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Monday, April 21, 2008

Blogger in Draft Bug Fixes for April 21st

Last week’s release fixed several bugs with blog list and scheduled posts:

Scheduled Posts

  • Scheduled FTP publishes now work.
  • Posts published via scheduling will trigger BlogSend emails.
  • General reliability improvements.
Please try these out if you were having trouble with scheduled posts. We’re aiming to take this feature out of draft in the fairly near term, so we’d like to make sure that everything works.

Blog List
  • Improved Blog List update reliability.
  • Fixed bX codes on Blog*Spot when certain sites are added to a Blog List.
  • Removed bolding of blog titles.
  • Usability and cosmetic improvements to the Blog List configuration dialog.


Waldo said...

Yesterday and today my Blog List has condensed itself into a list of blog titles but without the other features that were there before. I ended up deleting and reentering Blog List last night and the other elements were restored. I'm assuming I should just sit tight and things will eventually right themselves again.

Dad said...

I've been using "scheduled posts" for the last few weeks and have had no issues, it's really a great feature and a real enhancement to the posting process.

I do have one unrelated question - my template (must be the old one) does not give me the archiving option I've been seeing on a lot of new Blogger blogs - namely little arrows that can either expand or collapse an entire year's worth of posts into one line. When they are collapsed there is a little number showing how many posts there were in that year. Am I right in assuming that is one of the "new" template features, and I have to migrate my blog over in order to use it? My longest archiving window in my list of template options is for one month.

Thanks for the help. said...

Hey Pete,

While most of these issues are working for me (I guess I'm loved by Blogger) I have only one slight problem regarding OpenID (which involves only one of my blogs).

Basically everytime I use it, it refuses to "confirm" on the first attempt, but it works on the second.

Any reason as to why this is?

Note: Not a major problem, just a tiny, winy itty bitty one. :-D

Pete said...

@darnell: Could you be more specific? What steps are you taking?

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Today I tried scheduling a second post for a different date than the first one that seems to be working. It presented me with the following error when I hit publish:

Additional information
blogID: 5046333608458306911
postID: 6743731741381181522
uri: / said...

@Pete: Hey Pete! Thanks for the quick response!

Basically whenever I try to post a comment using OpenID with this blog domain [], it usually rejects the first attempt by saying I typed in the wrong domain or something. Ironically, this is the ONLY domain that does this, as the others are operating perfectly. :-)

UnitedStatesAirForceAuxiliaryMember said...

You guys are doing great work!

Sarah aka Flo said...

hi guys

I have managed to get most of my blog lists working now - partly through your bug fixing, and partly from discovering little idiosyncracies like you MUST have the www in front of a Typepad blog address for it to work properly, etc etc

But I still have 4 blogs (all blogspot) that are refusing to show titles/dates of latest updates.

You can see them on my blog, floating folornly at the bottom of my "Friends" blogroll.

I have tried so many ways of getting these to work - but with no joy yet.

Any ideas?

The Beading Gem said...

It works! Scheduled postings now work for me unlike last week's attempt! I also received the emailed post. I shall keep on scheduling them ahead and hope all goes well. Thank you for this fab feature!

'nyau said...

I started using the Blog List sometime last week, its been an off/on thing for me. Sometimes I'm able to edit the list most times NOT. Every time I try adding a blog from Wordpress, the update just 'hangs'. SO nowadays, I'm just adding through the CSS itself.

Beege Boopersan said...

I am trying to add it to my blog, that people can sign up for my blog, like a subscription service. I signed up for google groups and then feed burner in hopes that I'd easily see how to do it. I think this page is getting me on track, but it is so scattered. Can someone please tell me how to do it in layman's terms? If you're able to copy your comments to that'd be very helpful too.

Jims Varkey said...

Blog schedule works perfectly for my blog. I will be greatful if this feature is made available to the normal version of blogger in the near future itself

ammena said...

dunno if this is related... but why do some of my blog links (the one that updates) not work???

Douglas Cootey said...

Scheduled blogs within the day work great for me. However, I just scheduled a blog for 5/9/08 at 3pm and at the top of the hour it posted at 5am today.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm not sure if this where I'm to report these errors, but here is my latest one:

Additional information
blogID: 5046333608458306911
uri: /upload-image.g

I was trying to upload an image into a post when this occured. It's repeated itself several times and I still can't upload an image, even though I managed to earlier today.

P.S. I love the schedular option in blogger-in-draft too!

Scribbit said...

Worked great for me and I'm thrilled to have this feature--it was the only thing where I thought Typepad had the edge on Blogger and I knew given enough time you'd get it for us and now you have . . .

Thanks for all your work!

Scribbit said...

Don't know if you saw it a couple weeks ago or not but the Wall Street Journal did a big piece on Dooce and mombloggers, listing a top ten list of momblogs but it was pretty thrilling to be the Blogger rep on the list. Long live Blogger.

Local Business Today said...

Thank You for all your hard work behind the scenes!!!

Exelent work

Merecraft said...

Blog List still isn't updating automatically for me. I'm having to go to my layout settings and resave it for the updates to show.

All the blogs I have linked are ones.

Elaine Armen said...

Like others I am having issues with some blogs picking up "latest post" info and some (like my own) are not shown.

My feed (via feedburner) is picked up just fine on my "MyYahoo" page.

jslkim said...

Thanks for the help.

*Goddess* said...

I have a couple free Word Press sites in my Blog list, and for one of them it will list the title of the latest snippet, along with a snippet, but for a couple others, it will only list the title. Why?

BTW, my favorite new feature is the one that allows you to update and save for later publishing. Love it!

Storeflittig said...

Hi! I am so thankful for all the work that is put into making the blogroll, you are amazing!!

I still have some problems, about 8-10 blogs are impossible to upload, even when I know for a fact they have feeds that work.

please help???

*Goddess* said...

BTW, one feature I'd like to see in this Blog List is the ability to move the blogs into the position that we want them, like we can the links. Instead, we're only offered alphabetical or recently updated.

Pete said...

Darnell: Thanks for the report. The problem is related to the redirect to the www version of the domain.

eileen: Hrm. If it keeps occurring, that's a problem, but that error looks transient.

Scribbit: Congrats!

Sam said...

When adding links into the blogroll, four of them couldn't be entered no matter how many times I tried.
And the ironic thing is, all four of them were blogspot addresses.

And it'd be great if we could edit the name of the link when we added them instead of hvin to add THEN edit its name.


Growing In Grace Magazine said...

The poll option in draft blogger won't work right. It doesn't show the question, only the answers. I've tried it several times. said...

@ Pete: Thanks Pete! It definitely was on my end!


Charlene Flickinger said...

I've been trying unsuccessfully to schedule a post. I'm having issues in the title field, and the post field. My typed wards turn into ???????. I'd really like to start using the "scheduled posts" Everything else on the blog is stupendous. Keep of the good work. You're all Shinning Stars.