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7 Ways The Internet Is Ruining Your Life


Needless to say, the Internet is here to stay. It’s integrated into every aspect of life, from keeping in touch with friends to sealing business deals to finding the love of your life. It helps you do your homework, throw a party, figure out how to build a gravity bong – for anything you can think of, the Internet is there. But the Internet is also completely changing who you are. Here are 7 Ways the Internet Is Ruining Your Life. 

jessica-simpson 8

1. It’s making you stupid

Before the collective idiot-savant brain, Google took over 90-percent of your thinking task load, you actually had to, you know, learn stuff. If you had a question you needed to answer, you’d have to go to the library to look it up. Not anymore.

Now, because of the instant gratification of “Googling” something, we have nearly zero attention span needed to study, and really learn something (especially something that won’t make you money.) Not to mention all the things you used to have to remember, like addresses or who your friends are, that are now just stored somewhere online. Seriously, you’re about one iPhone app away from scrapping the whole thinking thing altogether.



2. It’s warping your sense of reality

While the Internet does a great job at connecting people from all over the world (usually in order to have regretful sex), it’s not so good for figuring out how people actually operate. In other words, just because you’ve met people from all over the world doesn’t mean you have the same wisdom as someone who’s actually traveled all over the world. You may have plenty of information, but without the context of experience, it means very little, despite the feeling that you know how things really work.



3. It’s ruining your social skills

Despite all the additional etiquette rules we’ve all had to acquire for things like sending an email, “Facebooking,” posting in forums or chatting online, the Internet is actually making you worse at real socializing by the day. Why? Because every second you spend on the Internet is a second not spent interacting with someone face-to-face. Now, when people could talk face-to-face, like at an office, they email or IM each other, instead of just turning their chair 90-degrees and saying, “Yo where the f**k are your TPS reports?”


fat man at computer

4. It’s making you fat

I’m sure this one needs no explanation, but just to be safe: If you spend all your time sitting at a desk or on your couch with a computer on your lap, you’re going to get fat. Period. Along with making you fat, the Internet is also making you lazy, both mentally and physically. (Seriously, when was the last time you walked to a book store?) Plus, the lazier you get, the fatter you get. And the process just spirals out of control until you’re too obese to masturbate. What then?!



5. It’s turning you into an douchebag

Besides keeping you from getting laid and making you suck at small talk in the real world, spending too much time online slowly turns anyone into a complete dick. That’s because people aren’t programmed to speak anonymously. When we do, we start acting like complete dipsh!ts every chance we get. And before you know it, you’re screaming at someone in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS about which cute cat video is better. I mean, c’mon – have some self-respect.



6. It’s stealing your privacy

Just FYI: You have zero privacy. Everything you do online – I mean everything: the emails you send, Websites you visit, what you write, even what your mouse scrolls over – everything is recorded, and kept in a searchable database. Not only that, but because of ubiquitous Internet access, people are now constantly available, which makes the concept of taking a vacation practically non-existent. Your bosses can now check your Facebook page to learn personal infor-mation about you. And God forbid you upload naked pictures of yourself – because that sh!t is never going away. Ever.



7. It’s making you boring

No matter how entertaining, engaging or informative the Internet can be, it’s making you boring as all hell. To not be boring, you need to actually do stuff. Go out into the world, travel, explore, drink, fight, f**k – just do something interesting that doesn’t involve a keyboard and a screen. That way, you’ll actually have some good stories to tell, some scars to show, something interesting to say. Twittering links and regurgitating ideas you read elsewhere does not make you a full, well-rounded person. It just makes you the same as everybody else…


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  • John says:

    That one picture is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Hi5 says:

    If only i could read this whole post. The internet has left me with only the ability to scan – thank god you have many pic posts LOL

  • Poop McGee says:

    Thank you. Thank you very very much. I’ve always thought the internet, social networking sites, im’ing, texting, cellphones in genral, all this new technology is counterproductive to the human race. Yes, it makes communication much easier, but it also removes a very vital part of the human experience. Nothing online is real. It’s all pictures and words, which are both human creations. We need to get back to good old hunter gatherer mentalities and start actually communicating in person, and interacting with REAL stimuli.

