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General news >> Sunday May 06, 2007
CNS accused of secret army operations

Military denies any wrongdoing

The pro-Thaksin website has published an article attacking the Council for National Security (CNS) and exposing what it calls a ''secret budget'' for mobilising mass support for the coupmakers. The unnamed author of the article claims to have received documents detailing a budget and plans to deploy forces of the First Army Region under the command of Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The article claims that the First Army Region plans to monitor and handle ''suspicious activities'' in Bangkok and other central provinces to prevent unrest.

A total of 319.1 million baht has been allocated for the operations, it said.

Some 64.9 million baht is earmarked for Bangkok, with operations in small communities in the capital receiving funding of 35,000 baht, the article claims.

It goes on to say that over 212.3 million baht will be spent in the central provinces, with 13,000 baht to be given to each village and 41.9 million baht set aside for management and other costs.

''The money is a special army budget which the CNS requested from the government. It is for gathering intelligence and pre-empting the efforts of the old power clique,'' the article claimed.

The author said the money was no different than a secret budget, since there are no avenues for it to be scrutinised.

The article also stressed that the money would be used for marshalling mass support for CNS chairman Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, which is an imitation of political canvassing by politicians.

However, Lt-Gen Prayuth shrugged off the claims made on the website. He said he had acted in line with army policy.

Such operations need expenses and allowances to run, he said, adding they were intended to serve communities, not seek political gain.

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