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Door-to-door mail delivery to continue in Cabana Colony despite mix-up


By Jodie Wagner - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

A letter distributed to Cabana Colony residents last week advising them of a change in mail-delivery procedures was sent in error, a U.S. Postal Service spokesperson said today.

Postal customers in the community of about 700 single-family homes were told that door-to-door mail delivery would be eliminated in favor of curbside delivery, and they would be required to provide and erect mailboxes at their own expense to be placed at the curb.

The boxes were to be installed on the right-hand side of the road in the carrier’s direction of travel, according to the letter.

A date was not specified when carriers no longer would deliver mail if customers did not comply with the change.

In a statement Wednesday, U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Debbie Fetterly said that while the postal service might ask residents from time to time to move their mailboxes from the door to the curb, it is not a requirement to do so.

South Florida District Office personnel and the West Palm Beach Postmaster were unaware of the distribution of the letter to Cabana Colony residents, Fetterly said, so the request for those residents to move their mailboxes was not reviewed or approved for distribution.

“Cabana Colony residents do not have to move their mailboxes,” she said. “USPS apologizes for the mixed messaging.”

Residents who have additional concerns are asked to contact USPS Customer Relations Coordinator LuAnn Warner at 561-697-2145.

Longtime Cabana Colony resident L.J. Parker, 71, an antique restorer and collector who owns two homes in the community, objected to the policy change and notified the media as well as the postal service of his concerns.

He has enjoyed door-to-door delivery for nearly 47 years and objected to the new policy for a variety of reasons, including cost and safety.

“Can you imagine driving down narrow streets everywhere with mailboxes along both sides of the streets?” he said. “I think there is a safety issue with the boxes near the road. Who has to pick up the expense of new boxes? How about home-bound people? How about people that have to hire someone to do the job?”

Parker was happy to hear that he would not be required to move the mailbox he installed himself in 1966.

“I would rather have at-the-door delivery for only one day a week than have a roadside mailbox,” he said.

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