    Thank you again. Great article.

  • Doug Steen says:

    Wow, aint it the truth! Well said dude!


  • This article sucks says:

    #1 : ok so going to a library and LOOKING SOMETHING UP is different than just using google to LOOK SOMETHING UP?

    #2: “just because you’ve met people from all over the world doesn’t mean you have the same wisdom as someone who’s actually traveled all over the world.”
    —I have yet to meet a person who thinks they are “multicultural” just from talking to people online in diff countries.

    #3: “Because every second you spend on the Internet is a second not spent interacting with someone face-to-face.”
    —–So what about Phones, Snail Mail, Smoke Signals, TV, movies, Radio, Walkie Talkies????

    #4: If someone is inherently lazy, and prone to gaining excessive weight, the Internet is just 1 of MANY things that can keep them being physically unfit.

    #5: The Author of this article is a douchebag

    #6: Aside from the fact that you CHOOSE what people can and can’t see on facebook, ok so, “everything” you do is recorded, but it’s all automated and then keywords are automatically picked out and used, so no HUMANS are actually looking at any “record” of what you did yesterday at amazon.

    #7: This article is boring

    This is easily the dumbest article I have ever read….ON THE INTERNET. I now feel dumber for having read it.

  • dirk alan says:

    lowest common dominatrix.

  • Mike O. says:

    Well thought out and well written. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well you summarized the danger of the internet. From some of the reactions you got, it looks like some of your remarks hit home. Good on ya.

  • Shanedog says:

    Well, the author of this article is clearly a luddite. Sounds like some angry mom who just learned about the Internet.

  • Andrew - Hunter College says:

    I’m sure you’re just a troll, “This Article Sucks,” but just to follow-up your points:

    1. The point is that information is now disposable. It’s not the looking something up part that’s the problem, it’s that the entire mentality around information and learning is now passive and taken for granted. There’s nothing gratifying about learning something anymore. Plus, because it’s all so effortless, we now have zero attention span for everything. This isn’t entirely the Internet’s fault, of course, but it’s certainly exacerbated things.

    2. Just because you haven’t met someone like that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I, for one, have met numerous people like this, which is what prompted me to include this in the article.

    3. Yes, all those other technologies are part of the problem, too. I wouldn’t personally include TV or movies in that list, but as for the others, they are increasingly being replaced by communicating via the Internet. But I agree that other technologies are a large part of the problem, as well.

    4. Yes, you’re right – lazy people who are prone to weight gain can get fat without spending all their time online. But what, exactly do you think lazy people are spending their time doing? Not being on the Internet? No way. Sounds like you’ve got some personal issues to work out with this one.

    5. Yes, I probably am a douchebag. I never claimed to be exempt from the points in this article.

    6. I’m not just talking about Facebook, dude. I’m talking about the United States government (along with many other governments, I’m sure.)

    7. If it was so boring, why did you feel compelled to write a giant comment about it?

  • Ellen says:

    It’s clear that by reading the comments, no one has anything to learn from anyone else anymore.

    Also, there is a clear difference between Googling something and using a library.

    The Internet is creating (or perhaps just revealing) a bunch of know-it-alls.

  • Yandy Ramirez says:

    you said twittering doesn’t make you different, but go out and do something.. I agree, I just think it’s funny how right beneath that, you have a follow @blottsie on twitter.. i LOL’d at you.. hahaha!

  • JProc says:

    This really is one of the worst “internet is bad” articles I have ever read. No offense, but all of the points you hit on are very extreme and just downright unintelligent. I won’t ramble through every single point as the above comment has already taken care of that for me. However, I would like to also point out that if the internet is SOOO terrible, then why would this author waste the time to create this article in the first place? It has pictures, it has a nice layout, and is published on…. THE INTERNET! Kind of seems like this person must be some sort of internet user…. Seriously, what a contradiction. Anyway, there is so much more I could say but it would take me all day so I won’t bother.

