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Our mission is to promote and protect American craft beer, American craft brewers and the community of brewing enthusiasts.

The goal of Support Your Local Brewery is to support small, independent and traditional brewers' efforts to secure fair legislative and regulatory treatment by mobilizing beer enthusiasts across America into a national grass roots movement that will collectively impact the legislative and regulatory process when necessary.

There are more than 1,400 small craft breweries operating in the United States today. Many are located in the heart of small towns across America and are economic and social cornerstones in their communities dedicated to creating the highest quality of craft brewed ales. These breweries face the same challenges that small businesses encounter every day: supply and demand, distribution and taxes. Unlike larger breweries, these small breweries do not have government lobbyists on their payroll providing the manpower to fight unfair regulatory or legislative initiatives at the state or federal level.

We believe small breweries deserve fair and equitable legislative and regulatory treatment. But without the advantages of lobbyists on staff there are few to ensure every small brewery has a voice that can be heard in the halls of government.

But there's hope. Just as the American colonists rallied to defend a fledgling nation, creating the "Minuteman Militia", we believe by mobilizing consumers who are passionate about beer and enjoy the diverse and unique beers offered by small breweries into a unified and energized movement we can effectively send a message to state and federal lawmakers: Small brewers deserve fair and equitable treatment under the law!

Support Your Local Brewery needs you to become a Beer Activist. Our numbers are growing but we need Beer Activists in every state!  Sign-up today to receive E-Action Alerts and occasional government affairs updates. We'll respect your privacy and only contact you when it's time to take action.