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CMMC & MINI USA Chicago Auto Show Event


 UPDATE 01/30/2007
You will only need to show your MINI key to get into the MINI lounge area.  Available hours are Saturday February 10th from 10am till Noon.

The optional Northside drive down Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive will be departing  at 9am from the Northwestern parking garage located at the south end of the campus near 1800 S. Campus drive


Once again the CMMC will be partnering with MINI USA to bring you a unique way to see the Chicago Auto Show. And with the local debut of the next generation Cooper and Cooper S, this year promises to be one to remember.

For 2007 MINI’s Exhibit will feature an elevated second floor lounge and for the first two hours of the show on Saturday morning (02.10.07) it will be all ours. MINI USA will provide the usual excellent continental breakfast and a full line of refreshments for the club throughout the first two hours of the show.

Unfortunately since all of the MINI USA staff will be in Phoenix for the press debut of the 2007 MINI, we won’t have a MINI USA executive on hand. However we will have all the normal MINI auto-show staff available to answer questions.

You can buy tickets ($10) at the Drive Chicago website or at the door.

Since we won’t be getting into the show early this year (again due to all the MINI USA execs being out in Phoenix for the R56 launch) we do not have a cap on number of participants. However the MINI Lounge only holds 40 total people so we’re going to have to limit this event to only CMMC members and up to two guests. That will mean that not our entire group will be in the lounge at one time. So we’ll also have to ask for a CMMC member card before entering. If you’re a member and have misplaced your card, let us know and we’ll be sure to make a note on our final list. If you aren’t a member but would like to join, we’ll gladly accept a check and member application before and at the show.

- When: February 10th 2007 / 10:00 am
- Where: McCormick Center
- Parking: McCormick Center parking map
- Who can attend: CMMC Members +2

Written By: Gabe


Miguel Salgado Jan 15th, 2007 Link

I only have one question. Will my 1-1/2 yr old be exempt or not from paying. Other than that we are going to have some great fun now that he is aware of things around him.

Steve Jan 15th, 2007 Link

Checking the Drive Chicago site, kids under 7 are free..

GSKChicago Jan 15th, 2007 Link

Checking the Drive Chicago site, kids under 7 are free..

What if I am really immature, does that count? :)

I will check my calendar for that day - in all likelihood, I’ll be in.

Dave Z Jan 16th, 2007 Link

I’m in.

The Seeker Jan 16th, 2007 Link

Me too.

Paul Jan 16th, 2007 Link

I’ll be there.

Francis (MiniMac2005) Jan 16th, 2007 Link

Same here. In for one.

Steve Jan 16th, 2007 Link

Anyone up for a Northside drive in together?

I was thinking the usual meetup at the south end of the Northwestern Campus, and a cruise down Sheridan road and Lake Shore Drive..

GSKChicago Jan 16th, 2007 Link

Anyone up for a Northside drive in together?

I was thinking the usual meetup at the south end of the Northwestern Campus, and a cruise down Sheridan road and Lake Shore Drive..

I would probably be up for that. I’d have to drive up North from the city a few miles to get there and then head back South, but that’s just an excuse to drive twisties more. Let me know if you get other takers.

john & tommy Jan 18th, 2007 Link

Will try to make it, but I think Tommy has a game that day.

Marco Jan 18th, 2007 Link

count me in for 1, and im in for the north side drive.

Paul L Jan 20th, 2007 Link

Looks like I’ll be there with Co-commander.

DanC Jan 21st, 2007 Link

I’m in too

cathy Jan 22nd, 2007 Link

gary and i will be there. set aside 2 for us.

GSKChicago Jan 23rd, 2007 Link

This may be redundant for some, but it’s a new resource for me. My teammate for this Sunday sent me these two links:


Now, you are not allowed to memorize any tips for the purposes of making me come in last mind you. Just being a friendly MINI friver/KARTER.

GSKChicago Jan 23rd, 2007 Link

Sorry, posted to wrong section. Oops.

Pat K Jan 23rd, 2007 Link

Count me in. I hope to bring along one guest as well. I’d be interested in meeting up at Northwestern for the drive in to McCormick Place.

Adam Jan 27th, 2007 Link

I am in plus one. I am also in for the northside drive.

Tom (MiniShagz) Jan 30th, 2007 Link

I should be there. Not sure if I’ll have a co-pilot or not. I might be up for the Northside drive as well since I’m coming from the extreme Northside! :)

Ken Jan 30th, 2007 Link

It’s me and the “Little Man”. He loves to stand on nice new leater seats.

dennis Jan 31st, 2007 Link

I’ll be there with (possibly) 2 and “1/4″ others.. =)
btw, some photos from the Detroit Auto Show here, including a few pics of the new generation MINIS:

Chicago MINI Motoring Club » Archive » Special Auto Show Ticket deal Jan 31st, 2007 Link

[…] Plan on meeting us for the Northside drive, or joining us along the route before McCormick place to help us get the ticket to you. […]

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