  • This article sucks says:

    @Andrew Hunter-College

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not just some troll, I am some one who understands that technology, especially the Internet, is not a bad thing and is not “ruining” anyone’s life.

    The Internet is a tool, just like everything else created by humans. Just because there is a noticeable (but still small) percentage of people who show signs of “abuse” of such a tool, doesn’t make the entire entity a negative aspect of society.

    Now, back to your response:

    1. “because it’s all so effortless, we now have zero attention span for everything. ” –Show me scientific proof how having easy access to the worlds information creates zero attention span for “everything.” Why do you assume ease of access = low intelligence? Have you ever read a wikipedia page on a subject you thought you knew well? Guess what? You will learn something new after reading the entire article…OMG LEARN SOMETHING NEW and then, like any good human, retain the info in the brain for later use.

    2. I said I have “yet” to meet some one like that. I am sure there are people like who exist, but “numerous?” How many? ONE? You mean to tell me that ONE person claims to be experienced in other cultures just from interacting with other people from different countries?

    3. “I wouldn’t personally include TV or movies in that list…” — Why not? When you sit and watch a show/movie for 1 – 2 hours, you are glued to that screen when you can instead be talking to everyone face-to-face. My point being that your social skills are just fine. Humans will always want a time to themselves. The Internet is just one of the many.

    4. I get that you are trying to be sarcastic, but think back to the 80’s, and all the fat kids you knew then. Why were they so fat? Why were adults fat back then? It wasn’t the Internets fault then, it’s not the Internets fault now. So just because people who have lazy personalities use the Internet, it’s the Internet that causes them to be lazy? Great logic there!

    5. You missed the point, name calling is an automatic invalid argument. Aside from that, what if I ACCIDENTALLY TYPE A NICE MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS, YOU LOOK GREAT TODAY. Am I still a douche?

    6. Oh wait, so though I debunked your argument about facebook you reject it? Ok, I’ll bite, the U.S. Gov’t and that darn PATRIOT ACT. Yeah it’s bullshit. But the Internet is the reason why you don’t have privacy? That’s not true. You choose to use the Internet and just because someone is uninformed, doesn’t make the Internet the bad guy. If you don’t know how to drive, but you get behind the wheel and crash, is it the cars fault or your own?

    7. It was boring because every babyboomer (aka my parent’s generation) blames the Internet for everything (so your argument is not new or (factually backed up)), when the real problem is the people.

    Basically, this article should have had a little sentence in the beginning saying “this is an editorial” or a “personal opinion” as opposed to trying to sound like where they actually back up their facts.

  • TheCount says:

    #8: It’s making me chop everything into 7 part lists. I hate that. Because sometimes there are really only 6 parts and I have to figure out a #7, so that my list will be complete. I wish everything would just comply with the natural laws of the universe which require lists of 7. In which case this comment is already invalid, as everyone knows you can’t add to the list when it’s already 7 parts. That would make it an 8 part list. A totally unacceptable anomaly, like flies in butter.

  • Kabel says:

    Not to mention how scarred your mind will be after seeing EncyclopediaDramatica’s “Offended” page.

    Seriously though. I think the internet has made me a whole lot brighter than if I wouldn’t have been such a frequent user.

  • Olu says:

    even though i am a self confessed geek , screen addict and internet junkie i generally agree with the author. The internet has created a social paradox, it enables us to be more social and in constant contact with people yet at the same time it makes us very unsociable as we spend time away from talking to our families so that we can talk to people online.
    I am doing this at this very moment as i could be downstairs talking to my family but instead im on here talking to you guys!!!

    The anonymity of social sites and forums whilst being advantageous in the sense that people cant make judgments about your appearance (unless you have a photo up) is also a negative aspect as it has been scientifically proven than most human communication is non verbal and you actually have to be speaking face to face in reality to experience this.

