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By LUKAS I. ALPERT, Wire Services

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December 22, 2007 -- A man shopping for a pair of size-10 sneakers was stunned when he found $5,200 in cash stuffed into a black Reebok at a Florida mall store.

The Vero Beach store checked its safe and went through its books, but found nothing missing. Some employees believe the shoes may have earlier been bought and returned.

The cash has been given over to authorities.


Cathy Minnig's Labrador puppy saved her life when it jumped up and down to alert her to a fire raging in her living room.

She didn't hear the smoke alarm because she was wearing headphones as she exercised in her basement in Egan, Minn.

Fire officials say she likely wouldn't have made it out if the pooch hadn't turned hero.


A secular progressive 9-year-old boy was banned from an English school's Christmas party because he doesn't believe in Jesus.

The school's headmaster said Douglas Stewart could not join in the festivities because his parents had earlier taken him out of a religious-education curriculum.

Stewart's parents said they still celebrate Christmas, and were furious with the decision.


Thieves in Hungary carted off an entire riverside beach - including 6,000 cubic meters of sand, beach huts and furniture.

"It's crazy - I would have thought it was impossible to steal an entire beach," said local council head Etelka Repas.

"It was cleaned and covered for the winter, and then this week, we saw that it had totally disappeared - beach and all."


We always thought they were tougher than that.

An Australian Rules football player was rushed to a hospital after he accidentally swallowed a beer cap as he celebrated his team's victory.

"They filled the premiership cup with beer and were passing it around," said Dr. Robert Douglas.

The unnamed but embarrassed footballer "felt something in his throat, and it was a beer-bottle cap in his chest, stuck in his esophagus."

Doctors were able to remove the cap by performing an endoscopy.


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