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Monster Mask Collection Pics

Welcome to the Collection Pics Page! This is still a work in progress and represents a relatively current snap shot of the Yellow Phantom's collection. From time to time I'll be updating this page with pics of new additions. There are still a handful of masks I need to add, as well as several masks that are stored away in our Halloween boxes.

2013 Collections Additions

2013 is off to great start through the first few months as I've been lucky enough to add several masks to the collection...

Night Owl Productions - Ghoul

I fell head over heels in love with this mask when I first saw it at Maskfest in 2011. I got my hands on a blank from Justin in 2012, and finally finished painting it during the final week of March. One of my all time favorite mask designs, it's the perfect 60's monster...

Don Post Studios - B-1 Frankenstein

This B-1 Frank recast came to me as a blank that was gifted by a friend. After painting it, he's now displayed proudly next to a reproduction box...

Death Studios - Reptile

Casey Love - Metaluna Mutant

Don Post Studios - Custom Painted Strange Frankenstein

Don Post Studios - Custom Painted Calendar Style Dracula

2012 Collections Additions

2012 started off as an amazing year for collecting masks, and it never really wound down. I'm very fortunate to say that 2012 was far and away my favorite year I've had as a mask collector.

The highlights of 2012 include: The Bump in the Night Ghastly Ones Ghoul, which has been high on my collection priority list for many years. The Ellis Burman "Hollywood Studio" mask find in February of 2012 was perhaps the greatest collection addition I'll ever experience. The Deluxe Uncle Creepy mask I acquired in Spring was my all time Don Post Studios "Grail" mask. And the number of Be Something Studio masks that found their way into my collection in '12.

Don Post Studios - Vermillion & Veridian Skulls

Don Post Studios - Custom Painted Karloff Frankenstein

Don Post Studios - Custom Painted Moonfan

Collegeville Costumes

2012 was the year that a number of Collegeville Costumes joined the collection. Here are a handful as they're displayed next to a black light...

Be Something Studios

11 BSS masks were added to the collection this year! A handful of these are pictured below including: Animal Skull, Be Fiend, Dr. Deranged, Fang Face, Living Skull, and Wolf...

Be Something Studios - Lucifer

The red velvet version from the 1980 BSS catalog

 Don Post Studios - Deluxe Creepy

Custom painted by myself. This is my personal DPS Holy Grail... my favorite Warren character in mask form!

Be Something Studios - Executioner

Character from the 1979 BSS Catalog

Jordu Schell Demon

Early Jordu creation from the Weirdom days...

Hollywood Halloween Ghoul

I picked up both the glow in the dark, and standard versions at Monsterpalooza 2012...

I custom painted the standard version to match the Famous Monsters #40 cover...

Don Post Studios - Wolfman Calendar Re-Issue

This is the last DPS Calendar re-issue that I wanted to add to the collection. This copy was custom painted by Justin Mabry...

Night Owl - Skull

Picked up at Monsterpalooza 2012...

Aaron Lewis - Frankenskull

Picked this guy up at Monsterpalooza 2012. Designed by Bob Short and sculpted by Aaron Lewis..

Ellis Burman Sr. - Hollywood Studio Masks

A most unprobable score. The prize of my entire collection...

BITN - Ghastly Ghoul

The official mask of The Ghastly Ones produced by Bump in the Night Productions. I found this early in the year at a costume shop about an hour from my home. In need of some restoration.

Don Post Studios - Skull

Late 80's raw latex version

Don Post Studios - Corpse

800 line vinyl glow in the dark

Vacuform Masks

The first vacuform masks in my collection...

2011 Collections Additions

Death Studios

3 Death Studios masks have joined the collection this year. Each from the 1986 catalog, which is very near and dear to my heart...

Bob Bagy Predator

Landed this one in a trade last summer. The mask was in really rough shape and in need of some serious re-painting and re-construction. Finally had a chance to get him in shape in the month of May. One of the larger pieces in the collection.

