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Letter Carriers
Letter Carriers
Latest News and Resources:

NALC and USPS agree to extend negotiation period for local implementation: The 15-day extension will assist the many branches that negotiate with numerous USPS installations. A complete copy of the extension agreement (MRS-M-01630) can be found here and the revised calendar is below.

Revised Local Negotiations Calendar
Preparation for Negotiations
Information Demands
Notice of Intent to Negotiate Sent
As Soon As Possible
Negotiating Ground Rules Set
Before October 1
Negotiations Begin
October 1
Negotiations End
Novemeber 14
Impasse to USPS and NBA By
November 29
Impasse Discussions Begin
November 15
Impasse Discussions End
January 28
Appeal to Arbitration No Later Than
February 18


HBP NALC Health Plan relaxes requirements for California wildfire victims: For our members in Southern California, the NALC Health Benefit Plan will relax its plan requirements for those members who are adversely affected by the wildfires.

Hospital precertification: Requirements are waived for those members who require hospitalization for emergency care.
Emergency hospitalizations: We will provide PPO-level benefits for victims taken to non-PPO treatment centers.
Additional supplies and medications: The Plan will waive the retail refill limitation so that members do not need to resort to using mail order for refills, lost or destroyed medications.

Members are encouraged to call the Plan at 888-636-6252 if they have any questions or concerns.

Questions about “MISC” category deductions?
Many members have inquired about a large deduction amount under the “MISC” category on their recent paycheck that included the $686 COLA cash-out payment. The reason is that the usual tax deductions were taken out separately for regular pay and the COLA payment, with the COLA deductions included in the MISC category. More
2007 Penalty Overtime Exclusion: President Young has received correspondence from the Postal Service concerning Penalty Overtime Exclusion for the calendar year 2007. As referenced in Article 8, Sections 4 and 5, the 2007 Penalty Overtime Exclusion period (the four consecutive weeks during which penalty overtime regulations are not applicable) begins Pay Period 25-07, Week 2 (December 1, 2007) and ends Pay Period 01-08, Week 1 (December 28, 2007).
President Young and Postmaster General sign 2006-2011 National Agreement   Contract signed: NALC President William H. Young and Postmaster General Jack Potter signed the 2006-2011 National Agreement on October 9 at USPS Headquarters in Washington,
DC. The Agreement was ratified by a vote of the membership (104,346 to 11,895). Bargaining home | Press Release
Leadership Academy applications deadline extended to October 31: Members who are interested in applying for future classes should fill out this form. The form now must be returned by October 31 in order for candidates to be eligible for selection for a 2008 session. Note: Any previous applicant who still wants to be considered must submit a new application with updated information and must include a renewed commitment from the mentor.
Postal Record article
Updated Route Inspection Kit: Update your NALC Route Inspection Kit with the most recent changes to the program. The December 1, 2006 update can be downloaded here.
Route protection materials online: Chapters from the workbook designed to help carriers during route evaluations can be found here.

Online form for bylaw changes: Use this convenient form to submit proposed changes to the Committee of Laws. You should only submit this form after the bylaw has been read, voted on and approved, as well as signed by a branch officer.

Three ways for NALC members to contribute to COLCPE: Forms and instructions to download to make a regular donation to NALC's political action fund can be found here.

Contract-related or work rule question? Letter carriers in need of information and assistance should contact the NBA in their region. You can locate your NBA here.

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Representing city letter carriers
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Founded in 1889, NALC is the union of city letter carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service. Letter carriers delivered 203 billion pieces of mail last year, six days a week, to over 138 million homes and businesses in every city, suburb and town in America.
William H. Young,
William H. Young

NALC is affiliated with the AFL-CIO and with UNI, an international alliance of communications unions.

Updated October 29, 2007