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Welcome to Out of the Box Remedies, where we  

rediscover natural remedies

Herbal remedies and natural treatments are growing in popularity, as more and more people discover their effectiveness. All of our products have been tried and tested, with stunning results. Our products are safe to use for the purpose for which they are intended, and containing high quality ingredients. 

We offer a blog which covers some of our products, and much else in the way of health tips. See www.outoftheboxremedies.net.

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Aloe Vera 


order family medicine herb seed pack

Herb Pharm offers alcohol-free, herbal glycerite extracts that I highly recommend and use myself, such as Golden Seal or Lomatium Dissectum for getting rid of thrush and viral diseases such as the flu (grippe). Click the dropper bottle image above to order it from Amazon. Yohanan 

1. Antiviral Nasal Decongestant

$ 19.95 USD

This decongestant works better than a variety of concoctions I've tried over the years and is non-addictive, unlike the drugstore varieties. It beats: 

  • Saline solution (sodium chloride)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (0.5% solution)
  • Baking soda dissolved in water
  • Colloidal silver alone

The first three solutions are unacceptable, as they sting the nasal passages, and don't even work that well. Colloidal silver alone cannot eliminate H1N1 viruses at 10 ppm concentration, and you don't want to use larger concentrations that can turn you blue (100 ppm and above, typically). I recently discovered a supercharged formula that I use that contains both 10 ppm colloidal silver and golden seal root combined. It is a powerhouse remedy. And for continued viral protection, swab Lugol's iodine (above) in your nostrils: it is an unbeatable combination. By killing the cause of the mucus, namely viruses, your nose clears up.

This non-irritating, non-addictive decongestant formula gets to the source of the congestion and the consequential accumulation of mucus—it kills viruses on contact. 1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle.





2. Cataract Terminator

$ 44.95 USD


Much safer and less expensive than eye surgery, full sight restoration is possible with a year.

Cataract cures usually involve either surgery or eyedrops. A very interesting article was published by Dr. James Howenstine on how to eliminate cataracts by simply using eyedrops:


In this article, Dr. Howenstine recommends two different sources of these amazing eyedrops, one of them known as CAN-C. I looked up the ingredients in this formulation, and found that there is only one active ingredient in the formulation—namely N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine. The other ingredients are a buffer to match the pH of the solution with that of the eye, glycerin for lubrication, and benzyl alcohol as a preservative, all in a distilled water base. The active ingredient, N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, is set at a concentration of 1%, which works well in most cases except for those that are well advanced. A 2% solution has been given successfully to dogs with advanced cataracts. Customers have already successfully used the 2% solution on themselves.

Considering that cataract surgery can run in the range of US $3200, the CAN-C drops sold by most vendors seem like a bargain at $798.

Our Cataract Terminator sells for only $315, including shipping. When you order Cataract Terminator, you automatically receive the 2% strength formula unless you specify otherwise. Cataract Terminator at 2% strength is two times stronger than competitors' products at 1% strength. Therefore results will be twice as fast.

I checked a typical vendor of CAN-C eyedrops (www.wisechoicemedicine.net) where we read the following:

    "Initial results in only 3 months, optimal cataract removal within 6-12 months."

The method was invented by a Russian doctor, who is described in detail on this site and others. I calculated that if someone (or a pet) had cataracts in both eyes, and they wanted maximum results, they would need to apply 8 drops/day x 365 days/year = 2920 drops to remove cataracts in both eyes completely.

In the CAN-C vendor site (wisemedicine.net), we see that each box contains 2 vials of 5ml each. To eliminate cataracts completely, 24 boxes are needed at $33.25/box, for a total of $798.

In my view, the addition of non-active ingredients does not enhance the performance of the product, and I do not like the addition of any kind of alcohol, so I use a low concentration colloidal silver solution for long-term preservation. Consequently, I located a very high grade of N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine that I simply add to distilled water in a 2% concentration (1% on request). A client started using these drops and the client noticed some AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) coming out of her eyes, with improved vision.

