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Bangkok Post : Scene uncut, New bags, Not sidelined, F-Book scrap

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Scene uncut, New bags, Not sidelined, F-Book scrap

  • Published: 22/08/2010 at 12:00 AM
  • Newspaper section: News

It takes as long as it takes

It's a female masturbation scene that we just had to have, says producer Pracha Pinkaew, talking about the Thai erotic movie, Namthan Daeng, out this week.

Mr Pracha, who acted as an adviser on the project for Sahamongkol Films, insists Namthan Daeng _ which contains a 10-minute scene of a woman masturbating _ is not indecent. In fact, it's a clean movie _ the subject just happens to be sex, he told the Manager/ASTV newspaper.

Actress Lakana "Oom" Wathanawongsiri, above, playing a masseuse who falls for a tattoo artist, performs the masturbation scene in a segment called Desire, directed by Kittiyapon Klangsurin. The segment is one of six sex stories in the film, which showcases the work of new directors.

"The rest of the world has erotic films, but not us," said Mr Pracha. "Previously, we have been constrained by cultural norms and censorship laws. But now that the laws are more open, it's time we made one ourselves," he said, adding the movie looks at sex from an artistic perspective. It contains messages which reflect on society, and the way we are.

"Sex is part of life, and everyone has sexual desires. But Thailand keeps the lid on such things; hardly anyone is willing to talk about it. This is the first film which dares to do so," he said.

A brief scene of Oom's character playing with herself is included in the teaser. Mr Pracha said he decided to let the masturbation scene run for the full 10 minutes, as to cut it back would be to ruin the effect.

"When we were in the editing room, even the director herself was unsure. So we made two versions, one with editing, and the other where we let it run.

"The director said that when she saw the 10-minute version, she didn't know where to cut. When I saw it, I agreed. Oom does such a good job that we decided to keep in the full 10 minutes."

Pracha Pinkaew.

Mr Pracha said the film was screened before a test audience of film students at university: "Women and kathoey students liked the 10-minute version. They also applauded our courage in making it." The film opens on Thursday.

No surgery, just frayed nerves Extrovert talent manager to the stars, Supachai "A" Sriwichit, below right, has switched to a cheaper brand of his trademark handbags, to spare his nerves.

A has just emerged from a month's physical therapy in Chiang Mai, to relieve a bout of stress.

Mischievous media reports said he went into seclusion after a botched cosmetic surgery job in South Korea left him unable to speak properly.

A is known for taking young members of his stable to Korea to get their faces done. But A said they got it wrong.

"Have some pity for the Korean cosmetic surgeon. If I really had surgery on my face, and this is the face I ended up with, the surgeon would be out of a job," said A, who counts A-list star Patcharapa "Aum" Chaichua among his clients.

"The problem was of my own making _ I think too much," said A. He was diagnosed with tension, leading to infected nerve endings and numbness over his body.

"When I was washing my hair, I wondered why the shampoo kept entering my eyes. I saw a shaman, as I thought I might have fallen victim to some hex. I have many enemies, and someone might have wished me harm.

"The medicine man told me to see a doctor, who diagnosed me with shattered nerve endings.

"A friend suggested that maybe my handbags are too large, and causing my tendons to tighten. My doctor advised me to switch to a smaller brand.

"I have gone from carrying Hermes bags to Burberry bags, which are lighter. While in Chiang Mai, my stomach grew bigger; these ones can still hide my tummy.

"They are also cheaper, though Aum has told me not to reveal the price, just in case Thais are disgusted with me when they hear how much I have spent," he joked.

Don't call me that A socialite kathoey rejects suggestions she is a "sideline girl" hired to help actress Patcharapa "Aum" Chaichuea's boyfriend cheer the football.

Kathoey Ratchada "Amie" Krutramas, a student, says she is unhappy with suggestions by Aum that she did anything improper. The fuss had damaged her reputation, she said.

Aum went before the media last week to dispel suggestions that her love interest, Kornwat "Note" Chaiwirawat had fallen for kathoey Amie.

Aum took Note along too, but he sat in the corner as she did most of the talking.

Amie was just a football cheer girl, Aum said. Note and a group of his friends were watching World Cup football.

Their team was losing, so they invited Amie to their apartment in the hope it would improve their luck. She said they chose her picture from someone's cellphone.

Amie, however, rejects suggestions she was a mere "sideline girl" (call girl), and said the publicity hurt her and her parents: "I don't see the connection between being a woman of the second gender and being a sideline girl, though the two often go together in news reports. I don't do this kind of work, and nor does anyone I know," she said.

Aum claimed Note met Amie just the once, and in the presence of friends. "Note didn't go down to meet her ... she travelled up to see them," said Aum.

Amie said she and Note actually met twice, not once as Aum claimed.

One report quoted Amie as saying that Note was at the apartment alone, not with friends as Aum claimed. Amie, however, took along a friend.

She turned up about 10 minutes before the game ended. Note travelled down to meet her when she arrived, no one else, she said.

Aum has yet to comment on the latest claims.

A Tar Di Ploy Actress Cherman "Ploy" Boonyasak has lashed out at a television presenter who told reporters she was in email contact with Ploy's love, actor Navin "Tar" Yavapolkul.

Ploy likened presenter Diana "Di" Jongjintanakarn to a dog in remarks left on her Facebook account, after Di told reporters last month that she still emails and sends SMS messages to Tar, whom she has known since childhood.

Di and Tar, who is studying in the US, were once close, but these days, Ploy is his new love interest.

Ploy, recently back from a trip to the US to see Tar, was unhappy to see reports suggesting that Di was acting as a third hand between them.

Ploy let it all out on Facebook. In a message directed to Di, she said: "I don't understand what you are trying to achieve when you tell reporters that you are still in contact with him, when it is personal business," Ploy wrote.

"Don't tell me it wasn't you who spoke to the media. If it wasn't you, then which dog would decide to make this news?"

Ploy admits that she spoke too directly, but insists she is not possessive of Tar: "Tar sent Di an email asking about her mum, who has been ill. That's as far as it went, and he tells me everything that is going on.

"I dislike these people who insist on acting as subversive undercurrents," Ploy said, again referring to Di.

In her comments last month, Di said she rarely spoke to Tar: "He last sent me a message three months ago. We have no reason to stop contacting each other, as we are still on good terms. But there's nothing between us," she said.

Responding to Ploy's Facebook outburst, Di insisted she had done nothing wrong. "At first I felt dreadful, but friends have now rallied around to show support," she said.

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