VXX-FX Famous Monster #1 Frank

Cast in green latex

VXX-FX Devilman! and Monster Hands

Scored the last set of Monster hands from VXX with this Devilman! replica from cover of Famous Monsters #2 cover

Bayshore Zombie

I scored a blank recast of this classic mask at Monsterpalooza 2011. Painted, finished and added to the collection as of early May.

Don Post Studios Karloff Frankenstein

I've had the blank since the early 90's. Finally got around to painting and finishing the piece.

Night Owl Franken Fink

Monsterpalooza 2011 pick up

Verne Langdon Zombie Recast

Maskfest 2011 score. I've been hunting for this head for quite some time! It's good to have one in the family.

Don Post Mutant

Maskfest 2011 score from the Daniel Roebuck collection

Distortions Unlimited- Desert Demon

Last Maskfest 2011 score

Be Something Studios

My favorite mass-produced masks of all-time!


My first Be Something Studios mask

Unleashed Wickedness

My favorite mask of all-time!


This is the copy used of over 15 years at the Mayhem on Mansfield home haunt

Death Studios

More on the Death Studios collection here

Don Post Studios

Calendar Re-issues

Metaluna Mutant

Oversized foam filled mask


 Before: Factory paint job After: Custom paint job

Herman, Timber Wolf, Tor Johnson

This Herman mask was the second mask I ever bought. I purchased it at age 15 with the intent of using it as the head of a dummy in a coffin for a Halloween display. I credit this mask for kicking off my collection. My fist dozen or so masks were bought with a similar intention of being used for Halloween displays or home haunts.

New Don Post Masks

Ghoul Aloha

Distortions Unlimited


This is the first monster mask I ever bought on my own in 1986 when I was 12 years old.


I bought this mask in 1991 at Disney World at a cart right outside the Haunted Mansion.

Resurrection Zombie

#5 of 25 Signed and painted by Jordu Schell

Illusive Concepts

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Custom Painted Creature mask. My first Universal Studios monster mask

3-Faced Pumpkin

Back in 1990-91, I first saw this mask at Fantasy Headquarters in Chicago. Despite the fact that it was the most unique mask I had ever laid my eyes on, the cost of almost ninety dollars was far more than I could ever think to spend on a mask. Fast forward almost 20 years, after cleaning old stock out of the warehouse the folks at Fantasy Headquarters found a lost copy and put it on the shelf. After a random stop in I took one look at this classic mask and almost fell over. It's been with me ever since.

3 Faced Castle Mask

Another Fantasy Headquarters score! In 2009, my wife and I stopped by Fantasy HQ in late September, after purchasing a few Be Something Studios masks and some odds and ends, the manager of the mask room invited us to take a look in the warehouse across the street. The time we spent in the warehouse was one of the greatest thrills of recent memory! There where literally piles of old Don Post, Distortions and various other old props and masks in the far back corner of the warehouse. We filled my pick up truck to the brim and drove home with a mountain of late 80s and early 90s props. This was the only mask I took home from the warehouse. I remember it fondly from the same era as the pumpkin above. Unfortunately, it was stored poorly and is in dire need of restoration. For now, it's safely stored and waiting some TLC.

Flesh Eater Zombie

Sculpted by me, produced by Darkside for several years. Full mask write up here

Devil's Workshop

I've managed to gather most of my favorite older masks...

I do have a copy of almost every Devil's Workshop Collector's Edition mask...

FM Cover Project 1.Werewolf 2. Phantom 3. Ghoul

Brain Eater

Lab Monster

Super Frankenstein

There are a few new editions I don't have pictures of that need to be added here

Night Owl

Green Ghoul


Topstone Hag

Painted and finished by Justin Mabry

Trick or Treat Studios

Ghastly Ghoul

Jordu Schell


Surprise gift from my wife at Maskfest 1 in 2009

Steve Wang's Bio-Morph Studios


Aris Kolokontes

Bat Creature

Kelly Mann

Ugly Roomer

The official mask of Maskapalooza - and the mask that started my retro collection!

Odds and Ends

Dime Store Masks

All 3 are custom painted and have survived over 15 years of home haunts and a few haunted barns!

Vintage Vinyl Devil Mask

This dime store zombie mask always reminded me of the classic Shock Monster

More to come...

soon I hope :)