    The internet along with other technologies such as video games is creating a nation of antisocial socialites who will in time become too scrared to go outside where its cold , rainy , dirty and dangerous and would rather stay in the warmth and comfort of their own homes thus cutting them off of vital life experiences which include unpleasant ones such as getting cold , wet , dirty or hurt.
    This is starting at an earlier age as parents dont let their kids outside to play games instead they put them in from of the wii to play virtual tennis!!
    this is terrible and will produce children with distorted mindsets.

    The point i am in most agreement with is how the net is affecting our intelligence.
    Whilst i believe the net is one of the best inventions we have come up with as it democratizes information and is an incredibly useful knowledge tool it really is all too easy to gain that information.

    I am only 22 so i vaguely remember when i used to go to libraries to research on school projects . i would write letters to people to arrange interviews with them.
    nowadays you can find out anything you want from a 5 minute google search.
    Little information will be retained by learning this way as the act of acquiring knowledge is as important as the knowledge itself.

    Like i said i am a self confessed screen addict so i am just as guilty as any one else which is part of the reason i have spent 10 minutes writing this article !!

    I will however spend less time inside looking at screens and more time outside where its cold , wet and most importantly real and fun !!

    cant forget my phone though so i can update my facebook status to let everyone know how much fun im having : P

  • s says:

    i respect your opinion but have to disagree, here are the facts:

    1. the internet made me like coding so much that i decided i wanted to study computer engineering. Im probably smarter than %50 of the people that are living in your state.

    2. Its not warping my sense of reality. Reality by definition is existant to the perceiver. Nothing can change how you perceive things except a neurological disorder. Henceforth pokemon tv shows and games do not alter people into believing they can shoot electricity from their dimpels. If theyre that stupid its not warping reality, its survival of the fittest.

    3. Its true that the internet is changing my social skills, but not for the worse. Im not sure if its better either but its changing nevertheless. Ive found some of my best friends in life( real life,as in face 2 face ) from the internet.

    4. This is probably true. Since i am kinda lazy and do not want to get up for doing anything for i am having too much fun while sitting down. However a healthy diet and not regular but mild exercise can help.

    5. Its not turning me into a douchebag however i agree that its lowering my tipping point for stupidity.

    6. this is a situation the same as: “If you leave your door unlocked someone might come in and steal your tv.” Also if youre such a high & mighty person you should know not to indulge your private life to strangers. DUH. (see lessons_learned_from_mom_101)

    7. GOD NO. If anything its making me an awesome person. I could tell you how much more exciting it has made my life but im too busy googling how to make jell-o-shots.

  • wat says:

    I’ve yet to meet anyone who has got fat from using the Internet. I haven’t gained (nor lost considerable weight) from being sat in front of my computer.

  • Justaguy says:

    As far as internet humor goes, this one is pretty dry. To anyone here enraged by this article, just laugh and turn the page. The neat thing about the internet is that it gives a voice to anyone who has anything to say. Seriously. I could write an entire blog about the day to day habits of my cat if I wanted to. While this information may not be relevant or even entertaining, I can do it. The only thing Andrew has provided us today is largely a hollow opinion supported by personal conjecture and logical fallacies. By making blanket statements he doesn’t have to support his argument, provide any kind of proof, or even reference where he’s getting his data. I personally can’t say I agree or even disagree with anything on his list because let’s face it, we all know at least one person (who fits quite nicely) for every category on this list. But we also know that those people have greater real world issues that are probably affecting the behavior more than the internet is. So I would say that the only real problem with this article is that it fails to recognize that there are very real, very tangible factors playing a larger role in the lives of all the fatties, ADHD kids, douchebags, socially inept, and boring people out there on the net. This is the fecking internet people. Unless whatever you are reading comes from a reputable source, don’t take it as truth. Just “LOL” and move on…I think maybe I will start a blog about my cat…

  • smith says:

    can y’all say “troll”. This is NOT SERIOUS STUFF!


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