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Interview: Anthony Volodkin of HypemachineInterview: Anthony Volodkin of Hypemachine

Between winning Mashup Camp 3 and bar hopping in Boston, I got a chance to throw some hard-hitting questions at Anthony Volodkin, the creator of Hype Machine, which keeps track of music posted on blogs all over the world.

What language is your site written in?
It's written in a mix of Perl and PHP, and there are some Python components as well.

Where do you get your data?
I use Amazon, iTunes, Eventful, Upcoming, YouTube, eMusic and there are more. It's a long list :)

When did you begin?
April 2005

Are you the only one involved?
Yes, unfortunately.

What motivated you to make Hype Machine?
I wanted to hear something fresh, something interesting in terms of music and I couldn't turn to radio or magazines. I found music blogs where apparently people write about music that they actually like, and that's a shift in a lot of ways that it was done previously.

What was the last memorable concert you went to?
It would have to be Cat Power. That was incredible.

If you could pick an artist or band to be Hype Machine's spokesperson, who would it be?
That's a tough one. No idea, because I actually don't know the kind of people a lot of musicians are.

How about Cat Power, pre-sober days?
Well see, my site is up most of the time so I don't know if it fits. If it would just disappear for half of the day or in the middle of a show. I couldn't pick Cat Power, but I do like her passion, her very human touch.

iPod or Zune?
iPod, but I don't even listen to my iPod anymore. I soak in the surroundings. When I take the train, I look at people. It's interesting. I think it's the next stage after you live with the iPod in the iPod bubble. After you are tired of this, you want to see what's in your surroundings.

What's your favorite music blog?
That's a tough one too. There are lots of good ones. I'd say what really got me even to do Hype Machine is Music For Robots. It actually has blog ID 1 [on Hype Machine] because it's the one I was testing stuff with.

New York or Boston?
New York. What? No Gainesville?

If you had a band, what would you name it?
I would call it Spoof.

[Points to 'Don't Read Spoof' on Anthony's shirt] What is that?
That's actually my friend's college magazine. It's a satire magazine that angered certain school groups to make posters that say, "Spoof isn't funny, don't read Spoof," which promptly made everyone pick up a copy. It flew off the shelves.


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