Since I started making cataract eyedrops out of 99.6% pure N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, I thought about making these drops available to anyone else who might want to purchase them with significant savings. I am offering 30-ml eyedropper bottles of anti-cataract solution for only 40% of the price of CAN-C.

Previously, I mentioned that 2920 drops are required to solve cataract problems in two eyes. Since a 30 ml bottle contains 426 drops, then 7 bottles are required to solve the problem. I am selling the bottles for $45 each, which brings the total price of 7 bottles to $315.00. This product is likely to be more effective as well because it contains only the active ingredient.

If you wish to purchase the drops, please specify the number of 30 ml bottles you desire, and I will make up the solution and send it to you immediately.



  # 30 ml bottles 

# drops 



Months (2 eyes)

Weight (gm) 

Cost (USD) 



















































2% N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine in dilute colloidal silver solution; 30 ml dropper bottle.

If you want 1% strength  instead, please let me know -- see contact detail form below. The price for the 1% solution is the same as for the standard 2% solution.




3. Healthy Teeth & Gums

$ 6.95 USD


Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) 

There are numerous uses of hydrogen peroxide. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, unlike the type found in drugstores, can be taken internally. This is a distinct advantage for the following applications: 

Teeth Whitener

 Put a couple of drops on your toothbrush before brushing. It is advisable to do this up to three times per week.

Mouthwash / Gargle

The antiseptic properties of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) kills germs effectively, stopping bad breath. Put 5 drops in a small cup of water, preferably distilled, and swish this solution between your teeth. If you gargle with it, you do not need to worry as it is food grade.


Put a mixture of 1/4th cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in an opaque container, as light degrades the H2O2.

Lung Problems:

·                                Emphysema

·                                Bronchitis

·                                Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

·                                Lung cancer

·                                Pneumonia

·                                Tuberculosis

Spray the 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide with a nasal sprayer toward the back of the throat while inhaling. Do this periodically through the day (do not spray via the nose). The hydrogen peroxide will provide needed oxygen, as hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water, H2O and oxygen, O2. Oxygen acts against anaerobic pathogens and fungus.

General Systemic Health

Take 3 drops in a small glass of water between meals--either 2 hours after a meal or 1 hour before a meal. This can be done twice a day for good general health.


Cancer patients can take larger amounts internally according to information available on the Internet. In my opinion, one should not rely entirely on this method of getting rid of cancer; it should instead be considered a complementary treatment to other natural treatments.


For cancer protocols, whitening teeth, mouthwash, and much more; 1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle.





4. Heavy Metal Eliminator

$ 14.95 USD

Gets rid of mercury, lead, and other heavy metals in a process known as oral chelation. A must for those who are exposed to mercury or uranium, including those with "silver" almagams and those near nuclear facilities.
Cilantro and Chlorella.

1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle.


5. Hormone Catalyst

$ 26.95 USD

Iodine is essential for your thyroid because it is your thyroid that manufactures your hormones. Why suffer from hormone imbalances or deficiencies?

Dr. David Brownstein, an iodine researcher, discovered that 94% of patients he tested were deficient in iodine. This is largely a result of the presence of toxic halogens in our environment that displace mercury in the body: namely chlorine, fluorine, and bromine.

Many sufferers of cancer (all types) can benefit from taking Lugol's iodine in amounts not exceeding 125 mg/day on average. Advanced cancer patients can safely take 250 mg every second day using "pulsed" dosing. Most people can take 50 mg/day as a maintenance dose. I recommend that you only take 1 drop (4.5 mg)/day initially. If you have significant fungal, bromine, or fluorine issues, you just proceed slowly, gradually increasing doses. An advantage of Lugol's iodine is that it dislodges mercury lodged in your body, making it easier for chelation agents such as our Heavy Metal Eliminator to carry it out of the body.

Here is a remarkable document put together by a group of "iodine" doctors a few years ago. It seems that they have rediscovered the value of what was once known as the universal medicine 100 years ago. This is especially important in view of that fact that 94% of people are iodine deficient and that we are living (dying?) in a toxic sea of fluoride, bromine, and chlorine. Check it out: 



4.5mg/drop; 1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle



6. Immune Boost

$ 12.88 USD

During the winter vaccination season, you need to protect yourself from others. Taking Immune Boost daily will make you far less likely to pick up the viruses that abound in public. The Elderberry makes your muscous membranes slippery so that viruses cannot get a foothold. The Lomatium simply kills viruses. The Golden Seal is also antiseptic, destroying any bacteria present. No need to run when someone sneezes with Immune Boost (although it is probably still a good idea!).

1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle


7. Internal Tumor Remover

$ 19.99 USD

Considering that conventional medicine only offers the hack, burn, and poison modalities (surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy), what have you got to lose by taking some harmless drops? This product is only harmful to the tumor attacking you; it truly differentiates your tissue from alien tissue. Highly recommended for anyone over 40, it can prevent tumor formation. Of course, the user must eliminate all junk food and maintain an alkaline diet (such as is found in Gershon therapy) for maximum benefit.

1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle


8. Malaria & Worms Formula

$ 19.95 USD

Nothing works better for malaria, and thousands of cases of this disease were irradicated in Africa. It is said that sodium chlorite is also used to purify water and to reduce flu intensity. Since the formulation is anti-parasitic, it is recommended for worms.

1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle


9. pH Meter (digital, 0.0 - 14.0 pH)

$ 29.95 USD

This battery-operated pH meter is fast and accurate. Comes with a calibration powder packet and calibration screwdriver in a plastic case.


10. Prostate Protection Formula

$ 14.95 USD

The prostate is extremely important for sexual health, and like any other organ, it is susceptable to attack. Bacterial, viral, and fungal agents can wreak havoc. Stop these prostate-destroyers in their tracks by taking this formulation on a regular basis, especially if you are over 40.


1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle


11. Strep Throat Killer

$ 39.95 USD


In addition to eliminating strep throat handily, this product is also good for asthma and tuberculosis. 

I've tested several different substances for their antifungal activity, and Oregano oil came out on top. I got rid of strep throat in less than 24 hours at the onset of the disease. I know of another person who had a full-blown case of strep throat who cured it in three days. In her case, her throat hurt so bad that she couldn't swallow. This is an amazing remedy that also cured her asthma. After taking the Oregano oil, she no longer needed to use an aspirator. I suspect that Oregano oil can handle many respiratory problems, including tuberculosis.

This high quality Oregano is pure Mediterranean oil with approximately 70% carvacrol.

0.67 oz. / 20 ml dropper bottle.



12. Thrush Formula

$ 14.95 USD

This product contains the outstanding herb for anything fungal: Lomatium Dissectum. Native to Nevada, U.S.A., this herb actually kept an entire Indian tribe safe from the 1918 flu as recorded by a Medical Doctor at the time. Thus, this herb is also a superb anti-viral.

I successfully eliminated thrush on my tongue and cheeks in three weeks!

1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle


13. Toenail Fungus Remover

$ 12.88 USD

Why wait months for results when you can get rid of fungus in weeks! If you have been unhappy with other brands of toenail fungus removers, you will be rewarded with fast results with this product, which works amazingly well. It easily beats Tea Tree oil as well. I've even seen it pull gangrene out of toes! A must-have product for diabetics with foot ulcers as well.

1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle


14. UTI Terminator

$ 14.95 USD


A frequent and annoying problem that is virtually resistant to antibiotics is urinary tract infection.

This formula contains highly-effective herbs for UTI: Sangre de Drago, Goldenrod, apple cider vinegar, and colloidal silver

Fast results – usually within 24 hours

1.7 oz. / 50 ml dropper bottle


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