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July 16, 2009


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Elsita :)

Wow Billy!
This looks like a great thing to see, I wish that I could be there.
On the other hand I have always been so curious about holography, I would love to do something in that technique.
Elsi :)


Thank you very much for this very interesting and informative post. How nice that you could break loose to see this exhibit. I hope it will travel to San Francisco. I enjoyed learning that Dali felt he was a kindred spirit with Harpo Marx; the harp with barbed wire is a stunning gift.

Elsita, I would love to see how you would use the holography medium!

Janet M

I was fascinated by "The Dream of Venus", and I had never heard of it. I thought it owed something to the set design of "The Black Cat" of 1934, which is deliciously creepy. It's descendant would be the set design of "A Clockwork Orange".

margie oomen

The diary of a Genius by Salvador Dali is worth the read.
My son gave it to me.
"If I make a film, I want to be sure that it will be from beginning to end, a succession of wonders, because there is no point in bothering to see shows that are not sensational" salvador dali

Marguerite Horberg

hey if you find Sarah Charlesworth walking the streets of melboune say hi for me

Elsita :)

We just got home and what a beautiful surprise finding your card with the little drawing! I love it!
Elsi :)


Very interesting. There are so many things in the world known to some, yet to be discovered by others. I had no idea this even existed. Thank you for sharing.

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I enjoyed learning that Dali felt he was a kindred spirit with Harpo Marx; the harp with barbed wire is a stunning gift.

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