but it is odd.  This is a mid-90's BC Rich Ironbird doubleneck - ain't it just ugly?  But I guess ugly in that kinda cool way.  But don't worry - I'm not about to add an Ironbird to my bass collection!

RIP John Entwistle.  This is the forthcoming Alembic John Entwistle signature bass.  What can you say?  It's an explorer, it's an Alembic, it's what John played.