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What's €? Why not use $?

€ is Euro, the biggest European currency. As we're based in Europe that’s what we use. It doesn’t matter for you as a user. Our payment providers will automatically exchange to your currency when you add money to your Flattr account. We show your local currency in your dashboard.

What's the fee to use Flattr?

It’s free to set up a Flattr account. We keep 10% of what you give, meaning 90% of what you flattr goes to creators. Payment providers apply a small fee when you withdraw money you’ve made from your account.

What payment providers do you support?

We support most worldwide credit cards and local payment options plus of course PayPal. Note that money you add to Flattr can not be withdrawn.

What is "Unclaimed” flattrs?

Unclaimed flattrs are flattrs for content created by someone who hasn't got an account here just yet. Please help us get the word out to creators so that they can claim their Flattr money for Things.

You use the word 'Thing' what is that?

A 'Thing' is what you flattr. It can be a blog entry, tweet, song, video, software etc.

I don't want to use Flattr anymore. How do I delete my account?

We hate to see you leave but if you really want to delete your account, you can go to our delete account page »

I want to change my User ID, how do I do it?

To change your name you have to send us a support ticket, while logged into your account telling us what you want your new User ID to be. Send a support ticket »

Is there a difference between a supporter and a creator?

Supporters flattr Creators. All Flattr users can both give and receive money. Today, all Internet users are creators. That’s what makes Internet so awesome. All of us upload photos, write comments or tweet, content that can be valuable for somebody else.


How do I flattr creators and content I appreciate?

1. On services you use
Connect you Flattr account to YouTube, Instagram etc and use their “favorite”, “star” and “like” buttons to flattr.
Add your connections here »

2. Click Flattr buttons
Creators can embed a button next to their content. Just click flattr to send a microdonation to the creator.

3. With our browser extensions A Flattr logo appears in the address field on sites that have Flattr enable.
Download our extension here »

I’m a mega fan, is there a way to automatically flattr a creator every month?

Yes, if you go to a creators Flattr profile, and click a Flattr button, “subscribe” will occur. Click it again to flattr that creator once a month.

What payment methods can I use to add money to my Flattr account?

We support most worldwide and local credit cards. And of course PayPal.

What do you mean with “monthly budget”?

We think that it's very important you know exactly how much money you are spending every month. To make sure you know how much you spend on things you flattr, you set a monthly budget. The monthly budget is taken from your Flattr funds at the end of the month.

At the end of the month your budget is divided and transferred in equal parts to the creators you’ve flattred.

What is “Flattr value”?

Your monthly budget is divided equally between the Flattrs you make in a month. The more content you flattr the less each individual Flattr will be worth, so your exact Flattr value changes every month. Flattr value = (Your monthly budget / number of Flattrs you made that month). If you want the value to be higher, you can change the budget at any time during the month.

What happens if the creator I flattr doesn’t have a Flattr account?

We mark you flattr as “unclaimed” and you will then flattr the creator automatically when he or she registers. No money is taken from you account for unlaimed Flattrs until the creator has signed up. Contact the creator, tell them they have money waiting!

What is an unclaimed Flattr?

A flattr is unclaimed if a creator of for example a YouTube video isn’t yet using Flattr. No money is taken from you budget until the account owner joins Flattr. Then you will automatically flattr it. You can see your unclaimed flattrs in your dashboard.

How do I let non Flattr users know that I’ve flattred them?

Sometimes creators don’t know what Flattr is. It’s great if you want to tell them about us. Give them a call, send them a tweet. All means are ok. It’s all about letting creators know that supporters like you want to send microdonations to them.

Also, you can browse our unclaimed page and message creators right away. Browse unclaimed content »

What happens if I don't flattr for a month?

Your money will stay in your account to be used next month. If you're worried about forgetting to flattr you can set up subscriptions to your favorite things and continuously support them each month.


What content of mine can be Flattred?

You can easily make the content you produce on the major Internet services Flattrable by connecting your accounts with Flattr. Connect your accounts here »

You can also embed a Flattr button on your own site. Follow this guide »

How much of the money flattred will I get as a creator?

On Flattr 90% of the money flattred goes to the creator. The money you get is determined by how many times you are being flattred. The value of each Flattr depends on how much individual users set as their monthly budget, and how many times they flattred that month.

When do I get my money?

We send our Revenue reports on the 10th of every month together with your money.

How do I withdraw money I make?

When your revenue balance reaches €10 you can withdraw the money to PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers). You can always transfer any money you make to your Flattr funds to flattr other creators.

We are a charity/non-profit, what can you do for us?

We love charities and non-profits and want to help in anyway we can. Read more about how to get a Flattr Charity or Non-Profit Account here »

I run an Internet service where creators can upload their content. Can I make it flattrable for them?

Yes! We have a great API for that »

And we have partnership program so you get a slice of the money as well! Check our partner page »