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December 2009
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Koy Ratchawin in tears over her ‘break’ with Pae Arak

When I heard they broke up (correction  “break” or whatever they are calling it), I didn’t think too much of it. One, I don’t care. Two, I like them but not enough to care about their personal lives.

On the ‘Woody Gert Ma Kui (Woody: Born to Chat)’ TV show this past Sunday, actress “Koy” Ratchawin Wongviriya bluntly admitted to Woody that she is on a ‘break’ with her long time boyfriend “Pae” Arak Amornsuppasiri (Body #19, Slice) and doesn’t know if they will break up. Today, at Infinity Hall in Siam Paragon to promote her new sappy romantic drama “October Sonata”, Koy broke down in tears when discussing her  ‘break’ with Pae. They are on a ‘break’ not a break up, she said. No, a third party is not involve, it has to do with work. She admits to the ‘break’ but would like to keep the details private.

Then the topic that really started her tears–the media accused Koy of using the ‘break’ as a publicity stunt to promote her new movie to which Koy vehemently denies: “I have no need to use my personal feelings to promote…(stopped talking…tears start falling) I have no need to use my personal feelings to promote, so that people will go watch my movie.” (shaking)

Koy doesn’t know what the future holds for Pae and herself. “Right now, I’ll leave it up to the future. I think when it reaches that time, how it will turn out, I believe you will find out. If you want me to answer now, I can’t give you an answer because I don’t know right now. To me, it’s unclear. The most important thing right now is that we are still talking like usual, still being concern like always, we are still in contact, we are not left each others’ side,” said Koy.

Good grief. Another celebrity in tears over a break up. Just two weeks ago “Pei” Parnward Hemmanee broke down in tears in public over her break up with long time love ‘R’ the Star.Awhile back, Nok Utsanee drops tears in public for Vee Veeraparb after they broke up. Then that whole incident with “Tangmoe” Pattarathida  Patcharawirapong and her on again off again boyfriend Kong, she cried in public too after their break up. Is this a trend?

Come on Koy, don’t cry, it’s just Pae Arak.

10 Responses to “Koy Ratchawin in tears over her ‘break’ with Pae Arak”

  1. 1
    fahlee Says:

    break ups or ‘breaks’ are hard that’s why xD lol, esp. if youve been in a relates for so long & then all sudden u break up or on a ‘break’ its really harddd…..

  2. 2
    xox Says:

    I agree. It is hard. I don’t want to criticize nor support. But if koy and pae are still on good terms and are just on a break, what’s so upsetting about it? Unless there’s some things we don’t know about? If your bf cheated, abused you, etc…or whatever then yea, it’s understandable as to why you’re so hurt and upset. She should just be glad she’s not Tiger Wood’s wife right now. lol. (:

  3. 3
    preaw Says:

    First she seem fake, second why, third I bet pae break up with her since he think he’s all that now

  4. 4
    Lovely Says:

    The media is unbelievable. She answered her question about the breakup already..end of story! I don’t get why they always go beyond to ask such dumb questions. I’m not talking just to this poor chick but to all stars. Lots of unnecessary questions. I get why stars get annoyed. I’m annoyed too.

  5. 5
    Lala Says:

    It is hard to let go when you have been together for a long time.
    I feel bad her, but we’ll just to wait and see if there’s anymore to this.
    Thanks, Lyn.

  6. 6
    kulyia Says:

    iagree.. its only him. lol

  7. 7
    Muddie Murda Says:

    I love your comments in the articles lol <3 Keep it up ^_^

  8. 8
    Liberty Says:

    Sigh… another celebrity relationship down the drain, in other words, another one bites the dust! I thought they were so sweet together… and that they are actually quite matching! Time and fame breaks people up… less time for each other, more time to meet other girls/ boys etc…. Look at Tiger Woods… Read in Bangkok post a few days ago… the author’s theory about why Tiger Woods is like that… ” Because he is half Thai!” He pointed out at the numerous rich people who have mistresses and are not even shy about it. And about his best friend who’s a Thai and celebrated his wife’s birth of a new baby boy by going to the sex massage… and all thses in the open, and not even embarassed. Tell me which city in the world (maybe besides Amsterdam) that has so many Arb Ob Nuad like Cleopatra, Emmanualle etc etc that has more than 300 girls sitting in a fish tank and waiting for male customers? And tell me which language has a new word like GIG- meaning not faen ( lover) but more than a friend? LOL. This is amazing Thailand!
    Look at all those miserable Hi-So women who spend their money on branded goods and jewellry and plastic surgery but cannot even say anything when their husband or sons go out philandering in all these sex bath-houses! Look at the no of cars parked openly in these massages when u pass Ratchada or Rama 9!!! Girls, beware !

  9. 9
    moon Says:

    Gurl why cry ovur a break up…There’s man out there than beside him…And he is s hottie but so who breaks who it doesnt matter jux be strong and move on…Jux kinda tired of stars get so emotional about it…But yea i knoe cuz i been it through tooh but instead he is thee one who breaks up wit meh but i stay strong not try to think so much and jux move on cuz you still have a long tome to one day find ur soulmate out there…

  10. 10
    homeskillet Says:

    ‘Come on Koy, don’t cry, it’s just Pae Arak.’

    LOL!!!!!!! XD That really cracks me up!!!! XD

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