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Application for summer 2012 Action trips

Once again we are ready to accept applications for summer Action trips. We will be sending teams to both Indy and Allendale again, and we need as many workers as we can gather—there is much to be done! When the missionaries were in Allendale this past fall, they found doors opened to them that have never been opened before, because of the impact that Action has had on their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, cousins and friends who have attended our summer camp. It’s a good reminder that Action provides the workforce that supports our city building and supports our brothers and sisters laboring in the Missionary Company and CIM. The work you do has an effect that reaches far beyond the immediate summer. The Lord is doing a lot, and he can do more if you join us! So come and join in what the Lord is doing in Allendale and in the Indy South Side and help to grow these labors and increase the fruit. Apply to go on an Action trip today!

At this point we are considering having six or seven Action teams. There will be at least three trips to each location, and all of them should take place during the dates below. Some trips may occur simultaneously in Indy and Allendale (i.e. there will be a trip in each location during that set of dates) and some may go only to Indy or only to Allendale. These are the tentative dates:
Team 1: June 4-16
Team 2: June 18-30
Team 3: July 9-21
Team 4: July 23-August 4

When you fill out the application, please indicate which trips you are available for and your order of preference for each possibility. You will be able to tell us your location preference as well, but please be open to serving wherever we can best use you. Note that in submitting an application you are not committing to go on a trip. We will process all the applications over the next few months and send you an invitation for a specific trip in early May. While we will accept applications until after the Action conference in April, it would help us greatly with planning if you could apply by March 12th. If you already know you would like to go on a trip this summer, please fill out an application right away!
Click here to apply for an Action trip.

Then scroll down to the post titled “Action 2012 Forms” to download and complete the forms you’ll need to go on a trip. That post has instructions on which forms to complete and what to do with them. Talk to your local Action leader if you have questions.

Thank you!

RSVP for the 2012 Action conference

It is now time to officially RSVP for the 2012 Action Conference that is being held in South Bend from April 11-14. We are looking forward to this great gathering of students and adults from all our branches. The conference will begin in the evening on Wednesday April 11th, and end with Lord's day on Saturday April 14th. There will be a fee to attend the conference, which you should have received information about in your e-mail or from your action leader. The deadline to RSVP for the conference is Monday, March 5, but the sooner you can respond the easier it will be for our planning. Because of the conference costs and the time needed to arrange hospitality in South Bend, we cannot guarantee that those who RSVP after the deadline will be able to attend, so please RSVP as soon as you can. Hope to see you there!

Click here to RSVP for the conference.

Action Forms 2012

In order to attend the Action Conference and/or participate in an Action trip, there are various forms you need to fill out. All forms should be given to your local action leader as soon as possible. Your action leader will mail them to South Bend. Click on each form name to access an online pdf that you can download and print.
If you are a minor
If you are currently under 18 years of age, you need to fill out the following forms:
1. waiver for minors: This form is needed for both the conference and/or a summer trip. If you will be attending the conference, be sure to circle “Action Conference on April 11th through 14th in South Bend, IN” where indicated on the form. If you are planning to come on a summer trip, please say so in the blanks provided.
2. healthcare authorization: This form is needed for both the conference and/or a summer trip. Again if you will be attending the conference, be sure to circle it, and be sure to indicate if you are planning to come on a summer trip in the blanks provided and that the effective date will include the summer trips.
3 health form: This form is needed for both the conference and/or a summer trip. The photocopy of your health insurance card is also needed for both.
4. conduct form for minors: This form is needed for the summer trips. But please fill it out and give it to your Action leader now.
If you are planning to attend both the Conference and Summer trip, please fill out your forms to attend both (even if you have not yet completed your summer trip application). That way you will only have to fill them out once!
If you are an adult
If you are currently 18 years of age or older, you do not need to fill out any forms to attend the Conference. But you do need to fill out the following forms to attend a summer trip:
1. waiver for adults
2. health form: you also need to include a photocopy of your insurance card with the health form.
3. conduct form for adults
Waivers for Vehicles
1. loaner vehicle waiver: If you will be loaning your vehicle for someone to drive to either the Conference and/or an Action trip, you need to fill out this form.
2. owner vehicle waiver: If you will be driving your vehicle to either the Action conference and/or an Action trip, you need to fill out this form.

If you have any trouble or questions, please contact your local Action leader or Catherine Bulger at And again, we need the forms for both the Conference and the summer trips as soon as possible!

2012 Interest Survey

2012, the tenth year of Action in its current form, is going to be an exciting year for us! We will certainly be sending teams on trips to both Indy and Allendale this summer. In addition, we are pleased to announce that in April we will be holding an all Action conference. The conference will be in South Bend from April 11-14, which is the week after Easter. Everyone in Action is invited.

As we prepare both for the conference and the summer trips, we’re trying to get an estimate of how many people might be involved in each. Whether you’re an Action student hoping to come on the conference and catch a trip this summer too or an adult who wants to help out on a trip (yes, we need you!), please take a moment to fill out this brief interest survey. The 2012 Interest Survey is now closed. Thank you to those of you who completed it.

If you are not in Action but are interested in attending the conference, please talk to your local Action division coordinator or team leader.

This survey is for planning purposes only and does not amount to a commitment to either the conference or the trips. You will be able to formally rsvp for the conference as well as apply for a trip starting sometime around the end of January. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you for completing the survey!

Application for 2011 Spring and Summer trips now online!

It’s time to apply for an Action trip to Indy or Allendale. Last year we sent 143 students and adults on eight Action trips. We did fix it projects in Allendale, moved a house in Indy, put on a summer camp in Allendale with record high attendance, hung sheet rock, installed doors, planted gardens, and insulated a ceiling. We hope to accomplish at least as much this spring and summer,and we want to invite you to help us. Help us fix houses that are falling apart, teach children who have nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no one else to learn from, create homes for our brothers and sisters in CIM and campus division to live in, and build friendship with the neighbors with whom we want to share life in the Body of Christ.

This year we are planning six summer trips, three to Indy and three to Allendale. The dates for these trips are as follows:
Indy 1: June 6-18
Indy and Allendale 2: June 20-July 2
Indy and Allendale 3: July 11—23
Allendale 4: July 25-August 6
Please consider which dates you could be available for and apply for the trips accordingly.

You are also invited to apply for a spring break trip, from April 25-30, the week after Easter. We can’t guarantee yet that we will be able to have a spring break trip, but please go ahead and apply if you are available and interested, and we will let you know the decision on it as soon as we can. The application for spring break trips is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied for a spring trip.

Please complete the steps listed below to be considered for placement on a team.
1. Fill out the online application. Click Here to fill out the application.
2. Print the health form.
3. Photocopy both sides of your health insurance card.
4. If you are a minor (less than 18 years old) print the code of conduct for minors, the waiver for minors, and the health care authorization form (for minors) (all provided in PDF format).
5. If you are an adult, print the code of conduct for adults and the waiver for adults (both provided in PDF format).
6. If you can volunteer to drive or loan your vehicle, print the owner vehicle waiver form OR the loaner vehicle waiver form (both provided in PDF format).
7. Fill out and sign all the forms and mail them to the Action Program Office at the following address:

Catherine Bulger
1434 Yale Ave
Shreveport, LA, 71103

We are still accepting summer applications. We will begin assembling summer teams shortly, however, so please apply as soon as you can. Remember to get your forms mailed in a timely manner as well. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Teams will be put together based on the complete applications we have received, and late applications will not be guaranteed placement. So check your summer schedules and fill out an application today!

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey!